Tailor-made kitchen renovations designed to suit your needs and pocket perfectly!

Undertaking a kitchen renovation can be a nerve-wrecking experience when you start taking into consideration the many variables involved in the process, but, with the right checklist in hand, tackling the renovation with the assistance of the ProReno team is going to smooth out a lot of wrinkles you may imagine you are facing.

Before you even approach ProReno to start the design process of your dream kitchen, it is vital that you plan and do enough research to attain the outcome your really want for the hub of your home.  It is also essential to recognise the importance of having a kitchen that fully meets your needs, is functional and beautiful; in fact, this point cannot be stressed enough!

The kitchen that you end up with is one you will be living in for the duration of your stay in your home, and will also impact its resale value.  It’s a high-value investment that deserves the attention of a highly experienced design  team that will assist you to bring your vision to life in perfect alignment with your needs and your budget.

This role has been played to an exceptionally high standard by ProReno for many satisfied clients since it first opened its doors in 2004, and with over 3000 kitchens under the belt already, you can have absolute confidence in the ability this team of innovative designers to provide you with hands-on service throughout the process, from design to installation, without missing a detail!

ProReno adds an exciting element to the design phase of your kitchen renovation through their use of a 3D computer programme that assists with the design and layout, giving you an opportunity to see the effect of your choices of finishes and fittings as they are incorporated into the layout, and a clear vision of the end product in virtual reality!

If superb workmanship, unrivalled quality and value, combined with a passionate commitment to customer service is what you demand for your dream kitchen, then the tailor-made products from ProReno will perfectly fit your needs and pocket!

Put your plans for a dream kitchen in motion by contacting ProReno to set up a detailed consultation.

The only thing that has changed since ProReno first started designing and installing beautiful fitted kitchens in Gauteng, is that the reputation earned by this team for design and product innovation has grown to such an extent that ProReno has become the leading kitchen specialist in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Clients who have already been living in their ProReno kitchens have added to this growth with recommendations that lead more and more new clients to the ProReno doorstep, looking for the same exceptional quality in products, design and craftsmanship.

The team at ProReno is highly respected in the industry for design and the function-oriented product innovations that make them stand head above shoulders of the competition, purely as a result of the high quality of the fitted kitchens and stunning shop-fitting created over the years by ProReno.

Meticulous attention to detail, which starts with the first consultation you have with ProReno, as a way to establish what your requirements are for your new kitchen in terms of style, comfort and functionality, as well as to take into account what your budgetary constraints may be – ProReno takes your budget as seriously as you do in creating your dream kitchen!

It is not just the passion for excellence and hands-on, personal client care that has assured ProReno of their position as leaders in one of the most competitive industries in South Africa, it is also an unwavering commitment to maintaining a high standard of ethics and professional code of conduct with which they approach each project that has also earned ProReno many satisfied clients over the years.

Depending on space limitations in your kitchen area, it is important to start preparing for your dream kitchen by taking into account exactly what your kitchen cabinetry and appliance needs would be, before even thinking about adding anything else to the design.  

Take the time to look at your kitchen from the point of view of how your kitchen is used, who uses it and how often it is used, this is going to make the going a lot easier when it comes to the actual layout of your kitchen in the design stage.

The team at ProReno will assist you in assessing whether your needs are best met by an L shaped, U shaped or Galley layout, as well as how to determine the best placement of the cleaning area in relation to the cooking area and refrigeration area, which will include listing features such as islands, glass doors, wine racks and wicker baskets.

Once you have contacted ProReno, one of the first things you will be asked to do is to provide the team with as much information as you can about room dimensions, including door and window positions, along with any service points, these, combined with photos and detailed house plans, will make the initial consultation with ProReno a lot simpler.

ProReno has been involved in designing, manufacturing and installing fitted kitchens, kitchen cupboards and cabinets since 2004, and with over three thousand kitchens under the belt to date, there can be no doubt that placing your vision of a dream kitchen into the trusted hands of the ProReno team will be the investment of a lifetime!