How To Create Your Dream Kitchen in 2021

Welcome to the home of ProReno, where our belief in offering nothing but the most meticulous attention to detail, combined with experienced professionalism earned over many years, is at the core of our ability to offer superb craftsmanship in the design and installation of stunning kitchens that is unrivalled in the industry.

Our expert team of designers and craftsmen have combined their talents and creativity to make ProReno a market leader in the highly competitive South African market, passionately dedicated to offering service excellence and the most committed customer care known in the industry. It is this same passion and dedication that, has created our continued success throughout the years since ProReno was established under the careful guidance and inspiration of Chris Gerber and Wouter Hugo in 2004.

When choosing a kitchen and design installation company it is essential to look at previous successes and to view the responses of clients who have benefited from the services offered, and we are confident that we can offer the most innovative, imaginative and professional approach to creating and installing your dream kitchen in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We invite you to view our portfolio as well as the responses that we have had from many satisfied clients, some of whom have been living with beautiful, functional and comfortable kitchens designed and installed by the team at ProReno for many years already.

ProReno is committed to offering you a high-value return on the investment in your kitchen while ensuring that we work within your budget by offering market-related prices for dedicated expertise. We provide a choice of products that are unrivalled in quality and our team offers nothing less than meticulous attention to detail as well as taking a completely hands-on approach to each project. We will take your ideas for your dream kitchen and add sound advice to your choices for design, fittings and fixtures as we guide you through the process of making the dream a reality with the final installation.

Our ability to design, manufacture and fit only the finest quality kitchen cabinets and built-in cabinets is unrivalled, and we deliver all our services based on a code of ethics that is exceptionally high in our industry.

We look forward to becoming your partner in the design and installation of your stunning new kitchen, all it takes is a call to our friendly team of experts and we will show you how easy it is, using the latest technology to envision the finished product before installation. Give us a call to book your free consultation.

How to Design a Kitchen That Suits Your Lifestyle

Driven by a passion for meticulous attention to detail as well as market-related pricing and fast but high-quality service is what has elevated ProReno to the top of our industry. As consistent winners of Service Excellence Awards from the Kitchen Specialists Association, we have constantly built on our ability to offer tailor-made products to suit each client’s requirements to deliver a beautifully fitted kitchen, from design through to the final product.

Choices of materials and colours for a modern kitchen are virtually limitless, allowing you to choose from a myriad of natural stones, raw woods, highly pressurised composites or high gloss, all of which are meant to come together in the sleek lines. The use of minimal or concealed hardware, frameless cabinets with a flat front along with floating shelves and strong horizontal lines form the perfect backdrop for the ornamentation created by the characteristics of the natural materials chosen.

Contemporary designs for kitchens offer the opportunity for the homeowner to find expression in using elements of other styles added to the use of multiple-layered materials composed of texture, different patterns and lines. Highly functional built-in appliances and gadgets, along with cutting-edge design in storage and lighting allow you to push the boundaries of what we call ‘modern’ and give free rein in design.

Despite the timelessness of classic kitchens with the predominance of whites that define this style, adding a touch of other neutral tones can elevate it to another level, while still maintaining a restrained style. For a touch of the eclectic to a classic kitchen, you can add various modern, industrial or vintage elements with your choice in lighting, dining table and other contrasting ideas.

Defined by their architectural designs, traditional kitchens may also consist of details like arches, mouldings, raised panel doors and even ornate chandeliers for that extra special touch. There are many different styles of doors and door inserts as well as bevelled glass that can be added to the mix to create a unique traditional kitchen to reflect your personality.

The team at ProReno have 16 years of experience and the craftsmanship to create the perfect dream kitchen everyone deserves, no matter what your starting point in style may be. Speak to the team for a free quote. Call us today

Want A Kitchen That Is Functional But Also Beautiful?

Becoming a leader in the highly competitive South African market for kitchen design and installation has taken passionate dedication to service excellence and a level of customer care that is rare. The success of ProReno has remained upwardly mobile as the years have passed since it was established in 2004.

Based on a code of ethics that is exceptionally high in the design and installation of custom made kitchens, as well as a consistent professional code of conduct, has taken ProReno to greater levels of success year after year.

The products that we offer our clients are of unrivalled quality, adding a high value to your investment in a kitchen designed and installed by the experts at ProReno. We are dedicated to offering nothing less than a completely personal hands-on approach to each project, focusing on designing, manufacturing and fitting the finest quality kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards. We also keep in line with your budget and individual requirements. Our clients deserve nothing but the best attention to detail, and our project management is the highest level of professionalism, along with our craftsmanship that is unrivalled in the industry.

With the extensive range of products on offer at ProReno that far outweighs our competitors, you may be hard-pressed to decide on exactly where to start! To work our magic in creating your dream kitchen, we make it easy for you to see your kitchen taking shape with the use of our 3D computer programme.

Our fully trained designers at Proreno will assist you throughout the process of design with expertise as well as the ability to offer sound, practical advice as we move through the creation of your dream to its realisation. We invite you to contact us to experience master craftsmanship combined with the latest technology, passion and experience to create beautiful and functional kitchens. Get in touch with ProReno today.

Why You Should Leave Your Kitchen Design in the Hands of ProReno

The team at ProReno understand that while you want your kitchen to be comfortable and functional, you also want it to reflect your style. As a major decision you will be living with for years to come, it is vital to choose a company that will guide you from start to finish in designing and fitting your perfect kitchen with a professionalism you can rely on.

ProReno uses design and product innovations to create fitted kitchens of the highest standard, aligned with the focus on developing exclusive kitchens that are market-orientated as well as meeting the needs of our clients with an exceptional level of service. Not only is your kitchen the hub of your home, we are experienced enough to know that it also needs to reflect your personality and suit your lifestyle seamlessly. We bring 16 years worth of experience to the table.

From start to finish, our team will bring your kitchen to life with just the right interaction between all the components and creative combinations of stunning material, light, colour and architecture. Beginning with room dimensions, door and window positions and service points as well as detailed house floor plans, we will work with you on the design process step by step. Our extensive experience has proven that this is the best possible way to make sure that your needs are clearly understood and carried over into the design.

Our design service offers you the ability to be involved in the whole process by using 3D design software, making our design system incredibly user friendly. With the number of new clients who come to us on the recommendation of clients from all over Gauteng who have been satisfied with their experience, we are confident that we can provide the best solutions for each individual in a creative and visual environment. Our team at ProReno look forward to being part of the creation of your dream kitchen. Give us a call today!

Why Not Let Award-Winning Kitchen Experts Design Your Kitchen?

Your kitchen is the hub of your home, the place family and friends gravitate towards as a familiar and comfortable space. The team at ProReno are committed to designing and installing kitchens to suit individual client needs with style and professionalism, adding to the natural magnetism of this gathering place in your home.

We know that having your dream kitchen installed is an important investment and one you would like to withstand the test of time. At ProReno we are proud of our ability to offer you the highest standard in kitchen design and installation.

It takes experience, imagination and creativity to design the perfect kitchen to suit each client’s personality and bring their ideas to life with a professional, friendly and open attitude. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver all these qualities with finesse at ProReno.

Having consistently won awards from The Kitchen Specialists Association for service excellence since 2008, you can be confident about the high quality of our design and installation services and in the knowledge that you will get nothing but the very best in service, from design to the final product.

ProReno takes pride in the knowledge that we have clients who have been living with their kitchens installed by our expert team for a long time and still keep recommending us to anyone who is looking for a truly outstanding kitchen. For us, the effect of this word of mouth recommendation is the cornerstone of our continuing success.

Despite our many years of experience, added to the design and installation of thousands of kitchens, from those created for professional chefs, churches and hotels to kitchens for major developments, we have consistently maintained our level of attention to detail and service excellence in the creation of stunning kitchens.

Considering that ProReno uses only A-grade board as well as the very best in European hardware, we are confident that we can offer highly competitive prices. If what you are looking for is the highest standard in kitchen design and installation, please give our expert team a call to join our list of satisfied clients.

Get the Most out of Your Custom Built-in Bedroom Cupboards

Let’s face it most built-in cupboards make it nearly impossible to be space-efficient. One feeble shelf at the top, a few narrow ones on the side and a flimsy rod are not exactly designed to make your closet spacious and effective. It only leaves you with wrinkled clothes and your shoes a mess on the cupboard floor.

 Is your existing closet an organisational nightmare? Do you wish you could transform it into a space-efficient dream closet? We’re here to tell you that it’s possible to have a closet, walk-in or reach, where you’ll be able to find your things quickly and easily. Here’s how:

Design a Flexible Closet

A space-efficient built-in cupboard should be able to adjust to your unique needs. A professionally designed cupboard comes complete with holes on the side sections to give you the flexibility to adjust your shelves and rods as you please. This way, you can change your closet to suit your clothing style.

Use the Entire Space

If you have a corner in your closet you can’t use due to its design, you will know just why this is important. A professional design will work around every obstacle to ensure maximum storage space without any nooks and crannies you simply can’t use.

Let the Height Be Your Friend

Have you ever looked at the space at the top of your closet and think, I wish I could utilise that space? Effective built-in cupboard design is about using the entire volume of your wardrobe and involves some geometry. Wanting to use all the space shouldn’t be out of your reach.

The nice thing is you don’t have to be an expert in closet design, to get a professional closet design. All you need to do is call an expert like ProReno with 16 years experience and a passionate team to manage the renovation. For affordable and space-efficient built-in cupboards in Midrand, get in touch with the team at ProReno today!

This is How to Maximise Storage Space in Your Small Kitchen

Kitchen cupboards are a staple feature in every kitchen no matter the size. Not all homes come with big, airy kitchens, but the key to transforming your small kitchen is to know how to get the most storage out of each cupboard. If you’re looking for ways to increase storage space, consider adding these:

Pull-Out Drawers

Many kitchens come with deep cabinets, making it impossible to use the back of it. Other than the fact that they are difficult to access, it is challenging to keep them neat. The solution is pull-out cabinet drawers. Multiple pull-out drawers can be added to a single cabinet, making it super easy to reach whatever you have stored in there.

Corner Cabinets

Not using every inch of cupboard space in a kitchen is unlawful, even more so in a small kitchen. Corner cupboards can’t always be avoided and are unfortunately not the most practical for optimal use of space. An excellent solution would be to include a pull-out insert into your corner cabinet, making it much easier to reach your items. You can choose from various designs to improve your kitchen’s storage efficiency.

Drawer Organisers

A simple solution that can make the world of difference in the functionality of a small kitchen. Don’t waste valuable storage space by throwing utensils haphazardly into drawers when you can install drawer organisers to keep them all in place and add space in your drawers.

Under-Cabinet Rails

Have you ever thought about using the space directly under the top kitchen cabinets? When you add under-cabinet rails, you’ll have a perfect place to store pots and pans. You can also place hanging baskets to keep clutter off your countertops.

When it comes to kitchen design ideas by ProReno, the sky’s the limit. We’ve been renovating kitchens for more than 16 years, and we have many satisfied clients to prove it. For more information or if you require a free consultation and quote, speak to the team at ProReno today.

Bring Your Kitchen Dreams to Life with Help from ProReno


But why choose ProReno to make your dream kitchen a reality?  Here are just a few of the reasons that ProReno has been trusted to design, manufacture and install exquisite, exclusive custom kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg by hundreds of satisfied homeowners, property developers, construction companies, hotels and more over the course of many successful years in the industry:

·         Fourteen years’ worth of invaluable knowledge and experience driven by a passion for excellence in all they do to bring dream kitchens to life.

