4 Things We’ve Learned from 16 Years of Kitchen Renovations

It is no secret, we love kitchens! This is why we’re in the kitchen business. In 2004, ProReno opened its doors and from humble beginnings, we’ve grown into a preferred kitchen cabinet contractor in South Africa.

 This is due to our ethical way of doing business, superb customer service and passion for excellence. Add competitive pricing to those attributes and it becomes clear why we are market leaders.

 We’ve learned a lot about getting the most out of your kitchen renovations over the years and we’d like to share some of our knowledge with you. Below are some things to keep in mind before you start your kitchen remodel.

 1. Less Is More

Especially when it comes to your kitchen. A cluttered and messy kitchen will only make you anxious. When you design your dream kitchen, think about functionality and make sure there’s enough open space for you to move around freely. You’ll thank us later!

 2. Stick with Classic

Unless you want to renovate your kitchen every few years which can become costly, it is advisable to stick to a classic look. White cabinets are always a great idea and can fit into any style and design.

 3. Functionality over Appearance

Your kitchen needs to be functional more than it needs to be trendy. As professional kitchen cabinet contractors, we know exactly which layouts work and which ones don’t. So, if you’re unsure, we’re more than happy to help you sort out the details.

 4. Don’t Settle for Second Best

Cost is always a factor when it comes to kitchen renovations. But if you settle for a cheaper option and it isn’t what you really want, you might not be completely satisfied with the end result. Instead, spending a little more on what you really want will go a long way.

For reliable and affordable kitchen cabinet contractors in Pretoria and surrounding areas, get in touch with ProReno for a free quote today!

How to choose the right countertop for a kitchen renovation in Gauteng

Countertops are going to be one of the most important decisions you will have to make, whether you are renovating a kitchen or building one from scratch.

The last thing you want is to have to replace or repair countertops every now and then, which means that longevity is at the top of the list of priorities for choosing countertops that last.

It’s obvious that whatever material you choose, you’d like it to be aesthetically pleasing as well, bringing personal style and functionality together in perfect harmony.

There are an abundance of countertops available on the market today, which is going to make the decision more than just a little overwhelming, making it a good idea to look into the pros and cons of different materials available, whether online or in design magazines.

Ultimately, if you work with an established, highly respected company like ProReno, you will have design experts at your side to advise you on your ideas, so that you are in a position to make an informed decision that will more than meet your expectations for a major decision like renovating or building a kitchen from scratch.

What’s also great about Proreno is that they have an unrivalled range of countertops and other kitchen products that are of outstanding value for money, giving you quality at market-related prices that will suit your budget.

Here are two examples of the pros and cons of some of the most popular countertops available:

·         Granite

Pros: Every piece of granite is unique, making each piece one of a kind. With the beautiful colours, patterns and mottling, you are able to choose the perfect colour to suit the style and décor in your kitchen. Granite is also tough.  It stands up to wear and tear for many years due to its ability to withstand heat, splashes of all kinds and any other nicks that may occur while cooking.

Cons: Granite does need to be sealed every now and then to avoid stains, which is a lot less expensive than the alternative of replacing countertops too often.  Proreno is able to design fitted kitchen cabinets that will be strong enough to support the weight of granite – if kitchen cabinets are not strong enough to withstand the weight of granite, sagging is inevitable.

·         Marble

Marble is one of most traditional choices when it comes to countertops.  The glamour and veining all contribute to an overall streamlined, stylish look that never goes out of style.

Pros: If you love baking, marble is the perfect choice for keeping any dough at the perfect temperature, no matter what you may be baking! Heat doesn’t affect marble, and it stays cool no matter the season.

Cons: You may want to think about only using marble in a few areas instead of on every countertop.  Despite sealing, marble can still chip or scratch, and is more likely to stain than granite and other countertop materials.

These are just two examples of what’s out there in terms of countertops.  There are many more, such as soapstone, laminate, butcher blocks, concrete and more, but please consult with the team at Proreno before you make the final choice.

Exclusive fitted kitchens in Johannesburg and Pretoria is what Proreno has been doing for many years successfully, with their attention to detail, along with award-winning service excellence, you will end up with the right countertop to suit your personal style perfectly.

Choose stunning kitchen design that will outlast any trends!

