Ready for a kitchen renovation but don’t know where to start?

By the time you get around to arranging the first consultation with a professional kitchen designer, you’ll already have a pretty good idea about what you’d like in your dream kitchen.

Every kitchen renovation starts from a basic design, which is then enhanced to reflect your personality, individuality, and style with the addition of tailor-made products.

A good place to start is to base your ideas on the foundation of Modern or Contemporary, Traditional or Classic kitchens, and then to work with your design team to put your personal stamp on the template you choose.

What is meant by the terms Contemporary, Modern, Traditional and Classic kitchens?

·         Modern Kitchens:

If you aren’t one for sticking to any rules, a modern kitchen will definitely appeal. This style of kitchen is also very close to what constitutes the design of a contemporary kitchen.

You can do anything you please with a start like this. Mixing hi-gloss products with highly pressurised composites give you free reign to use natural stone and raw woods as ornamentation.

Natural stone and raw woods give a distinct depth to the sleek lines typically associated with modern kitchens. Defining this sleekness is the use of frameless kitchen cabinetry and sleek appliances, offset by design features such as concealed gadgetry and floating shelves.

The modern kitchen is where you get to play with materials and colours to get the balance right, echoing your idea of a dream kitchen in detail.

Fundamental to the design of a modern kitchen is giving everyone in the home a space that’s for a family that spends a lot of time in the kitchen together.

·         Contemporary Kitchens:

Contemporary kitchen design also has a complete lack of rules, along the lines of a modern kitchen design.  Multi-layered materials that cross the spectrum from steel and chrome to natural stone, granite and wood, are all elements that can be used to define personal taste.

Adding ingredients like functional storage solutions and lighting that leans towards track lighting is all part of designing a contemporary kitchen.

Lighting is an issue that’s often overlooked in any kitchen design, but it’s essential to see what you’re doing, as well as to create a warm and inviting kitchen that becomes the heart of the home for all.

Adding highly functional gadgets and built-in appliances into the mix of textures and colours to complete the vision of a warm, inviting space calling to be lived in.

·         Classic Kitchens:

Classic kitchens are the definition of timelessness with the fresh white background that speaks of restraint.  There’s nothing ornate about a classic kitchen, it calls for white or black countertops that’ll never go out of fashion.

Elements that make a classic kitchen a pure expression of your personal taste and style can be added to an eclectic atmosphere.  This is where you can go anywhere, from adding a touch of vintage here and there, to bringing in industrial elements.

Options to do this include using lighting, accessories as well as kitchen chairs and tables.

A classic kitchen is a blank canvass waiting for you to express your individuality in creating the kitchen of your dreams, with restrained simplicity.

·         Traditional Kitchens:

Picture a warm and inviting French farmhouse kitchen, or one that expresses the beauty of nature inside a home hidden in the mountains or hugging a coastline. This’ll give you a good idea of where to start turning a traditional kitchen into one that’s uniquely yours.

Vintage and antique appliances are completely at home in a traditional kitchen, along with cookware, cutlery and crockery to match.  

Traditional kitchens are architectural heaven that allows for molded natural wood, arches and uniquely ornate doors to share space with granite or stone countertops.

Add beveled glass to the doors and even a chandelier, and you’ll have a kitchen that echoes the tradition of kitchens that have been much-loved through the centuries in the old world.

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