·         A powerful commitment to ethical business practice in all they do, from design to manufacture and installation.

·         Offering a service that takes each client right from the initial concept, to design and installation without missing a beat, every project is managed by this experienced team from start to finish!

·         ProReno exclusive kitchens are market oriented and cover the full range of designs from modern to contemporary kitchens and classic to traditional kitchens, all of which can be used as the template from which each client is able to create a kitchen that reflects the client’s unique personality and lifestyle.

·         The range of products available at ProReno far outweighs those offered by their competitors, not only in the extent of the range but also in the exceptional quality that is the hallmark of anything produced by ProReno

·         In a highly competitive market, ProReno has created a winning formula by combining the latest technology, design innovation and master craftsmanship to create beautiful fitted kitchens of unrivalled quality and value.

·         Based on the experience garnered over the years by ProReno designers, this team is able to guide and assist clients in making informed decisions, based on their professional knowledge and ability to offer the type of practical advice that makes sticking to each budget a cinch, while still achieving client requirements spot-on!

·         ProReno designers use the latest 3D computer programme to assist clients with the design and layout into which client choices of fittings and finishes are incorporated, enabling them to see the project taking shape visually from concept to sign-off on the end product.

·         Each client receives the same level of service excellence in the form of hands-on, personalised service from the team, who make sure that not even the smallest detail is missed in making dream kitchens a reality.

·         Once the kitchen design is signed off, the ProReno team wastes no time in getting your kitchen up and running, moving into high gear to complete your project, which will be installed by master craftsmen who know how to work quickly and efficiently towards the day you finally walk into a dream kitchen!

Nothing done by ProReno, from start to finish, is done in half measures; it is this commitment to exceptional quality and client-focussed attention that has made ProReno market leaders in the kitchen design industry in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Looking into the background of ProReno, their many years’ worth of success in the industry with a long list of satisfied clients and the awesome portfolio of projects that have already been completed by this team, should be more than enough to give anyone the confidence to contact this team, and to set up a design consultation, starting the process of taking concept to reality effortlessly.

Once the final design has been signed, ProReno will, on average, have the kitchen installed and ready for the first dinner within four weeks of the date decided on – and it will be worth every moment of the wait!

This Is How You Choose the Best Sink for Your New Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are fun, said no one ever! While the result might be exciting, the process can be daunting and challenging. You are faced with too many choices when it comes to the design elements as well as the hardware. 

Keep in mind that a kitchen renovation is a personal thing. You have to make decisions based on personal preference, functionality and budget. If you can tick all three boxes, you’ll love your kitchen forever. One of the most vital decisions you will need to make is choosing a kitchen sink. Here are some things to consider before you do.

Use the Right Material

Stainless Steel

The most common choice for kitchen sinks is stainless steel. Not only does it suit nearly any kitchen style, but it is also robust and will last many, many years. Small scratches can quickly be buffed out, and they are easy to clean.


Available in many colours and incredibly gorgeous, porcelain sinks are a must-have for any traditional style kitchen. The only drawback is that they scuff and chip easily and need to be treated gently to look good for a long time.

Other options include cast iron sinks and composite sinks which are available in various colours and are durable. Composite sinks tend to be a little pricier.

Match Your Sink with Your Kitchen Style

There are various sink styles to choose from, and your decision should be based on the style of your kitchen. A farmhouse sink is stunning and will make a bold statement in any type of kitchen. If you are looking for affordable and durable, self-rimming sinks are a good option.

A familiar option is a two-bowl sink we all grew up with. This option is perfect for those who don’t believe in dishwashers or prefer to hand wash. If a dishwasher is your friend, you might want to stick with one single sink basin for a beautifully streamlined look.

Another sink that’s gaining popularity is the undermount sink. It is easy to clean and create a seamless look. Prep sinks are an excellent addition to any kitchen. Typically installed on the kitchen island, they are perfect for food prep.

Affordable Kitchen Designs Johannesburg

While kitchen renovations are stressful, you don’t have to go through them alone. If you hire ProReno, we will make sure your kitchen remodel runs as smoothly as possible. For modern kitchen designs in Johannesburg and surrounding areas, get in touch with ProReno today!

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3 Signs Your Kitchen Cabinets Will Not Make It Through 2021

There are many reasons people choose to replace their kitchen cabinets with the most popular being functionality issues and aesthetics. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen every day, and if you are not surrounded by something you love, you will hate every minute of it. And preparing food for yourself and your family should be a joyous affair.

The above-mentioned reasons for replacement are done by choice. You can choose to change your cabinets because they aren’t functional, or you can’t stand the look of them. But then some reasons don’t leave you any choice. Replacement is not negotiable. Below are three reasons why you might want to replace your kitchen cabinets sooner rather than later.

Water Damage

Nearly all cabinets are made from wood making water damage a likely occurrence in the event of a water leak. Since there’s a lot of water in your kitchen, water damage is highly likely. Some signs to look out for include dark colour spots, swollen cabinets and doors not closing properly.

Sagging Cabinets

Sagging cabinets typically indicates that the cupboard has been overloaded for an extended period, a poor installation, or that age has taken a toll on the cupboard. In all instances, replacement is the only option to rectify this issue.

Mould Growth

Mould growth is due to excessive moisture. Mould can have negative effects on your health, causing respiratory problems and even asthma. If your kitchen cupboards are infested with mould, there is no easy save. You will need to replace it since mould will jeopardise the structure.

When it’s time to replace your kitchen cabinets, why not hire the best kitchen cupboard builders in Johannesburg. ProReno has been around for more than 15 years. With a team of passionate designers and a long list of happy customers, you are in good hands. Get in touch with the team for a free quote today!

This Is How You Can Get the Farm-Style Kitchen You Have Always Wanted

Farm-style kitchens have gained popularity in the last five years or so but don’t be fooled, it looks nothing like your grandma’s country kitchen. A farmhouse kitchen is uniquely personal and should suit your specific needs. Here are some changes you can make that will turn your kitchen into a farmhouse haven.

Mix Old with the New

To create a kitchen that looks like it’s been developed over the years, incorporating eclectic pieces. By adding old and new pieces together in one space, you will easily achieve the look you are after. Open shelving is an excellent option to make your kitchen feel more spacious and comfortable. Install new open shelving – if you have the space – or remove some cabinet doors. Another idea is to add freestanding cabinetry for an authentic farmhouse touch.

Neutral Colour Palette

For a signature farmhouse kitchen look and feel, it’s vital to incorporate distressed finishes with vintage elements. Kind of like bringing the past into the 21st century. This can be achieved by adding rustic or glazed wood finished cabinets. Another way to add a timeless look is to include pops of colour like mint green or duck egg blue.

Industrial Meets Natural

When your end goal is the farmhouse look, you don’t have to fear blending different materials and finishes as this will give your kitchen a cultured feel. By including wrought iron fixtures or barn doors – to name a few — you can achieve this look.

Details, Details, Details

Creating a farmhouse kitchen is all about the details. Some ideas include traditional style moulding, trim and casing or decorative millwork throughout the kitchen. It will add old-fashioned charm. Bring the entire design together with a reclaimed wood sign or some vintage elements.

If you are ready to start with your kitchen remodel, whether it is a farm-style, modern or traditional design, we can help. We bring 16 years of experience and a team of passionate designers to the table. For kitchen renovations in Johannesburg, get in touch with ProReno today!

Should You Install Under Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen?

If there is one thing we have heard about a million times, it is that kitchens don’t always have adequate lighting. The lighting in your kitchen has a direct impact on your productivity in the kitchen and should never be an afterthought. We believe that under-cabinet lighting is crucial in any kitchen design.

You can use under-cabinet lighting for three different reasons —Tasks, Safety and Ambience. If you use the perimeter cabinetry with overhead cabinets to prepare some of your food items, you can shed some light on the situation with task lighting underneath your kitchen cabinets. Consider a complete task lighting plan that includes various task lighting options such as rotatable fixtures and bright lights.

When it comes to safety, the combination of lower wattage, LED or dimmable lights underneath cabinets are an excellent choice. In conjunction with other lighting options, it compliments tasks like chopping and working with sharp objects, but when used on its own, it allows a safe route into the kitchen at night or early in the morning. No more waking up the entire house when sneaking to the kitchen for a midnight snack.

Under-cabinet lighting can also create ambience in your kitchen and ensures a cosy mood. Whether used for a romantic kid-free dinner or to slowly wake up in the morning while enjoying your morning coffee, ambient light is a must in every kitchen.

The right lighting/fixture choices coupled with dimming capabilities could help you tick all three boxes — safety, ambience and tasks. At ProReno we will make sure to custom-fit your kitchen cabinet lighting, so no awkward parts are dangling around.

For more awesome kitchen renovation tips or if you require a quote, speak to the friendly team at ProReno. We offer professional and affordable kitchen designs in Johannesburg and surrounds. With 16 years worth of experience, you can rest assured your kitchen renovation is in good hands. Give us a call today!

This Is How to Choose a Kitchen Backsplash Colour That Will Compliment Your Design

It is easy for a backsplash to become an afterthought during kitchen renovations. After all, there are bigger things that need your attention like the floors, countertops, cabinets and appliances. But the truth is, a backsplash ties all the other design elements together, which is why you should keep it in mind.

In every kitchen, whether contemporary or traditional, you will find a backsplash area that provides maximum impact. This area could be above your sink or range and will be a focal point whenever you walk into the kitchen. You might want to make a statement by using patterns or colour here. If you’re looking for a calmer and elegant look and feel, a white or neutral backsplash might be right for you.

The question is, do you want your backsplash to tie every design element in your kitchen together or do you want to make a statement? Choose the colour for impact or neutral to unify.

How to Choose Right Kitchen Backsplash Material?

There are so many backsplash materials to pick from, and choosing which one will work best can be a challenge. You can start by having a good look at your kitchen style. Rustic kitchens look great with a brick backsplash while you might want to opt for stainless steel sheets in an industrial style kitchen. In a contemporary kitchen, sleek ceramic tiles would be a beautiful choice.

One last thing to consider before making the final commitment is the maintenance needed to keep your backsplash looking good for many years to come. If you are unsure about choosing the right backsplash material for your kitchen, the team at ProReno would be more than willing to assist you and offer expert advice. We have 16 years of experience in the industry and have a passion for kitchen designs. 

For more kitchen design ideas or if you require a quote for your next kitchen renovation, get in touch with ProReno today!

Pros and Cons of Open Shelving in the Kitchen

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, you’ve probably noticed that open shelving is trendy right now. Every cooking show on The Food Channel sports open shelving with beautiful tableware, interesting bowls and the most perfect glassware you have ever seen. But before you make the leap toward open shelving for your kitchen, there are some things to consider. Below are the pros and cons of installing open shelving in your kitchen.



Open shelves might cost much less than actual cupboards. Depending on the usage of more cost-effective range materials and less there of you can still get the desired look. So, if you’re on a tight budget, this might be an excellent way to save some money.

Clutter-Free & Neat Kitchen

Having open shelving will force you to think twice about buying unnecessary tableware and glassware. Which means you’ll have less clutter in your kitchen. Additionally, you won’t be able to hide an untidy shelf behind a cupboard door resulting in a neat kitchen.


As we’ve said before, open kitchen shelving is all the rage right now and probably will be for a few years, so you are bound to impress family and friends with your new modern kitchen.


As with everything in life, it can’t be all roses and sunshine, and there are a few downsides to open shelving in the kitchen.

