Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Kitchen Cabinet Contractors

Your kitchen is the one room in your house that gets used the most. It makes sense that the wear and tear will be more than any other space in your home. So, when the time comes to renovate your kitchen, you don’t want to waste time and money with unskilled, untrustworthy contractors that will do a substandard job or take forever to finish the job. You need to be extra careful and keep the following in mind when hiring kitchen cabinet contractors.

#1 Not getting more than one quote

Kitchen renovations are considered major home improvements and the worst thing you can do is to settle for the first quote you receive. Do thorough research and find reliable kitchen cabinet contractors offering similar professional services, then get at least three quotes reflecting the same design, materials and hardware to enable you to get an idea of what the market price is.  

#2 Not asking for references

Once you’ve settled on a quote, visit the website or Facebook page of your kitchen cabinet contractor and get feedback from former clients. People aren’t scared to share whether they got good or bad experiences with contractors. If you can’t find anything online, ask your contractor for references and phone them. If you’re satisfied with their response, you can trust that they know what they are doing.  

#3 Hiring kitchen cabinet contractors based on price only

Going for the cheapest quote might be a huge mistake, unless you are satisfied after doing all the necessary research and feel certain that they are the best option. Make sure however, that they aren’t using lower quality materials and that they offer a quality cabinet structure and fit since this might negatively impact the job they do for you.  A further consideration is the professionalism and service levels you receive from the company from the first moment you contact them.  The first impression you get will most likely feed through the whole experience with them.  Remember that the cheapest or even the most expensive quote is not necessarily a reflection of the best value for money or service levels you’ll receive.

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5 Ways You Can Increase Storage Space in Your Kitchen

When you spend a lot of time in the kitchen making delicious meals for your family, the last thing you need is clutter. Efficient storage is a necessity in any kitchen.

Your kitchen might be small without any way to expand on the layout but it doesn’t mean you can’t create more space. Below are some simple hacks that will help you utilise the space you already have.


1. Pull-Out Trash Bin

Trash bins are bulky and unsightly and most of the time it’s a struggle to find a place for them in the kitchen. So why not hide them in a cupboard? It’s reasonably easy to convert an existing cupboard into a pull-out cupboard to free up some space.

2. Pan Organisers

Pans are probably the most difficult thing to store without it looking cluttered and disorganised. Added to that, they take up a lot of space. But if you store them vertically, you can overcome this issue.  A professional kitchen renovation contractor can build a custom pan cupboard to help you free up some space.

3. Easy-Access Drawers

Utensil drawers are a mess! You can solve this issue with pull-out drawers or drawer dividers that will organise all your utensils and gadgets and make them easier to find.

4. Custom Spice Rack

Having all your spices in one place is vital but it doesn’t have to take up an entire cupboard. A space saving option would be to add a shallow, framed cabinet to empty wall space. You can do it yourself but for a professional end-result, it’s better to let the experts do it.


5. Racks and Movable Shelving

So you’re renting and can’t make any changes to your kitchen. No problem. You can easily find removable shelves, racks and organisers at affordable prices. These will give you more surface spaces and get your clutter under control.

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Find the style resonates with your concept of a perfect kitchen renovation.

There are four basic kitchen styles that assist to give you a starting point to which you can then add all the personal touches that’ll make it the kitchen of your dreams, echoing your personality and lifestyle boldly.

The very basic styles are modern, contemporary, classic and traditional kitchens, but what you do with these templates is where the fun and your personal stamp starts taking shape.

As always, when planning a kitchen renovation, or building a kitchen from scrap, consider the space with which you have to work and then scrounge for photos that inspire you, to guide you in the right direction for a kitchen you will be happy to live in for many years to come.

Doing this research and bookmarking or keeping visuals of kitchens that appeal to you really do help to guide you in the right direction for the custom-fitted kitchen of your dreams.

When you look at the visuals of the many different styles you’ve combed through, the inspiration will hit home and you’ll know, that’s the one for you! It’s a little like finding that shirt or dress you absolutely fall in love with and have to have!

Let’s look at a few of the favourite kitchen design styles to give you an idea of the direction you may want to take:

·         Contemporary Kitchens:

Contemporary kitchens can be a little hard to define, but in essence, a contemporary kitchen gives you the opportunity to be a little more adventurous in terms of the forms and finishes.  A contemporary kitchen more often than not includes some of the elements and touches you would find in many other kitchen styles.

·         Classic Kitchens:

In short, classic kitchens offer a blank slate of white cabinets and black accents, leaving it up to you to add your personal touches that will make your kitchen as eclectic as you would like it to be – even elements of a traditional kitchen can be incorporated into a classic kitchen.

·         Farmhouse Kitchens:

If you prefer the complete opposite of a sleek classic kitchen and would prefer to have a kitchen that’s warm and homey, much like the kitchens found on farms, then a farmhouse kitchen is going to suit you right down to the ground!  A beautifully big kitchen table on classic flooring, along with open shelves and large sinks, make a farmhouse kitchen easy to use, making anyone drawn to this kitchen want to linger long after meals are over.

·         Traditional Kitchens:

Traditional kitchens bring architecture together with arches and decorative mouldings that cry out for antique finishes that smack of the old world, with touches that speak to your personal style entirely. Traditional kitchens are also clearly defined by the details and personal touches that make the kitchen exclusively yours.

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5 Features That Will Make Your Kitchen Timeless

Your primary goal, when renovating your kitchen, should be to use it as intended – for cooking meals. But it should also be a beautiful space where family and friends enjoy spending time in.

When it comes to the planning of your kitchen renovation, first on the list is the essential features of the space. Make sure you choose features that are timeless but stylish and functional.

  1. Sinks

The sink most often stands out whenever you picture a timeless kitchen. Farmhouse-style sinks make a high-value addition to your kitchen since it offers durable construction, deep basins and simplistic beauty.


  1. Cabinets

Simple, neutral, and classic cabinets look great in any decade. The traditional design of shaker cabinets blends in perfectly with any decor.

  1. Countertops

Marble countertops continue to be the number one choice and for good reason. They are available in various colours, are extremely durable and look elegant.

  1. Neutral Hues

Kitchens these days come in various designs, colours and styles but if you want a classic look that will stay beautiful for years to come, neutral colours are the way to go. For a welcoming, traditional and calm space, stick with shades of white or earthy tones and silver finishes.

  1. Open plan layout

Functionality should be the main priority of your kitchen and the best way to make it happen is with an open plan layout. Focus on functionality and efficiency when it comes to the design of your new kitchen and make sure you leave enough space to move around when cooking family meals.

When doing a kitchen renovation, the end goal is always the same – a space that is beautiful, welcoming and functional and that will stay that way for many years to come.

ProReno offers kitchen renovations and kitchen cupboard designs that will help you create the exact kitchen space you envision. For more information or if you need a quote, get in touch with the team today.