It’s very tempting to go with current trends, or those predicted for next year or the year after, but the most important thing is to have a kitchen that is designed to outlast trends and still look beautiful, year after year!

Gadgets and kitchen goodies for décor can be changed as quickly as they come out, however, the architecture, colours, textures and lighting are things that you may prefer to stand the test of time, to make this huge investment one that is of high value, aesthetically and financially.

The whole concept behind what ProReno does for kitchen design and kitchen renovation in Johannesburg and Pretoria, is to tailor a kitchen specifically suited to the role it plays in your home, as an extension of your personal taste and individuality, one that will last as trends come and go.

Some of us like the idea of an inviting, homey and comfortable kitchen that invites everyone into its heart with a warm energy, some like the sleekness that comes with clean monochromatic lines and others a large hub for friends and family.

Whatever you do decide on in terms of personal style and functionality for your kitchen, keep in the forefront of your mind that this is a kitchen you will be living in for many years to come, and we all know just how major an investment this is!

A kitchen is not like a cupboard full of clothes you can chop and change according to trends, any more than its like giving the home a make-over by changing the colours of walls, furniture and décor.  Once the kitchen is installed, it’s a fait accompli in terms of layout.

ProReno is passionate about the design and installation of stunning kitchens that are comfortable, functional and stylish, giving life to kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg at competitive prices for superb quality.

Add to this the latest technology that allows you to visualise the final product before you sign-off on the plans, along with master craftsmanship and you have the winning combination for tailored kitchens delivered with client-focused service excellence!

The kitchen you are dreaming about is the blank canvas waiting to be turned into a work of art between you and the innovative team of kitchen designers at ProReno, guiding you through an unrivalled range of kitchen products and ideas that have no limits.

Your dream kitchen will be in safe hands with this team that takes you from concept to final installation without missing a beat; browsing through projects completed by ProReno and speaking to clients that will readily tell you about their experiences with ProReno since 2004 will instil the kind of confidence you need with an investment this important.

Kitchen design, kitchen cabinets, built-in cupboards and shop-fitting all form part of the whole offered by ProReno in bringing dream kitchens to life. Project management, designing, manufacturing and fitting kitchens in Gauteng is at the core of success achieved by ProReno over the years.

If this type of personal, hands-on style appeals to you, reach out to this team to get started on your dream kitchen designed to outlast any trends!

7 Features You’ll Find in the “Perfect Kitchen”

If you’ve ever watched the food channel, you’ve likely experienced kitchen envy. Wishing you had all the features they had at their disposal, making cooking and baking look so effortless and fun. But you know what, you too can have the perfect kitchen. Below are some features you can easily add to your kitchen to make it more functional.

1. Island Cooktop

Recent trends split up ovens and cooktops. When you install your cooktop on your island countertop, your workspace doubles or even triples as does your storage space. What’s even better is that you don’t have to stare at the wall while cooking. If you have an open plan, you can easily communicate with guests or even watch your favourite tv program.

 2. Light

If your kitchen doesn’t have enough natural light, you can install layers of light to cover each area. Hanging lights over the island can add some light to work surfaces while under-cabinet lights will provide proper light on countertops.

 3. Corner Storage

Storage space is always a problem in the kitchen which is why you need to make every centimeter count. Make sure you use the space wisely so that nothing goes to waste. You can use a corner cupboard to store your groceries and if you want to get even more out of the space, add carousel shelving to easily access items at the back.

 4. Divided Storage

Every kitchen has that one drawer where you’ll find all kinds of treasures. It’s a drawer that just never seems to stay organised and when you’re looking for something specific, it’s never there. Divided storage is great for storing your kitchen utensils and give a more finished look.

 5. Bar Sink

Adding an additional sink to your kitchen can be extremely useful. Double your prep areas by installing a bar sink on your island.

 6. Built-in Trashcan

Trashcans are gross, and no one likes to associate grossness with kitchens since that’s where you prepare your food. Consider hiding your trashcan in a built-in drawer.

 7. On-counter Appliance Storage

Let’s face it, appliances aren’t necessarily pretty. And while you don’t want to store it away deep in your cupboards, you also don’t want to show them off. On-counter appliance storage is perfect for this scenario and should be incorporated in every kitchen.

 For more tips on kitchen renovations or if you require a quote from a reliable kitchen cabinet contractor, get in touch with the team at ProReno today!