Collects Dust

Anytime anything sits on a shelf without being used for a while, it will collect dust. Cupboards protect your tableware from quickly collecting dust, but if you’re planning on using whatever’s on the shelf or you don’t mind a few dishes now and again, you should go for it.

As you can see the pros far outweigh the cons in this scenario. For more information about renovating modern kitchens in Johannesburg or if you are interested in a consultation and free quote, get in touch with the skilled and friendly team at ProReno today! 

Should You Upgrade Your Built-in Cupboards Right Now?

Newer South African homes come complete with built-in cupboards, but if you buy an old house, you might have to install them yourself. In which case, it is wise to use a professional contractor for the project.

 If built-in cupboards are not absent, they might need an upgrade from the typical painted chipboard look. You can get creative with the design and install cupboards that will suit your unique needs. If you have plenty of shoes, make space especially for them. If you only wear pants and button-up shirts, design a cupboard that will accommodate your taste. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing the perfect built-in cupboard.

Why You Might Want to Consider a Built-in Cupboard Upgrade

Extensive Damage

If you move into a home where kids used to live, you might notice damage to the bedroom cupboards. Kids love drawing on everything, not even talking about climbing shelves. Fixing it might be an option, but why not give it a complete makeover while you’re at it?

Mould Growth

Mould is not something you should ignore. It’s a serious problem to have and should be eliminated as soon as you notice it. Mould can have detrimental effects on your health and can even cause asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Time to rip out those mouldy cupboards and replace them with new ones.

Functionality and Appearance

If your cupboard is not fulfilling your needs, you might need to make some changes to enhance functionality. Perhaps add more storage space. Outdated cupboards will make the entire room look outdated, even if the design is hip and trendy.

There are plenty of reasons why you might think your built-in cupboards need upgrading. And no matter what they are, they are reason enough to make an investment. For affordable prices and excellent customer service, get in touch with Proreno for your built-in cupboards in Pretoria. With 16 years of experience in the industry, we are confident that you will find our cupboard solutions satisfactory. Call us today!

5 Functional Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Your New Kitchen

When it comes to your kitchen, there are specific details you simply need to get right. From choosing the perfect lighting and finishes to the right appliances, simple mistakes can cost you a lot of money. It will also affect the ultimate look and feel of your kitchen. Below are some renovation tips from the professionals to make your kitchen more functional and enjoyable.

Island Pendant Lights

Island pendants will not be trendy because they are both practical and beautiful. Make sure it is installed properly, and at the correct height for the best results.

Microwave Shelf

Let’s face it, a microwave oven is not aesthetically pleasing at all. Which is why it is a good idea to make a special space for it. When you install a microwave shelf, you can place it at a height that is easy to reach while complementing the kitchen design.

Cabinet Lighting

Lighting can make or break your kitchen design. If your kitchen doesn’t have a whole lot of natural light, you can get the desired effect with cabinet lighting. It will make your kitchen seem cosy after dark, and you will want to spend time cooking or baking.

Dustbin Cupboard

Dustbins are another item that isn’t exactly beautiful. They are gross and should be hidden out of sight. A cupboard specially made for your dustbin is the perfect solution since it’s out of sight but close enough to use.

Roll out Spice Rack

If you love to cook, you will know what a nuisance spice bottles can be. Why not use the open space next to your fridge as a rollout spice rack. Your OCD self will thank you for it!

For more creative kitchen remodelling ideas, keep an eye on our blog. Alternatively, get in touch with the team at ProReno for a free quote for kitchen renovations in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

Renovate your kitchen from design to installation with one outstanding team!

Whether you have a small kitchen that needs a makeover, a large, open family kitchen, or one that needs renovation to turn it into a chef’s dream, ProReno takes each client from design to installation, without interruption.

One of the most essential elements of kitchen design is the layout that exists, and what you imagine you’d like to do with it to create your dream kitchen. It takes meticulous attention to detail just to make sure that the layout of your kitchen will give you a functional kitchen, one in which every appliance, countertop, kitchen cabinet and built-in cupboard works in synchronicity.

Every kitchen renovated by ProReno is a pure reflection of this meticulous attention to detail, which is the foundation of any functional, stylish kitchen.

Other than the points mentioned, why choose ProReno for kitchen renovations in Johannesburg and Pretoria?


Having offered the highest standard in kitchen renovations in South Africa since 2004, ProReno has built a reputation for excellence, based on a solid foundation of design excellence and project delivery.

With experience like this, the team at ProReno can work within any budget, irrespective of its size, and still deliver dream kitchens that are stamped with the individuality of each client.

Latest Design Technology

Imagine being able to see your kitchen before actual work has begun on it? ProReno does this with flair, using the latest 3D computer programme to make the design and layout stage of your new kitchen exciting. With the experienced design team at your side, making informed decisions about fittings and finishes is easy.

As you go through each stage of the design, watching your dream kitchen come to life in virtual reality, the stress of the initial big decision to renovate the kitchen begins to feel like an adventure.

Market-related Prices

The team at ProReno are always mindful of the need to balance your budget perfectly with your requirements for a dream kitchen. This is where their assistance in making informed decisions is of infinite value.

There’s absolutely no reason to believe that your budget won’t allow for a kitchen tailored to your specific requirements at ProReno!

Exceptional Products

Looking at the range of kitchen products available at this well-established company, it’s clear to see that what ProReno has on offer blows the competition right out of the water. With a range like this at your fingertips, your options for creating a dream kitchen are limitless.

Hands-on Customer Service

Bearing in mind that an exclusive kitchen will need fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards to support functionality and style, ProReno designs/manufactures and fits stunning kitchen cabinets and built-in cabinets to suit individual client needs.

Fast and Efficient Service

Although attention to detail takes priority, ProReno offers clients a fast but efficient service, making sure that no client has to wait for months for the installation of a dream kitchen. It’s the idea of living in chaos for months on end during kitchen renovations that add to the stress of making a decision this big. Once the project schedule has been signed off, ProReno moves into action to deliver your kitchen renovation exactly as agreed.

Project Management

Every element and detail involved in bringing your dream kitchen to life is managed by the experienced team at ProReno. If going from design to installation of your kitchen in Pretoria and Johannesburg is your idea of making this decision easy on yourself, ProReno will guide you every step of the way.

Contact ProReno to find out more about how to take the first steps to your dream kitchen!

3 Common Misconceptions About Hiring Professional Kitchen Designers

In the last few years, DIYing has become huge. Mainly because people are trying to save money and partly because they have not been getting great results from so-called professionals.

There are indeed a lot of amateurs posing as professional contractors in every industry but, with a little bit of research, you can do away with them and find the experienced and reliable contractors that will give you the results you want. Here are some myths we are happy to bust so you can be satisfied with your kitchen renovation at last.

They Are Expensive

Hiring professional kitchen designers is not as expensive as you might think! In fact, in the long run, you will find it costs the same, if not cheaper than a DIY project. It is because kitchen contractors get materials at a discounted price due to agreements with suppliers. Another factor to consider is that they already have all the tools needed to complete the project while you have to buy or hire it. If you value your time, you can take it a step further. A contractor will take a week or two to finish a project that will take you months since you must work in your free time. Time is money!

You Do Not Need Skills to Renovate a Kitchen, Just Common Sense

Some people are under the impression that kitchen renovations are easy. If you do not enjoy working with your hands, you will get stuck. Kitchen designs and renovations require skills and experience to get it right the first time around.

Kitchen Contractors Never Deliver on Their Promises

If you have had bad luck with contractors previously, we understand why you would be hesitant to hire contractors again. But you do not have to be. Just make sure to research them well before you sign on the dotted line. You can even go as far as contacting some of their previous clients for references.

If you want to hire reliable, affordable and professional kitchen designers in Johannesburg, get in touch with the team at ProReno for a free quote today!

This Is the Difference Between a Custom Fitted and Modular Kitchen

There is an obvious and very fundamental difference between a custom kitchen and a modular kitchen. Modular kitchen cabinetry is literally ‘what you see is what you get’, while custom-designed, fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards can be anything you want them to be!

With a modular kitchen, you will more than likely end up with appliances that stick out where they shouldn’t, along with drawers and kitchen cabinet depths that are not the answer to your kitchen dreams. Mass-produced modular kitchens come in standard widths and heights, and there is no room at all for any improvement or adjustment at all. Choice of colour and material is limited to what is manufactured on a large scale, allowing for no flexibility in dimensions and finishes.

The difference in custom kitchens is that you get to select everything from height to depth, width and countertop for every fitted kitchen cabinet and built-in cabinet going into your home, without doors or drawers getting caught or stuck on each other when opened and closed – the budget may have to stretch a little more, but what you get in terms of flow, style and functionality more than makes up for going a few steps further on the design of your custom kitchen!

When the team of innovative, experienced designers at ProReno work to make your dream kitchen from concept to installation, all the components will be designed and manufactured to suit your specifications and to accommodate all of your appliances perfectly, without any ‘filling’.

Custom Designed & Fitted Kitchens Pretoria

ProReno manufactures fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards that do not limit you at all where it comes to height, depth or width; it is all designed to make the most of the available space and to make it easy to move around in, fully functional and a total extension of your taste in decor.

With the unrivalled range of products available from ProReno, which far outweighs any competitor, you can turn your kitchen into the perfect hub of your home, and, working with the imaginative, creative team of designers at ProReno, finding the right interaction between all the components, brilliant combinations of material, colour, architecture and lighting will be an exciting experience as you watch your dream begin to take shape.

Having the hands-on team from ProReno on your side as they manage your project, design, manufacture and fit high-quality kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards is an assurance that, from design to installation, you will have the very best in the industry to guide and advise you through the process of creating your dream kitchen.

Your kitchen design will be carried over from the design team to expert craftsmen who carry the hallmark of ProReno excellence right through to the final installation of your custom-fitted kitchen, quickly and efficiently without missing out on the smallest detail, bringing your kitchen to life on time, every time!

There are more than enough satisfied clients who will be happy to tell you about their awesome experience with this team of professionals, and, after 16 years in the industry, ProReno has certainly earned its place as a market leader in the industry, offering competitive prices that can dovetail with all budgets, without compromising on quality or innovation!

Whatever you choose, modular or custom-fitted – stylish, comfortable and functional – remember, this is a kitchen you will be living with for a very long time to come! For more information or to request a free quote, get in touch with ProReno today!

Things to Think About When Planning Your New Kitchen

Kitchens are no longer off-limits to all but the designated ‘cook’. They are becoming larger hubs designed for family living, and entertainment as more and more people choose to eat in rather than out, open spaces that call out as an ideal gathering place.

A busy kitchen calls for more than sticking to the rules of the ‘work triangle’. This means that your dream kitchen may involve organising your kitchen into different zones, designed for food prep, cooking, refrigeration, food storage and washing-up areas, depending on the activity going on in this hub of your home.

Setting up countertops for food preparation is made easier when you have everything at hand, from knives and spices to outlets for appliances that are also within reach. You can do this with fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards of course.

Easy access to the oven, stove and microwave, with the right amount of space for easy movement, is also essential in a kitchen that is a hive of activity. If you have a large family, you are going to need space to move while the kids do projects and homework in the kitchen.

Important to consider, in terms of functionality, is whether all the kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards are easy to reach height-wise, suitable for all contents necessary for easy food preparation and storage. Nooks and electrical fittings for kettles, toasters and other kitchen gadgets you use regularly can also have their own, designated ‘garage’, whether it is behind a fitted cabinet or in an alcove that is purpose-designed.

