Things to think about when planning a large, busy kitchen centred on family & entertainment.

Kitchens are no longer pokey rooms off-limits to all but the designated ‘cook’, they are becoming larger hubs designed for family living and entertainment as more and more people choose to eat in rather than out, open spaces that call out as an ideal gathering place.

Ultimately, a very busy kitchen calls for more than sticking to the rules of the ‘work-triangle’. This means that your dream kitchen may involve organising your kitchen into different zones, designed for food prep, cooking, refrigeration, food storage and washing-up areas, depending on the activity going on in this hub of your home.

Setting up countertops for food preparation is made easier when you have everything at hand, from knives and spices to outlets for appliances that are also within reach – this is made easier when you have fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards of course.

Easy access to the oven, stove and microwave, with the right amount of space for easy movement is also essential in a kitchen that is a hive of activity – if you have a large family, you are definitely going to need space to move while the kids do projects and homework in the kitchen.

Important to consider, in terms of functionality, is whether all the kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards are easy to reach height wise, suitable for all contents necessary for easy food preparation and for storage.

Nooks and electrical fittings for kettles, toasters and other kitchen gadgets that are used regularly can also have their own, designated ‘garage’, whether it is behind a fitted cabinet or in an alcove that is purpose-designed.

Obviously a kitchen that is not often used, or is used by a professional chef, will be designed to suit its purposes and will be set out differently in comparison with a busy, activity-based kitchen.

This is no stumbling block for ProReno; they have designed and fitted kitchens in Gauteng for hundreds of families, chefs and hotels, as well as for large developments by the hundreds!

These what seem like little itty bitty things to take into consideration when planning your kitchen renovation or starting from scratch may seem like a lot, however, when you bring your ideas to the kitchen design team at ProReno, your ideas and dreams, matched with the experience earned since 2004 by this team, will bring it all together in a kitchen that is stylish, comfortable and functional for you, your family and friends.

ProReno, at its core, will manage your project, design, manufacture and fit high quality kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards to make living in a large, homey, welcoming and comfortable kitchen a reality.

It is in consultation with ProReno that the basic foundation for a kitchen tailored to suit your personality and lifestyle is laid, moving from there to the design phase, which is always exciting through the use of the latest technology and a range of kitchen products that are unrivalled in this competitive industry!

It really doesn’t matter how big or small your budget is, you can still have the kitchen of your dreams when you work with experienced kitchen design specialists like ProReno, especially when you take into account their market-related prices and the high quality of their products that add true value for money to the budget.

Take your kitchen dreams from pie-in-the-sky to pie on the table by contacting the team at ProReno today to put your plans in motion, from start to finish and get ready to celebrate!

When to think about kitchen lighting for a new or renovated kitchen.

We take a lot of care about how lighting is spread throughout our homes to reflect the level of comfort and aesthetic appeal to affect how we feel when we’re spending time in the various areas of our home, however, when it comes to designing kitchens, we tend to put lighting last on the list.

If you have a family that spends a lot of time in the kitchen, or if it is an area that is often used for entertaining, it’s not just going to be about colours, shapes, textures and functionality, it is also going to involve creating the right ambience and multi-faceted use of lighting to complete the picture.

The kitchen is undoubtedly already the hub of the home, seeming to have a magnet of its own for pulling everyone in, but, just like moths to a flame, the right lighting will amplify the attraction of your kitchen for everyone.

Kitchen lighting is made up of different layers, moving from things like lighting in kitchen cabinets for when the kitchen is on idle to the right kind of light necessary to make working in the kitchen a pleasure.

Although ProReno works within your budget, especially with their market-related prices, you will find it well worth exploring your options with this talented team, so that you are not left with too little in the budget for great lighting to add to the overall ambiance and value of your kitchen!

Although many lights, with clever, innovative design, can function as multi-use lights in the kitchen, it is also essential to plan for lighting that not only lights up work spaces, but also adds accents to the depths and dimensions of the space, such as recessed lighting, and lighting that is purely decorative.

Naturally, after rising to the top of a highly competitive industry since first opening its doors in 2004, the kitchen design team at ProReno will be on hand with a choice of ideas that will perfectly light up your kitchen.

Keeping the balance between the function of lights and the contribution that light makes to create ambience, accent and décor can be a big chunk to swallow alone, but, add your needs to the experience offered by ProReno in tailored kitchen design, and kitchen lighting will take on a whole new meaning.

We are so bombarded with new styles and shapes of lighting these days that it can be overwhelming to decide on the direction that will reflect the entirety of the kitchen of your dreams, however, making informed decisions is made simple with the professional knowledge and solid practical advice on hand from the design team at ProReno.

When you are planning a brand new kitchen, contact the team at ProReno to smooth the way with innovative design, a range of kitchen products unrivalled in the industry, beautiful fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards designed and manufactured by master craftsman…..always delivered on time, within budget!