Ready for a kitchen renovation but don’t know where to start?

By the time you get around to arranging the first consultation with a professional kitchen designer, you’ll already have a pretty good idea about what you’d like in your dream kitchen.

Every kitchen renovation starts from a basic design, which is then enhanced to reflect your personality, individuality, and style with the addition of tailor-made products.

A good place to start is to base your ideas on the foundation of Modern or Contemporary, Traditional or Classic kitchens, and then to work with your design team to put your personal stamp on the template you choose.

What is meant by the terms Contemporary, Modern, Traditional and Classic kitchens?

·         Modern Kitchens:

If you aren’t one for sticking to any rules, a modern kitchen will definitely appeal. This style of kitchen is also very close to what constitutes the design of a contemporary kitchen.

You can do anything you please with a start like this. Mixing hi-gloss products with highly pressurised composites give you free reign to use natural stone and raw woods as ornamentation.

Natural stone and raw woods give a distinct depth to the sleek lines typically associated with modern kitchens. Defining this sleekness is the use of frameless kitchen cabinetry and sleek appliances, offset by design features such as concealed gadgetry and floating shelves.

The modern kitchen is where you get to play with materials and colours to get the balance right, echoing your idea of a dream kitchen in detail.

Fundamental to the design of a modern kitchen is giving everyone in the home a space that’s for a family that spends a lot of time in the kitchen together.

·         Contemporary Kitchens:

Contemporary kitchen design also has a complete lack of rules, along the lines of a modern kitchen design.  Multi-layered materials that cross the spectrum from steel and chrome to natural stone, granite and wood, are all elements that can be used to define personal taste.

Adding ingredients like functional storage solutions and lighting that leans towards track lighting is all part of designing a contemporary kitchen.

Lighting is an issue that’s often overlooked in any kitchen design, but it’s essential to see what you’re doing, as well as to create a warm and inviting kitchen that becomes the heart of the home for all.

Adding highly functional gadgets and built-in appliances into the mix of textures and colours to complete the vision of a warm, inviting space calling to be lived in.

·         Classic Kitchens:

Classic kitchens are the definition of timelessness with the fresh white background that speaks of restraint.  There’s nothing ornate about a classic kitchen, it calls for white or black countertops that’ll never go out of fashion.

Elements that make a classic kitchen a pure expression of your personal taste and style can be added to an eclectic atmosphere.  This is where you can go anywhere, from adding a touch of vintage here and there, to bringing in industrial elements.

Options to do this include using lighting, accessories as well as kitchen chairs and tables.

A classic kitchen is a blank canvass waiting for you to express your individuality in creating the kitchen of your dreams, with restrained simplicity.

·         Traditional Kitchens:

Picture a warm and inviting French farmhouse kitchen, or one that expresses the beauty of nature inside a home hidden in the mountains or hugging a coastline. This’ll give you a good idea of where to start turning a traditional kitchen into one that’s uniquely yours.

Vintage and antique appliances are completely at home in a traditional kitchen, along with cookware, cutlery and crockery to match.  

Traditional kitchens are architectural heaven that allows for molded natural wood, arches and uniquely ornate doors to share space with granite or stone countertops.

Add beveled glass to the doors and even a chandelier, and you’ll have a kitchen that echoes the tradition of kitchens that have been much-loved through the centuries in the old world.

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The journey ProReno will take you on, as the design and layout of your kitchen takes shape, is made even more exciting through the use of the latest design technology.

This technology gives you a 3D perspective of the completed dream kitchen before it becomes a reality!

The craftsmanship, innovation and design expertise, along with hands-on service this team offers each client is well-worth investigating.

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Pros and Cons of DIY Kitchen Renovations

There is some skill involved in renovating your kitchen. First, you’ll need to design a functional space and then you need to make it look good, so you’ll want to spend some time in it.

 Even if you have the required skills, you might be concerned about other factors involved when DIYing your kitchen renovations. Which is why the team at ProReno felt it necessary to give you all the facts about managing your own renovations project.


1. It will cost you less

It is true, a DIY kitchen remodel will cost you less because you’ll save on the labour aspect of the project. What they don’t tell you, however, is that you’ll have to buy the tools needed for the project while contractors already own them.

 2. You’ll have more control over the renovation

The fewer people involved, the less complicated the project and the more control you’ll have. Unless, of course, you appoint a reliable contractor like ProReno that keeps you up to date every step of the way.


 1. It will take longer

A DIY kitchen reno will take longer than if a contractor were to manage the project since you’ll have to do it in your spare time. So, say goodbye to your free time for the next month or so, cause you’ll be spending it in your kitchen.

 2. You’ll need to invest in proper tools

As we’ve mentioned before, you might not have all the necessary tools for a kitchen renovation which you’ll have to purchase. Chances are, they probably won’t get used much after the project is done.

 3. You need to figure out what to do with the debris

When you hire a contractor, they are responsible to remove the rubble and debris from your property but when you DIY, you’ll have to make arrangements for disposal.