A kitchen that is not often used, or is used by a professional chef, will be designed to suit its purposes and will be set out differently in comparison with a busy, activity-based kitchen. This is no stumbling block for ProReno. We have designed and fitted kitchens in Gauteng for hundreds of families, chefs and hotels, as well as for large developments by the hundreds!

These little considerations when planning your kitchen renovation or starting from scratch may seem like a lot But, when you bring your ideas to the kitchen design team at ProReno, your ideas and dreams, matched with the experience earned since 2004 by this team, will bring it all together in a kitchen that is stylish, comfortable and functional for you, your family and friends.

ProReno, at its core, will manage your project, design, manufacture and fit high-quality kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards to make living in a large, homey, welcoming and comfortable kitchen a reality.

It is in consultation with ProReno that the basic foundation for a kitchen tailored to suit your personality and lifestyle is laid, moving from there to the design phase, which is always exciting through the use of the latest technology and a range of kitchen products that are unrivalled in this competitive industry!

It doesn’t matter how big or small your budget is, you can still have the kitchen of your dreams when you work with experienced kitchen design specialists like ProReno. Especially when you take into account their market-related prices and the high quality of their products that add true value for money to the budget.

Make your kitchen dreams a reality by contacting the team at ProReno today to put your plans in motion, from start to finish and get ready to celebrate! Call us today!

When Is the Right Time to Think About Lighting During Your Kitchen Renovation?

We take a lot of care about how lighting is spread throughout our homes. It reflects the level of comfort and aesthetic and affects how we feel when we’re spending time in the various areas of our home. However, when it comes to designing kitchens, we tend to put lighting last on the list.

If you have a family that spends a lot of time in the kitchen, or if it is an area that is often used for entertaining, it’s not just going to be about colours, shapes, textures and functionality. It will also involve creating the right ambience and multi-faceted use of lighting to complete the picture.

The kitchen is undoubtedly already the hub of the home, seeming to have a magnet of its own for pulling everyone in, but, just like moths to a flame, the right lighting will amplify the attraction of your kitchen for everyone.
Kitchen lighting is made up of different layers, moving from things like lighting in kitchen cabinets for when the kitchen is on idle to the right kind of light necessary to make working in the kitchen a pleasure.

Although ProReno works within your budget, especially with their market-related prices, you will find it well worth exploring your options with this talented team. You won’t be left with too little in the budget for great lighting to add to the overall ambience and value of your kitchen!

Although many lights, with clever, innovative design, can function as multi-use lights in the kitchen, it is also essential to plan for lighting that not only lights up workspaces, but also adds accents to the depths and dimensions of the space, such as recessed lighting, and purely decorative lighting.

Naturally, after rising to the top of a highly competitive industry since first opening its doors in 2004, the kitchen design team at ProReno will be on hand with a choice of ideas that will perfectly light up your kitchen.

Keeping the balance between the function of lights and the contribution that light makes to create ambience, accent and décor can be a big chunk to swallow alone, but, add your needs to the experience offered by ProReno in tailored kitchen design, and kitchen lighting will take on a whole new meaning.

We are so bombarded with new styles and shapes of lighting these days that it can be overwhelming to decide on the direction that will reflect the entirety of the kitchen of your dreams, however, making informed decisions is made simple with the professional knowledge and solid practical advice on hand from the design team at ProReno.

When you are planning a brand new kitchen, contact the team at ProReno to smooth the way with innovative design, a range of kitchen products unrivalled in the industry, beautiful fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards designed and manufactured by master craftsman. Always delivered on time, within budget! Speak to the team at ProReno to request a free quote today!

Different Kitchen Designs and How to Choose the Right One for You

By the time you get around to arranging the first consultation with a professional kitchen designer, you will already have a pretty good idea about what you would like in your dream kitchen.

Every kitchen renovation starts from a basic design, which is then enhanced to reflect your personality, individuality, and style with the addition of tailor-made products.

A great place to start is to base your ideas on the foundation of Modern or Contemporary, Traditional or Classic kitchens, and then to work with your design team to put your stamp on the template you choose.

What is meant by the terms Contemporary, Modern, Traditional and Classic kitchens?

Modern Kitchens

If you are not one for sticking to any rules, a modern kitchen will appeal. This style of kitchen is also very close to what constitutes the design of a contemporary kitchen.

You can do anything you please with a start like this. Mixing hi-gloss products with highly pressurised composites give you free rein to use natural stone and raw woods as ornamentation.

Natural stone and raw woods give a distinct depth to the sleek lines typically associated with modern kitchens. Defining this sleekness is the use of frameless kitchen cabinetry and sleek appliances, offset by design features such as concealed gadgetry and floating shelves.

The modern kitchen is where you get to play with materials and colours to get the balance right, echoing your idea of a dream kitchen in detail.

Modern kitchens give everyone in the home space so a family can spend a lot of time in the kitchen together.

Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchen design also has a complete lack of rules, along the lines of a modern kitchen design. Multi-layered materials that cross the spectrum from steel and chrome to natural stone, granite and wood, are all elements you can use to define personal taste.

Adding ingredients like functional storage solutions and lighting that leans towards track lighting is all part of designing a contemporary kitchen. Lighting is an issue that’s often overlooked in any kitchen design. But it’s essential to see what you’re doing, as well as to create a warm and inviting kitchen that becomes the heart of the home for all.

Adding highly functional gadgets and built-in appliances into the mix of textures and colours to complete the vision of a warm, inviting space calling to be lived in.

Classic Kitchens

Classic kitchens are the definition of timelessness with the fresh white background that speaks of restraint. There is nothing ornate about a classic kitchen. It calls for white or black countertops that will never go out of fashion.

Elements that make a classic kitchen a pure expression of your taste and style can be added to an eclectic atmosphere. This is where you can go anywhere, from adding a touch of vintage here and there, to bringing in industrial elements.

Options to do this include using lighting, accessories as well as kitchen chairs and tables. A classic kitchen is a blank canvass waiting for you to express your individuality in creating the kitchen of your dreams, with restrained simplicity.

Traditional Kitchens

Picture a warm and inviting French farmhouse kitchen, or one that expresses the beauty of nature inside a home hidden in the mountains or hugging a coastline. That will give you a good idea of where to start turning a traditional kitchen into one that is uniquely yours.

Vintage and antique appliances are at home in a traditional kitchen, along with cookware, cutlery and crockery to match. 

Traditional kitchens are architectural heaven that allows for moulded natural wood, arches and uniquely ornate doors to share space with granite or stone countertops.

Add bevelled glass to the doors and even a chandelier, and you’ll have a kitchen that echoes the tradition of kitchens that have been much-loved through the centuries in the old world.

ProReno is the market leader for exclusive kitchens in Johannesburg and Pretoria

The journey ProReno will take you on, as the design and layout of your kitchen takes shape, is made even more exciting through the use of the latest design technology.

This technology gives you a 3D perspective of the completed dream kitchen before it becomes a reality! The craftsmanship, innovation and design expertise, along with hands-on service this team offers each client is well-worth investigating. Contact ProReno to plan a consultation and quote that’ll suit your pocket.

DIY Kitchen Renovations: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

There is some skill involved in renovating your kitchen. First, you’ll need to design a functional space, and then you need to make it look good, so you’ll want to spend some time in it.

Even if you have the required skills, you might be concerned about other factors involved when DIYing your kitchen renovations. Which is why the team at ProReno felt it necessary to give you all the facts about managing your renovations project.

The Good

It will cost you less

It is true, a DIY kitchen revamp will cost you less because you will save on the labour aspect of the project. What they don’t tell you is that you’ll have to buy the tools needed for the project while contractors already own them.

You will have more control over the renovation

The fewer people involved, the less complicated the project and the more control you’ll have. Unless, of course, you appoint a reliable contractor like ProReno that keeps you up to date every step of the way.

The Bad

It will take longer

A DIY kitchen reno will take longer than if a contractor were to manage the project since you’ll have to do it in your spare time. So, say goodbye to your free time for the next month or so, cause you’ll be spending it in your kitchen.

You will need to invest in proper tools

As we’ve mentioned before, you might not have all the necessary tools for a kitchen renovation which you’ll have to purchase. Chances are, they probably won’t get used much after the project is done.

You need to figure out what to do with the debris

When you hire a contractor, they are responsible to remove the rubble and debris from your property but when you DIY, you’ll have to make arrangements for disposal.

The Ugly

You might not be happy with the outcome

Since you’re not a professional renovations contractor, chances are you’ll get stuck at some point. Or if you do finish, the job might not look professional in the end. Which leads us to ask this question: Is it worth saving a few rands if you don’t get the desired results?

If you are looking for an affordable renovations contractor so you don’t have to DIY your kitchen renovation, get in touch with ProReno for a quote today!

Let ProReno Help You Plan Your Dream Kitchen

Planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip overseas can be a lot like planning a dream kitchen in one particular sense. You will always try to fit as much into the trip as possible so that you miss nothing!

However, thinking it through might make it worth cutting out some of it to enjoy the best of what a different country and culture have to offer. This way there will be enough time to soak in the experiences along the way. Planning your new dream kitchen can be just as tricky in the department of wanting to fit in as much as possible to cover all bases and more — in case you miss out on something!

It’s tempting to go full throttle, but the voice of reason prevails as the team at ProReno advise clients to whittle down this desire and focus on priority appliances and kitchen cabinetry that will make a lot more sense in the end. Especially, when you take into account the practical experience and knowledge accumulated by this team over 16 years in the industry that will be at hand to guide you.

The aim at ProReno is to ensure that by the time you first step into the beautiful custom kitchen you have worked with the design team to create using an easy 3D program, you will immediately feel a level of comfort and functionality that would not have been there having you crammed too much into space!

The ultimate idea is to have the support of a knowledgeable and experienced team of designers throughout the design phase, allowing you to make informed decisions that will streamline your ideas and still leave you with the kitchen of your dreams, minus any unnecessary clutter.

Points to consider, according to ProReno, include things like when your kitchen is used, the various ways in which it is used, who uses it and how often each person does use it, of course, if you are the only one creating divine food in the kitchen, the rest of the space can be designed around what you need, and then incorporate the needs of a family that spends a lot of time in the kitchen as the hub of the home, whether it is a space used for entertaining, activities like homework for the kids, catching up on your mail or even your favourite series.

Knowing whether what you need from your dream kitchen will be best served by an L shaped, U shaped or galley layout is also essential; the working triangle (the special spot for the cook!) allows you to decide on the best place for the cleaning area versus the cooking area and refrigeration area so that everything is within easy reach.

If wine racks, glass doors, wicker baskets, islands and any other features are floating around in your imagination as you envision your dream kitchen, make a list of them all, before you even make your appointment with the design team at ProReno for your first consultation.

It is very helpful to have a look at what ProReno has to say in their rough draft of how the costs can be broken up between kitchen furniture, fittings, appliances, worktops, sinks and taps, as well as to explore some of the storage solutions they have listed on their website, this is more or less where you will get a better idea of just how important it is not to try to fit everything into the space available for your dream kitchen!

Irrespective of what your budget is, ProReno is a team you can trust implicitly to meet that budget and offer hands-on, personalised service to deliver a stylishly functional kitchen that will more than match the dreams you have, and make this major investment one that lasts a lifetime! Give us a call to request a free quote today!

How to Determine Kitchen Cupboard Requirements for Your Kitchen Renovations

When you are planning your kitchen renovation, it is a good idea to figure out, as closely as possible how much kitchen cabinetry will constitute your dream kitchen. Looking at what you lack in terms of kitchen cabinets in your current kitchen is going to give you a good basis from which to start. You know what is missing, and you know what would make life a lot easier in the hub of your home by now.

A few questions to ask yourself on this journey to ensure that your dream kitchen will have everything in it that opens and shuts in perfect synchronicity with the role your kitchen plays in your lifestyle would be:

How does your current kitchen cabinet set-up work for you?

Do your kitchen contents spill out onto counter-tops or do they fit in your kitchen cabinets? Are your cabinets packed to capacity with things that don’t serve any real purpose? Going through these fully stuffed kitchen cabinets with a fine-tooth comb, you might be surprised to find out how many of the goodies packed in are not used and would not even be missed if you got rid of them. Kitchens are an amazing magnet for clutter and getting ready for a renovation is going to be the perfect time to de-clutter!

How do your physical attributes influence your vision of a dream kitchen?

Whether you are left or right-handed, tall, short or medium are all important factors to take into account when planning the perfect kitchen renovation. High cabinets are going to be of no value to you if you can’t reach everyday ingredients with ease!

How often do you shop?

It’s a good idea to look into your shopping habits when planning your kitchen cabinets. These habits will help in determining just how much cupboard space you need. Whether you shop every other day or shop for a couple of weeks at once is going to impact the choices you make regarding the cabinet space you need for absolute ease of access.

How many people live in your home?

Another important aspect to ensuring that you have cabinets that will make it easy for you to keep enough of everything from food to cutlery and crockery to suit the size of your family comfortably.

Make an appointment for a consultation with the expert team at ProReno to discuss your kitchen cabinet requirements and make informed decisions about the choices that will result in your dream kitchen!

ProReno has been designing, manufacturing and fitting quality kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards for homeowners in Johannesburg and Pretoria since 2004. Endorsed by The Kitchen Specialists Association and many satisfied clients, this team will make sure that everything opens and shuts exactly as it should in your new kitchen! Request your free quote by getting in touch with the team today!

This Is What We’ve Learned from 16 Years of Kitchen Renovations

At ProReno, we love kitchens! It is why we are in the kitchen business. In 2004, ProReno opened its doors, and from humble beginnings, we have grown into a preferred kitchen cabinet contractor in South Africa. This is due to our ethical way of doing business, superb customer service and passion for excellence. Add competitive pricing to those attributes, and it becomes clear why we are market leaders.

 We have learned a lot about getting the most out of your kitchen renovations over the years, and we would like to share some of our knowledge with you. Below are some things to keep in mind before you start your kitchen remodel.

Less Is More

Especially when it comes to your kitchen. A cluttered and messy kitchen will only make you anxious. When you design your dream kitchen, think about functionality and make sure there’s enough open space for you to move around freely. You’ll thank us later!

Stick with Classic

Unless you want to renovate your kitchen every few years which can become costly, it is advisable to stick to a classic look. White cabinets are always a great idea and can fit into any style and design.

Functionality over Appearance

Your kitchen needs to be functional more than it needs to be trendy. As professional kitchen cabinet contractors, we know which layouts work and which ones don’t. So, if you are unsure, we are more than happy to help you sort out the details.

Do Not Settle for Second Best

Cost is always a factor when it comes to kitchen renovations. But if you settle for a cheaper option and it isn’t what you want, you might not be completely satisfied with the result. Instead, spending a little more on what you want will go a long way.

For reliable and affordable kitchen cabinet contractors in Pretoria and surrounding areas, get in touch with ProReno for a free quote today!

How to Choose the Right Countertop for Your New Kitchen

Countertops are one of the most important decisions you have to make, whether you are renovating a kitchen. The last thing you want is to have to replace or repair countertops every so often, so longevity should be at the top of the list of priorities for choosing countertops that last.

It is obvious that whatever material you choose, you’d like it to be aesthetically pleasing as well, bringing personal style and functionality together in perfect harmony.

There are an abundance of countertops available on the market today, which is going to make the decision more than just a little overwhelming, making it a good idea to look into the pros and cons of different materials available, whether online or in design magazines.

If you work with an established, highly respected company like ProReno, you will have design experts at your side to advise you on your ideas. You will be in a position to make an informed decision that will more than meet your expectations for a major decision like renovating or building a kitchen.

What is also great about ProReno is that they have an unrivalled range of countertops and other kitchen products that are of outstanding value for money, giving you quality at market-related prices that will suit your budget. Here are two examples of the pros and cons of some of the most popular countertops available:

Granite Pros

Every piece of granite is unique, making each piece one of a kind. With beautiful colours, patterns and mottling, you can choose the perfect colour to suit the style and décor in your kitchen. Granite is also robust. It stands up to wear and tear for many years due to its ability to withstand heat, splashes of all kinds and any other nicks that may occur while cooking.

Granite Cons

Granite does need to be sealed now and then to avoid stains, which is a lot less expensive than the alternative of replacing countertops too often. ProReno can design fitted kitchen cabinets that will be strong enough to support the weight of granite. If kitchen cabinets are not strong enough to withstand the weight of granite, sagging is inevitable.

Marble Pros

Marble is one of the most traditional choices when it comes to countertops. The glamour and veining all contribute to an overall streamlined, stylish look that never goes out of style. If you love baking, marble is the perfect choice for keeping any dough at an ideal temperature, no matter what you may be baking! Heat doesn’t affect marble, and it stays cool, no matter the season.

Marble Cons

You may want to think about only using marble in a few areas instead of on every countertop. Despite sealing, marble still chip and scratch. It is also more likely to stain than granite and other countertop materials.

These are just two examples of what’s out there in terms of countertops. There are many more, such as soapstone, laminate, butcher blocks, concrete and more, but please consult with the team at Proreno before you make the final choice.

Exclusively fitted kitchens in Johannesburg and Pretoria is what ProReno has been doing successfully for 16 years. With our attention to detail, along with award-winning service excellence, you will end up with the right countertop to suit your style perfectly. If you have questions or want to request a quote, feel free to get in touch with the team today!

This Is Why You Should Choose a Kitchen Design That Will Outlast Trends

It is very tempting to go with current trends, or those predicted for next year or the year after, but the most important thing is to have a kitchen designed to outlast trends and still look beautiful for a long time to come.

You can change kitchen gadgets and décor as fast as they come out. However, the architecture, colours, textures and lighting are things that you may prefer to stand the test of time, to make this huge investment one that is of high value, aesthetically and financially.

The whole concept behind what ProReno does for kitchen design and kitchen renovation in Johannesburg and Pretoria is to tailor a kitchen specifically suited to the role it plays in your home — an extension of your taste and individuality, one that will last as trends come and go.

Some of us like the idea of an inviting, homey and comfortable kitchen that invites everyone into its heart with warm energy, some like the sleekness that comes with clean, monochromatic lines and others a large hub for friends and family.

Whatever you do decide, keep at the forefront of your mind that this is a kitchen you will be living in for many years to come. And we all know just how major investment this is!

A kitchen is not like a cupboard full of clothes you can chop and change according to trends, any more than it is like giving the home a make-over by changing the colours of walls, furniture and décor. Once you install the kitchen, it is a fait accompli in terms of layout.

ProReno is passionate about the design and installation of stunning kitchens that are comfortable, functional and stylish, giving life to kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg at competitive prices for superb quality.

Add to this the latest technology that allows you to visualise the final product before you sign-off on the plans, along with master craftsmanship and you have the winning combination for custom kitchens delivered with client-focused service excellence!

The kitchen you are dreaming about is the blank canvas waiting to be turned into a work of art between you and the innovative team of kitchen designers at ProReno, guiding you through an unrivalled range of kitchen products and ideas that have no limits.

Your dream kitchen will be in safe hands with this team that takes you from concept to final installation without missing a beat. Browsing through projects completed by ProReno and speaking to clients that will readily tell you about their experiences with ProReno since 2004 will instil the kind of confidence you need with an investment this important.

Kitchen design, kitchen cabinets, built-in cupboards and shop-fitting all form part of the whole offered by ProReno in bringing dream kitchens to life. Project management, designing, manufacturing and fitting kitchens in Gauteng is at the core of success achieved by ProReno over the years. For more information or to request a free quote, get in touch with the team today!

7 Features You Will Find in the “Perfect Kitchen”

If you have ever watched the food channel, you have likely experienced kitchen envy. Wishing you had all the features they had at their disposal, making cooking and baking look so effortless and fun. But you know what, you too can have the perfect kitchen. Below are some features you can easily add to your kitchen to make it more functional.

Island Cooktop

Recent trends split up ovens and cooktops. When you install your cooktop on your island countertop, your workspace doubles or even triples as does your storage space. What’s even better is that you don’t have to stare at the wall while cooking. If you have an open plan, you can easily communicate with guests or even watch your favourite tv program.


If your kitchen doesn’t have enough natural light, you can install layers of light to cover each area. Hanging lights over the island can add some light to work surfaces while under-cabinet lights will provide proper light on countertops.

Corner Storage

Storage space is always a problem in the kitchen which is why you need to make every centimetre count. Make sure you use the space wisely so that nothing goes to waste. You can use a corner cupboard to store your groceries and if you want to get even more out of the space, add carousel shelving to easily access items at the back.

Divided Storage

Every kitchen has one drawer where you will find all kinds of treasures. It is a drawer that never seems to stay organised, and when you are looking for something specific, you can never find it. Divided storage is perfect for storing your kitchen utensils and give a more finished look.

Bar Sink

Adding an additional sink to your kitchen can be extremely useful. Double your prep areas by installing a bar sink on your island.

Built-in Trashcan

Trashcans are gross, and no one likes to associate grossness with kitchens since that’s where you prepare your food. Consider hiding your trashcan in a built-in drawer.

Countertop Appliance Storage

Appliances are not necessarily pretty. And while you don’t want to store it away deep in your cupboards, you also don’t want to show them off. Countertop appliance storage is ideal for this scenario and should be incorporated in every kitchen.

For more tips on kitchen renovations or if you require a quote from a reliable kitchen cabinet contractor in Pretoria, get in touch with the team at ProReno today!

Make Your Kitchen Renovation More Budget-Friendly

Your kitchen is the soul of your home. It’s where you prepare daily meals, enjoy your first cup of coffee and relax while baking your favourite treats. Since you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, the environment must be welcoming — functional and pleasing to the eye.

Renovating your home’s kitchen will add significant value to your home and is typically suggested by most realtors if you’re thinking of selling in the future. But that state-of-the-art kitchen you see on the food channel might set you back quite a bit if you don’t know what you’re doing so here are some tips on how you can save money on your renovation project.

Do Not Move the Existing Plumbing

Be smart when planning your kitchen renovation. Moving kitchen drains and sinks can be costly so try to find a way to work around them. If you’re not crazy about your kitchen’s layout, try to find other ways to change the design like a kitchen island.

Reface Cabinets Instead of Replacing Them

Installing brand new kitchen cabinets can be pricey. If yours are still in good condition, consider refacing them with paint or keep the structure and only replace the cabinet doors.

Make Superficial Changes

Sometimes the small changes to your kitchen make the most difference. For example, changing your backsplash or the colour of your cabinets won’t cost you much but will give your kitchen an entirely new look and feel.

Create a Budget and Stick to It

Put your budget on paper, make sure you have provision for unexpected expenses and then don’t go over the budget!