 4. You might not be happy with the outcome

Since you’re not a professional renovations contractor, chances are you’ll get stuck at some point. Or if you do finish, the job might not look professional in the end. Which leads us to ask this question: Is it really worth saving a few rands if you don’t get the desired results?

 If you’re looking for an affordable renovations contractor so you don’t have to DIY your kitchen renovation, get in touch with ProReno for a quote today!

ProReno shows you how not to squeeze too much into the space you have for a dream kitchen!

Planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip overseas can be a lot like planning a dream kitchen in one particular sense; trying to fit as much into the trip as possible so that we miss nothing!

However, thinking it through might make it worth cutting out some of it in order to enjoy the best of what a different country and culture has to offer, so that there is enough time to really soak in the experiences along the way – and planning your new dream kitchen can be just as tricky in the department of wanting to fit in as much as possible to cover all bases and more – just in case you miss out on something!

It’s tempting to go full throttle, however, the voice of reason prevails as the team at ProReno advise clients to whittle down this desire and focus on priority appliances and kitchen cabinetry that will make a lot more sense in the end, especially when you take into account the practical experience and knowledge accumulated by this team over 14 years in the industry that will be at hand to guide you.

The aim at ProReno is to ensure that by the time you first step into the beautiful custom kitchen you have worked with the design team to create, using an easy 3D program, you will immediately feel a level of comfort and functionality that would not have been there had you crammed too much into the space!

The ultimate idea is to have the support of a knowledgeable and experienced team of designers throughout the design phase, affording you the opportunity to make informed decisions that will streamline your ideas and still leave you with the kitchen of your dreams, minus any unnecessary clutter.

Points to consider, according to ProReno, include things like when your kitchen is used, the various ways in which it is used, who uses it and how often each person does use it, of course, if you are the only one creating divine food in the kitchen, the rest of the space can be designed around what you need, and then incorporate the needs of a family that spends  a lot of time in the kitchen as the hub of the home, whether it is a space used for entertaining, activities like homework for the kids, catching up on your mail or even your favourite series.

Knowing whether what you need from your dream kitchen will be best served by an L shaped, U shaped or galley layout is also essential; the working triangle (the special spot for the cook!) allows you to decide on the best place for the cleaning area versus the cooking area and refrigeration area, so that everything is within easy reach.

If wine racks, glass doors, wicker baskets, islands and any other features are floating around in your imagination as you envision your dream kitchen, make a list of them all, before you even make your appointment with the design team at ProReno for your first consultation.

It is very helpful to have a look at what ProReno has to say in their rough draft of how the costs can be broken up between kitchen furniture, fittings, appliances, worktops, sinks and taps, as well as to explore some of the storage solutions they have listed on their website, this is more or less where you will get a better idea of just how important it is not to try to fit everything into the space available for your dream kitchen!

Irrespective of what your budget is, ProReno is a team you can trust implicitly to meet that budget and offer hands-on, personalised service to deliver a stylishly functional kitchen that will more than match the dreams you have, and make this major investment one that lasts a lifetime!

How to determine your kitchen cabinet requirements when planning your kitchen renovation.

When you are planning your kitchen renovation it is a good idea to figure out, as closely as possible how much kitchen cabinetry will constitute your dream kitchen.  Looking at what you are lacking in terms of kitchen cabinets in your current kitchen is going to give you a good basis from which to start, you know what is missing, and you know what would make life a lot easier in the hub of your home by now.

 A few questions to ask yourself on this journey to ensuring that your dream kitchen will have everything in it that opens and shuts in perfect synchronicity with the role your kitchen plays in your lifestyle would be:

 How does your current kitchen cabinet set-up work for you?

Do your kitchen contents spill out onto counter-tops or do they fit in your kitchen cabinets?  Are your cabinets packed to capacity with things that don’t really serve any real purpose?  Going through these fully stuffed kitchen cabinets with a fine tooth comb, you might be surprised to find out how many of the goodies packed in are not actually used, and would not even be missed if you got rid of them.  Kitchens are an amazing magnet for clutter and getting ready for a renovation is going to be the perfect time to de-clutter!

 How do your physical attributes influence your vision of a dream kitchen?

Whether you are left or right-handed, tall, short or medium are all important factors to take into account when planning the perfect kitchen renovation. High cabinets are going to be of no value to you if you can’t reach everyday ingredients with ease!

 How often do you shop?

It’s a good idea to look into your shopping habits when planning your kitchen cabinets, these habits will help in determining just how much cupboard space you really need.  Whether you shop every other day or shop for a couple of weeks at once is going to impact the choices you make regarding the cabinet space you really need for absolute ease of access.

 How many people live in your home?

This is another important aspect to ensuring that you have cabinets that will make it easy for you to keep enough of everything from food to cutlery and crockery to suit the size of your family comfortably.

 Make an appointment for a consultation with the expert team at ProReno to discuss your kitchen cabinet requirements and make informed decisions about the choices that will result in your dream kitchen!

 ProReno has been designing, manufacturing and fitting quality kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards for home owners in Johannesburg and Pretoria since 2004; endorsed by The Kitchen Specialists Association and many satisfied clients, this team will make sure that everything opens and shuts exactly as it should in your new kitchen!