Use ProReno for Your Kitchen Renovations Pretoria

ProReno is a kitchen cabinet contractor in Pretoria with more than 16 years of experience in the industry and many satisfied clients to show for it. If you are looking for affordable, reliable kitchen installations Pretoria, get in touch with the team today!

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Kitchen

Every homeowner dreams of a kitchen that is stylish, modern, fully equipped and functional but, more often than not, they have to settle for a kitchen that is nothing like they hoped for. In which case, you might want to consider a kitchen renovation to achieve this goal.

Kitchen renovations can be a challenge considering all the variables that come along with it. You will have to make a lot of decisions, and sometimes you end up making the wrong ones because you are overwhelmed. In all honesty, expecting any kitchen renovation project to progress without hitting a few bumps in the road might be a little naive. But, by avoiding the following mistakes, you can make the process go smoother. 

Choosing Appearance over Functionality

There’ i nothing wrong with wanting a beautiful kitchen with lots of bells and whistles but does it make sense from a functional point of view? To get the most value out of your kitchen renovation, you will want it to be as functional as it is beautiful. Balance is key. Shiny countertops won’t mean a thing if they aren’t durable or show every little scratch.

Not Choosing a Timeless Design

A modern kitchen might be cool, but there are some design trends you might want to bypass to retain your property’s resale value. If you are planning to sell your home in future, stick with a neutral, classic kitchen design.

Not Hiring Professional Kitchen Cabinet Contractors

Many people opt for a DIY renovation to save a few rands, but if you don’t know what you are doing, you might spend more money hiring someone to fix your mistakes. If you want your kitchen renovation to look professional, consider hiring experienced and qualified contractors for the project.

ProReno is a kitchen renovations contractor and cabinet manufacturer with 16 years of experience in the industry. Get in touch with the team for an obligation free quote today!

How to Add Style to Your Kitchen Without Wasting Space

To have the kitchen of your dreams, it is vital to have an idea of how your kitchen cupboards should be designed to provide easy access to everything you need. This way, you will never end up with cupboards that are too high to reach, or those that get in the way without being of much use — other than to accumulate things you seldom use.

When you are cooking, whether it is for the family, for a gathering of friends, or, to suit your passion for creating out-of-this-world award-winning dishes as a chef, comfort and functionality are paramount in what is more often than not the hub of any home.

Making the most of the space you have available when you are planning on a new kitchen, or giving the old one a complete makeover, is essential in the beginning stages. Meeting with your kitchen design company with a good idea of what works and what doesn’t in your current space is going to make taking the first steps to your dream kitchen so much easier.

If you are tall and provided that you are the chief in the kitchen, the last thing you need is to spend your time in the kitchen folding yourself in half to get to goodies you need in cupboards and drawers that are too low.

The same applies if you are a little shorter! Needing a step ladder every time you want to access an appliance or ingredients stored higher than the rest of the stuff you use daily, will make it worth planning fitted kitchen cupboards uniquely designed for you.

No doubt about it, if you have planned on having a dream kitchen designed and installed, then fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards are a must! Everything is designed to suit appliances perfectly and to make reaching for everything from pots and pans to ingredients, gadgets and cutlery a breeze, without wasting any space.

ProReno has been designing and manufacturing tailor-made fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards in Pretoria very successfully since 2004. We offer a hands-on, personalised service focussed on making the most of the space and layout of your kitchen to make it uniquely yours, and only yours!

The extensive range of products offered by ProReno is unrivalled in the industry. Through the use of the latest technology and software, we take clients through a process that gives them a 3D picture of how fittings and fixtures will work in the layout. Before the kitchen is fitted, clients will be able to see exactly how it will look!

Having the best possible advice as you select fittings and fixtures is all part of the service excellence offered by ProReno. This team of innovative designers knows how to take your specific requirements into account while considering your budget, without compromising on a superb standard of quality, beautiful workmanship and service excellence that makes creating your dream kitchen with ProReno an exciting adventure, from start to finish! For more information or a free quote, give us a call today!

Is It Time to Replace Your Built-in Kitchen Cupboards?

Nothing lasts forever. Things break, trends change and eventually a time will come to replace them. The same goes for your kitchen. Even if you are not ready for a complete kitchen renovation, replacing your kitchen cabinets can bring your kitchen to life. So how do you know when it’s time to replace them? Watch out for these signs.


Kitchen cabinets will require repairs over time due to natural wear and tear. But some damages aren’t repairable and while a full kitchen renovation isn’t necessary, you might consider replacing your built-in kitchen cupboards. This will instantly improve the look and feel of your kitchen.

Update Style

As we’ve mentioned before, trends change fast and what might have been a gorgeous kitchen ten years ago, is completely out of fashion now. If you are embarrassed to show guests your kitchen, consider renovating it by installing built-in kitchen cupboards that are timeless instead of whatever is in fashion right now. Classic options include shades of white, bamboo and oak.

Space and Functionality

Not enough storage space? Difficult to reach cabinets? These are the main reasons you might want to renovate your kitchen. Kitchen manufacturers can help you redesign your kitchen to give you more storage space. They can also help make your kitchen more functional.


Mould does not only compromise the structure of your cabinets; it can negatively affect your family’s health. When caught early, it can be cleaned up but if left untreated, it will continue to grow and eventually you’ll have to replace your kitchen cupboards. Mould is typically caused by a water leak so before you attempt a renovation, it might be a good idea to identify the source to avoid future mould problems.

If it’s time to replace your built-in kitchen cupboards, get in touch with ProReno today. With 16 years of kitchen renovations and hundreds of happy clients, you know you are in good hands. Trust us with your kitchen renovations and give us a call today!

Place Your Investment in the Right Hands When Renovating Your Kitchen

Let’s be honest, everybody wants the perfect kitchen! But, taking on the perfect kitchen renovation will require the services of consummate professionals with a proven track record for exquisite product innovation, creative design and master craftsmanship. A few represent these requisite qualities like ProReno does, and have done for many years already.

ProReno has maintained exceptional growth in a highly competitive industry to rise to the well-deserved position as a market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of beautiful kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards in Johannesburg and Pretoria, creating a trusted reputation for making dream kitchens a reality.

Combining master craftsmanship with the latest technology enables ProReno to offer a product range of exceptional quality that far outweighs that of any competitors, maintaining an absolute commitment to unrivalled customer service and value for money at market-related prices. The investment you make in a kitchen renovation is a major one, and it will be a decision that you will live with for many years to come, which makes it essential to choose a kitchen design team that will pay meticulous attention to the details to be brought together to result in the installation of your dream kitchen.

Irrespective of whether you dream of a comfortable, functional kitchen that will be the hub of your home for a large, boisterous family, a masterpiece that gives you the perfect space in which to create culinary masterpieces or the spot you hit and run in the rush of a fast-paced lifestyle, ProReno masterfully puts all the ingredients together to reflect your lifestyle perfectly!

With hands-on attention to detail, ProReno will keep your budget and individual needs in mind as their highly trained design team shares their vast experience with you to ensure that you can make informed decisions that will result in a beautifully renovated kitchen!

More than 16 years and a lot of kitchens later, you can rely on ProReno to hit the ground running once your design is signed off, quickly and efficiently delivering your stunning new kitchen on schedule and in exact alignment with your budget! Call us for a free quote today!

Do Not Squeeze Too Much into the Space You Have for a Dream Kitchen

Planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip overseas can be a lot like planning a dream kitchen in one particular sense; trying to fit as much into the trip as possible so that we miss nothing!

However, upon thinking it through, it might be better to cut out some of it to enjoy the best of what a different country and culture have to offer. It will give you enough time to soak in the experiences along the way. Planning your new dream kitchen can be just as tricky in the department of wanting to fit in as much as possible to cover all bases and more — just in case you miss out on something!

It’s tempting to go full throttle, however, the voice of reason prevails as the team at ProReno advise clients to whittle down this desire and focus on priority appliances and kitchen cabinetry that will make a lot more sense in the end, especially when you take into account the practical experience and knowledge accumulated by this team over 14 years in the industry that will be at hand to guide you.

The aim at ProReno is to ensure that by the time you first step into the beautiful custom kitchen you have worked with the design team to create, using an easy 3D program, you will immediately feel a level of comfort and functionality that would not have been there having you crammed too much into space!

The ultimate idea is to have the support of a knowledgeable and experienced team of designers throughout the design phase, allowing you to make informed decisions that will streamline your ideas and still leave you with the kitchen of your dreams, minus any unnecessary clutter.

Points to consider, according to ProReno, include things like when your kitchen is used, the various ways in which it is used, who uses it and how often each person does use it, of course, if you are the only one creating divine food in the kitchen, the rest of the space can be designed around what you need, and then incorporate the needs of a family that spends a lot of time in the kitchen as the hub of the home, whether it is a space used for entertaining, activities like homework for the kids, catching up on your mail or even your favourite series.

Knowing whether what you need from your dream kitchen will be best served by an L shaped, U shaped or galley layout is also essential; the working triangle (the special spot for the cook!) allows you to decide on the best place for the cleaning area versus the cooking area and refrigeration area so that everything is within easy reach.

If wine racks, glass doors, wicker baskets, islands and any other features are floating around in your imagination as you envision your dream kitchen, make a list of them all, before you even make your appointment with the design team at ProReno for your first consultation.

It is very helpful to have a look at what ProReno has to say in their rough draft of how the costs can be broken up between kitchen furniture, fittings, appliances, worktops, sinks and taps, as well as to explore some of the storage solutions they have listed on their website, this is more or less where you will get a better idea of just how important it is not to try to fit everything into the space available for your dream kitchen!

Irrespective of what your budget is, ProReno is a team you can trust implicitly to meet that budget and offer hands-on, personalised service to deliver a stylishly functional kitchen that will more than match the dreams you have, and make this major investment one that lasts a lifetime! For more information or to request a quote, feel free to contact us today!

How to Tell If Your Kitchen Needs a Revamp

Taking on a project as big as a kitchen renovation is a lot tougher than trying to decide on what the dish of the day will be, and a lot more stressful, without a doubt. The budget and planning involved alone could give you sleepless nights for as long as you toss and turn about whether you need to remodel your kitchen, or whether you can continue to live with what you have.

If you’ve already been dreaming of the things you’d love to do, to make your kitchen a space that’s the heart of your home, here are a few of the tell-tale signs that are whispering to you it’s time for action.

You Would Rather Eat Out

If you’re avoiding cooking because the thought of going into your kitchen is a complete turn-off, now is the time! Whatever you’re spending, either on eating out or ordering in, simply to avoid your kitchen, could be well-spent on a kitchen renovation that’ll prove to be a great investment.

Lack of Counter Space

A complete lack of counter space can be a nightmare. Every time you cook, you have to move ten things around to create enough space to work on, and then move them back, to tidy it all up after the fact.

Lack of Storage Space

Pretty much the equivalent of not having enough counter space! If your kitchen cupboards are bulging at the seams, to such an extent that you need to put kitchen gadgetry in another room, it’s time to consider a remodel.

Lack of Functionality

If your stove is on one end of the kitchen, pots on another and not-enough counter space somewhere in-between, you’re probably ready to tear your hair out in frustration. If you’ve been running from one end to the other in your kitchen for long enough, the lack of functionality is a big tell-tale sign it’s already past time!

Outdated Appliances Are Pushing up Electricity Consumption

If an old desktop computer takes a lot more electricity than an up-to-date laptop does, imagine what an outdated stove or fridge can do to your electricity bill. An investment in up-to-date kitchen appliances isn’t only going to be great for functionality, it will make a kitchen renovation pay for itself sooner than you think.

Your Kitchen Isolates You from Family and Friends

If you love cooking and want your family to be able to hang out with you while you cook, but you’re stuck with a small kitchen isolated from the rest of your home, it’s time to break down a few walls and reconfigure the kitchen to suit your lifestyle. This is also true if you enjoy entertaining. There’s nothing that can compare with the atmosphere created in a kitchen filled with happy people and rich aromas drifting out of pots and pans.

Contact ProReno for unique, fitted kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg. The team will take you from design to kitchen installation with a cost-effective efficiency that won’t leave you without a kitchen for months on end. There are no middlemen involved, and by the time ProReno has completed your kitchen installation, you’ll want to cook your celebratory dinner for family and friends right then and there.

When you’re ready to take the big leap into a kitchen renovation, get in touch ProReno for stylish, functional kitchen design and superb craftsmanship in a dream, fully-fitted kitchen. Give us a call today!

How High Should Your Kitchen Cabinets Be?

From the appliances to the counters and flooring, your kitchen should be beautiful and functional. You should love every minute you spend in your kitchen, whether it is having your morning coffee, cooking up a storm or entertaining guests. 

Your kitchen cabinets play a big part in your overall design since it provides you with a functional workspace. But kitchen cabinet height can be a challenge if you don’t know if there are any design “rules” you should follow.

While there aren’t any set-in-stone rules, there are some things to consider when choosing the height of your kitchen cabinets such as the kitchen layout, design, and your family needs.

Kitchen Cabinet Standard Height

Traditionally, the standard height for kitchen cabinets was 48 cm above the countertop. But nowadays, anything goes. It has become increasingly popular to raise the cabinets 50cm above the countertop or even more to add more breathing room. It all comes down to the needs of the family and the overall design of the space.

Reasons to Raise Your Kitchen Cabinets

While we consider 48cm the minimum height to fit in small kitchen appliances underneath cupboards, it doesn’t mean that you need to stick to the general standard. There are various reasons why you could choose to raise your kitchen cupboards and still have a beautiful end-result in the quest to get the kitchen of your dreams.

  1. If your family is taller than average, it makes sense to raise your kitchen cabinets.
  2. You have a large kitchen with high ceilings.
  3. Making a bold style statement is good enough reason.
  4. To get more storage space underneath your cupboards.

 Thinking out of the box when it comes to your layout and the height of your cabinets will ensure a warm and inviting kitchen once your renovation is complete.

Reputable kitchen manufacturers such as ProReno can help you try out a few different height options to find the best fit for your home. But the final decision is still up to you and your personal preferences. 

5 Reasons Why We Love White Kitchens (and You Should Too!)

If you are a foodie, you are probably drooling over designer kitchens on Food Channel or Pinterest regularly. White cabinets, clean lines, functional design and lots of natural light. But what if we tell you, your dream kitchen is more within reach than you might think?

The team at ProReno has done many kitchen renovations. And while we don’t have any favourites — it would be like having a favourite child — we do love a classic white kitchen. Here’s why:

White Is Adaptable to Any Style

No matter what look you are aiming for white will suit it perfectly! Country kitchen, check. Contemporary kitchen, check. It just works beautifully with any design. 

White Will Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

If you have a small or dark kitchen, white cabinets will give the illusion of space since it reflects light. You will want to spend more time in your kitchen to soak up every inch of perfectness.

White Looks Clean and Fresh

White is the essence of hygiene and cleanliness with no way to hide dirt like a dark kitchen. If there’s one room in your home that can be clinical, it can be the kitchen. Alternatively, you can add a colour accent to make the atmosphere cosier.

White Allows You to Choose Fun Colour Accents

When it comes to accent colours, the sky’s the limit when you are pairing it with white. The great thing about choosing a white kitchen is that you can change the accent colour – and ultimately the ambience – whenever you want or when trends change.

White Is Timeless

The best part of a white kitchen is that ten years from now, your kitchen won’t be outdated like the coloured kitchen next door. White will never go out of style.

If you are in the market for kitchen renovations in Pretoria and surrounds, why not get in touch with us for a free consultation and quote. With 16 years of experience and a long list of happy clients, the team at ProReno take great pride in offering quality workmanship at affordable prices. Give us a call today!

Mistakes People Often Make When Hiring Kitchen Contractors

Your kitchen is the one room in your house that is used the most. It makes sense that the wear and tear will be more than any other space in your home. So, when the time comes to renovate your kitchen, you don’t want to waste time and money with unskilled, untrustworthy contractors that will do a substandard job or take forever to finish the job. You need to be extra careful and keep the following in mind when hiring kitchen cabinet contractors.

Not Getting More than One Quote

Kitchen renovations are considered major home improvements and the worst thing you can do is to settle for the first quote you receive. Do thorough research and find reliable kitchen cabinet contractors offering similar professional services, then get at least three quotes reflecting the same design, materials and hardware to enable you to get an idea of what the market price is. 

Not Asking for References

Once you’ve settled on a quote, visit the website or Facebook page of your kitchen cabinet contractor and get feedback from former clients. People aren’t scared to share whether they have good or bad experiences with contractors. If you can’t find anything online, ask your contractor for references and phone them. If you’re satisfied with their response, you can trust that they know what they are doing. 

Hiring Kitchen Cabinet Contractors Based on Price Only

Going for the cheapest quote might be a huge mistake unless you are satisfied after doing all the necessary research and feel certain that they are the best option. Make sure, however, that your contractor will not be using low-quality materials and that they offer a quality cabinet structure and fit since this might negatively impact the job they do for you. 

A further consideration is the professionalism and service levels you receive from the company from the first moment you contact them. The first impression you get will most likely feed through the whole experience with them. Remember that the cheapest or even the most expensive quote is not necessarily a reflection of the best value for money or service levels you’ll receive.

For a reliable kitchen cabinet contractor in Johannesburg and Pretoria, get in touch with ProReno. With 16 years of experience in the kitchen renovations industry, you can trust that we will give your project the attention it deserves. Give us a call today and request your free quote. 

5 Ways You Can Increase Storage Space in Your Kitchen

When you spend a lot of time in the kitchen making delicious meals for your family, the last thing you need is clutter. Kitchen clutter makes it hard to find what you need quickly and might discourage you from cooking healthy meals. And the last thing you need is an unhealthy lifestyle that consists of junk food. Efficient storage is a necessity in any kitchen.

Your kitchen might be small without any way to expand on the layout but it doesn’t mean you can’t create more space. Below are some simple hacks that will help you utilise the space you already have. 

Pull-Out Trash Bin

Trash bins are bulky and unsightly and most of the time it’s a struggle to find a place for them in the kitchen. So why not hide them in a cupboard? It’s reasonably easy to convert an existing cupboard into a pull-out cupboard to free up some space.

Pan Organisers

Pans are probably the most difficult thing to store without it looking cluttered and disorganised. Added to that, they take up a lot of space. But if you store them vertically, you can overcome this issue. A professional kitchen renovation contractor can build a custom pan cupboard to help you free up some space.

Easy-Access Drawers

Utensil drawers are a mess! You can solve this issue with pull-out drawers or drawer dividers that will organise all your utensils and gadgets and make them easier to find.

Custom Spice Rack

Having all your spices in one place is vital, but it doesn’t have to take up an entire cupboard. A space-saving option would be to add a shallow, framed cabinet to empty wall space. You can do it yourself, but for a professional end-result, it’s better to let the experts do it. 

Racks and Movable Shelving

So you’re renting and can’t make any changes to your kitchen. No problem. You can easily find removable shelves, racks and organisers at affordable prices. These will give you more surface spaces and get your clutter under control.

If you need help from professionals with a quote on complete Kitchen Renovations in Pretoria, get in touch with ProReno today!

How to Find the Style Resonates with Your Concept of a Perfect Kitchen

Four basic kitchen styles can act as the starting point to getting the kitchen of your dreams. Once you have determined the kitchen style, you can add all the personal touches that will echo your personality and lifestyle boldly. The very basic styles are modern, contemporary, classic and traditional kitchens, but what you do with these templates is where the fun and your stamp starts taking shape.

As always, when planning a kitchen renovation, or building a kitchen from scrap, consider the space with which you have to work and then scrounge for photos that inspire you, to guide you in the right direction for a kitchen you will be happy to live in for many years to come.

Doing this research and bookmarking or keeping visuals of kitchens that appeal to you do help to guide you in the right direction for the custom-fitted kitchen of your dreams.

When you look at the visuals of the many different styles you’ve combed through, the inspiration will hit home and you will know, that’s the one for you! It’s a little like finding that shirt or dress you fall in love with and have to have! Let’s look at a few of the favourite kitchen design styles to give you an idea of the direction you may want to take:

Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens can be a little hard to define, but in essence, it allows you to be a little more adventurous in terms of the forms and finishes. A contemporary kitchen more often than not includes some of the elements and touches you would find in many other kitchen styles.

Classic Kitchens

In short, classic kitchens offer a blank slate of white cabinets and black accents. The rest is up to you to add your personal touches that will make your kitchen as eclectic as you would like it to be. Even traditional kitchen elements can be incorporated into a classic kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchens

If you prefer the complete opposite of a sleek classic kitchen and would prefer to have a kitchen that’s warm and homey, much like the kitchens found on farms, then a farmhouse kitchen is going to suit you right down to the ground! A beautifully big kitchen table on classic flooring, along with open shelves and large sinks, make a farmhouse kitchen easy to use, making anyone drawn to this kitchen want to linger long after meals are over.

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchens bring architecture together with arches and decorative mouldings that cry out for antique finishes that smack of the old world, with touches that speak to your style entirely. Traditional kitchens are also clearly defined by the details and personal touches that make the kitchen exclusively yours.

Do the research, dream the dream, and when you’re ready to begin the exciting journey, contact the dream team at Proreno to make sure your kitchen renovation in Johannesburg and Pretoria is in the most trusted hands in the industry! Feel free to get in touch today!

5 Features That Will Make Your Kitchen Timeless

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and should be treated as such. During any kitchen renovation, your primary goal should be to use it as intended — for cooking meals. But it should also be a beautiful space where family and friends enjoy spending time.

When it comes to the planning of your kitchen renovation, first on the list is the essential features of the space. Make sure you choose features that are timeless but stylish and functional.


The sink most often stands out whenever you picture a timeless kitchen. Farmhouse-style sinks make a high-value addition to your kitchen since it offers durable construction, deep basins and simplistic beauty. 


Simple, neutral, and classic cabinets look great in any decade. The traditional design of shaker cabinets blends in perfectly with any decor.


Marble countertops continue to be the number one choice and for good reason. They are available in various colours, are durable and look elegant.

Neutral Hues

Kitchens these days come in various designs, colours and styles, but if you want a classic look that will stay beautiful for years to come, neutral colours are the way to go. For a welcoming, traditional and calm space, stick with shades of white or earthy tones and silver finishes.

Open Plan Layout

Functionality should be the main priority of your kitchen. The best way to make it happen is with an open plan layout. Focus on functionality and efficiency when it comes to the design of your new kitchen and make sure you leave enough space to move around when cooking family meals.

When doing a kitchen renovation, the end goal is always the same – a space that is beautiful, welcoming and functional and that will stay that way for many years to come.

ProReno offers kitchen renovations and kitchen cupboard designs that will help you create the exact kitchen space you envision. For more information or if you need a quote, get in touch with the team today.

Hiring Professional Kitchen Contractors Will Be the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Have you noticed just how unreliable and deceptive people have become these days? It’s become challenging to take someone’s word and it feels like no one can keep their promises anymore. This is especially true when it comes to the service industry.

People promise one thing then delivers another, that is if they finish the project. It seems like all they want is your money but, they are not prepared to give you anything in return. While this is true for the most part, we are here to offer some hope. There are service providers that still keep their promises and do outstanding work. You just have to look a little harder to find them.

At ProReno, we take great pride in service excellence. In the past 16 years we have completed a lot of projects and in return acquired just as many satisfied clients. We refuse to cut corners and treat each project equally, no matter how big or small. We are passionate about offering competitive rates and can boast about excellent after-sales service.

We aim to offer high-quality services in a fast and effective manner which means our teams are professionally trained. Our clients can choose from an extensive range of products — more than what our competitors offer. So, you are guaranteed to find the exact kitchen countertop or floor covering you want.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our testimonials page for a first-hand account of our clients. Also, let us provide you with an inspection and an obligation free quote to ensure you have all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Kitchen renovations shouldn’t be taken lightly which is why you should seriously consider hiring ProReno for the project. For more information or to book a free consultation, give us a call today!

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Kitchen Renovation

Committing yourself to a kitchen renovation and signing on the dotted line is not a decision to take lightly. Once done, there is no going back. Make sure you hire professionals like ProReno to manage your kitchen renovation for complete peace of mind. 

If functionality and aesthetics are important to you, here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning a kitchen renovation.

Design to Purpose

How you want to use your kitchen is an important point to consider. If you would like to incorporate an area where the kids can do their homework while you cook, or add dining space for entertaining guests, consider a layout that’ll suit your lifestyle. Following a trend won’t cut it if your kitchen doesn’t fit its purpose as the heart of your home.

Make the Most of Your Budget

A kitchen renovation runs into the thousands in terms of a budget, and how you spend that money is going to be very important. There will be areas that may mean a bit of a trade-off to cut costs and still have that dream kitchen, but that’s where professionals like ProReno can assist you in making informed decisions.

Before you head for your first meeting, make up your must-have list and wish-list so that it’ll be easier to focus on sticking within your budget. Letting go of what you wish you could have is a lot easier than letting go of what you must have in your dream kitchen.

Pay Close Attention to the Layout

The layout of your kitchen is essential. You want everything that opens and closes to do so as it should, without battling to get to it because there’s a cupboard or countertop in the way! A beautiful new fridge or stove that doesn’t open properly is going to defeat the purpose of functionality.

The only way to make sure that your kitchen will function the way you want it to is to work with a kitchen specialist to design the right layout to suit the space.

Storage Essentials

Few rooms in the home can be as cluttered as a kitchen can be, especially when there’s not enough storage. Consider what your storage options are in terms of functionality, style and comfort. Getting to pots and pans, kitchen utensils, cutlery and crockery with ease is going to be central to your plans for storage. Ingredients also need to be within easy reach, and then there are some that you may like to store in an easily accessible pantry.


Good lighting is essential in the kitchen. You need to be able to see what you’re doing, whether it’s chopping, measuring or looking for settings on the stove or other kitchen appliances.

Under-cabinet lighting is great if you’d like to shed a little more light in areas of the kitchen that are used mostly in food preparation. Lighting also adds to the ambience of a stylish, warm and inviting kitchen.Less is not more when it comes to lighting in the kitchen!

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by it all? Your kitchen is the most lived-in room in the home, and it also adds to the resale value of your home if you intend to sell at a later stage, which makes it an even greater challenge to make sure that no detail is missed.

ProReno makes an awesome contribution to kitchen renovations in Johannesburg and Pretoria with their hands-on service, taking every client from design to installation cost-effectively and efficiently. Master craftsmanship, ethical business practices, market-related prices and superb hands-on customer service makes ProReno the first team to call when you’re ready to turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Get in touch today!

Classic vs Modern: Which Kitchen Type Is Right for You?

Everyone needs a kitchen that matches their taste and mirrors their lifestyle. While some prefer a modern, more trendy design others want to stick with classic and traditional. There’s no right or wrong side and, it all comes down to personal taste. Below are some things to consider when making your final decision. 

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern designs focus on using clean lines combined with contemporary features. Typically, a modern design follows a minimalistic approach with the primary goal to remove clutter. In return, this type of design celebrates an open feel with plenty of natural light and smooth surfaces.

The downside to modern designs is that they tend to change quickly and if you’re not planning in renovating your kitchen in the next 20 years, you might want to consider a classic design.

Classic Kitchen Design

Classic, traditional kitchens are warm and welcoming. By choosing a classic design, your kitchen can be timeless and beautiful for many years, even decades to come.

The downside, however, is that it can be challenging to be unique. And it might make your kitchen look and feel similar to many other kitchens.

Both modern and classic kitchens have their pros and cons. The question is “What do you prefer?” Sometimes it can be hard to choose a side, which is why classic modern designs are becoming more popular in new homes. By collaborating both design types, it allows for more inspiration and a unique end-result.

Whatever you choose for your new kitchen, make sure you hire a professional like ProReno for your kitchen design in South Africa. With more than 16 years of experience in the business and a long list of satisfied customers to show for it, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Get in touch with the team at ProReno for more information or to request a free quote today!

This Is How You Know It Is Time to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where the family comes together to enjoy meals and have conversations about their day. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen preparing these meals. So, if your kitchen isn’t inviting or lack functionality, you might not want to use it often.

Nothing lasts forever. The same goes for kitchen cabinets. Below are some telltale signs that it’s time to replace your kitchen cabinets: 

1. They are damaged

Water damage can cause the wood to warp. It can also cause mould growth which isn’t just unsightly but harmful to your health. Water damaged cupboards will no longer open and close properly.

2. They lack functionality

If you’ve just moved into a new house, you might have noticed that the kitchen design could do with some improvement. Hard to access cabinets that require you to unpack the whole cupboard to reach certain items can be frustrating, but it can only be rectified with a kitchen renovation.

3. They’re outdated

Not all kitchens are timeless. Trends change and everybody has different tastes. When choosing new kitchen cabinets, go for a classic look that will stay in trend much longer.

How Long Should Kitchen Cabinets Last?

Kitchen cabinets could last a few decades but various elements can shorten its lifespan. Such as mould, water damage or a termite infestation, to name a few.

Average Lifespan of a Kitchen

If you search online, you might find the average kitchen lifespan to be 50 years or more. Shocking as it may seem, it can be true if your kitchen is timeless. But, in most cases, it’s typically 20 to 30 years max before you’ll need a remodel.

You don’t have to be stuck with a kitchen you hate. If you are ready to renovate your kitchen, get in touch with ProReno kitchen cabinet contractors for a quote free quote today!

Have Your New Kitchen Fitted by a Team of Professionals

The ability of the team at ProReno to design, manufacture and install tailor-made kitchen cabinets and built-in cabinets, has been proven over and over again by many clients who have trusted ProReno to create their dream kitchens since 2004, clients that do not hesitate to recommend ProReno to anyone planning on a new kitchen.

ProReno has also established a firm footing in a highly competitive industry, based on thousands of fitted kitchens installed in property developments, hotels, churches and commercial buildings, earning this team an excellent reputation for their ability to deliver projects on time and within budget, getting into action quickly, while still maintaining a high level of attention to detail throughout each project.

Shop-fitting in Gauteng is yet another area in which ProReno has excelled, creating innovative and streamlined shop-fitting for high-end salons, fitness studios and post offices, proving yet again that ProReno offers versatility at its best.

The code of ethics with which ProReno conducts their business, and the level of professionalism that permeates this team, from design to manufacture and sheer craftsmanship in terms of carrying out installations, is also backed up by the fact that ProReno is a respected member of the Kitchen Specialists Association, a virtual guarantee that you can have absolute peace of mind when dealing with a company as dedicated to excellence as ProReno is.

Customer care is at the core of everything ProReno does, which is made obvious in the meticulous attention to detail that is offered by ProReno right from the outset of any project, whether it is in bringing residential dream kitchens to life, installing hundreds of kitchens in development houses or shop-fitting.

Service excellence and a passionate dedication to absolute professionalism is the bottom line for this team of designers and master craftsmen an attitude that has made ProReno a market leader in this highly competitive industry since 2004.

Every custom-fitted kitchen designed and installed by ProReno is a high-value investment, one that adds comfort and convenience to your life as the perfect hub of your home and exceptional value to your property. Judging by what satisfied clients have to say about their kitchens, a ProReno custom fitted kitchen is one that you will be comfortable in for many years into the future.

ProReno wastes no space when they custom design kitchen cabinets that fit your wall space perfectly to give your kitchen asymmetrical look, which is a complete departure from what you would get from modular kitchen suppliers, these offer only set sized cabinets and then waste space with ‘filler’ panels to close the gaps!

ProReno offers an unrivalled choice of products, a hands-on approach to design, and a team you can trust to stay within your budget with their market-related prices, using a combination of the latest technology, experience and advice to ensure that your journey to a dream kitchen becomes an adventure, minus unnecessary stress.

The personal hands-on service you can look forward to from ProReno through each stage, from the design and manufacture to fitting of high-quality kitchen cabinets, is an end to end service designed to create a streamlined experience for every ProReno client. Get in touch with the team for more information or to request a free quote.

How to Balance the Budget on a Kitchen Renovation

The decision to renovate your kitchen is a major one, certainly not to be taken lightly in light of ever-increasing prices across the board in an economy on a downward spiral. Having an unlimited budget is a luxury a select few can afford, whereas the rest of us have to work within a realistic budget that won’t lead to bankruptcy!

This is where you will have to make some compromises in terms of what you choose, whether its countertops, splashbacks, fitted kitchen cupboards, fittings and fixtures. It is also where the expertise and knowledge the team at Proreno bring much-appreciated clarity about the trade-offs you may need to make in certain areas. 

You can be sure of the fact that with the unrivalled range of products available at Proreno, there will be a compromise that suits your budget but still brings the style and feel of your kitchen to life. As one of the top kitchen specialist companies in Gauteng, Proreno cares about considering your budget by offering competitive prices for quality kitchen products.

They will work with you to make the compromises you may need to make to stick with your budget, and whether it’s a big budget or a small one, you will still have the kitchen of your dreams, despite these compromises.

What to consider when planning a kitchen renovation to suit your budget:

  • The most important thing to take into account is how you will use your kitchen. Having a clear goal about what you expect from your kitchen according to how you use it should be your starting point.
  • The number of people in your household and how often you entertain guests will also affect the type of space you need for a fridge or the number of chairs at your dining table. The number of guests you cater for will also affect your design choices. 
  • Only you will know where you are willing to splurge and where you can save yet still get real value for money. What will high-quality investments in certain aspects of your kitchen do to make everyday life easier? Or what can you do to solve an issue that is generally just a hassle in your current kitchen? It’s also essential to consider how much the choices you make in terms of where you splurge and where you save will impact the resale value of your home.
  • You want aesthetic appeal as well as functionality in your kitchen. It is an area where you can make choices that still look stunning, such as choosing quartz instead of granite for countertops. The list of areas where you can make great product choices that will meet your budget and still give you the kitchen of your dreams is long!

If you’re having trouble trying to figure out where you are willing to compromise and where you absolutely won’t, let the team at Proreno give you professional insight into just how much you can achieve by making clever compromises to meet your budget, and exceed your expectations to boot! For more information or to request a quote, call us today!

Benefits Of Using Professionals For Your Kitchen Renovations

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, you can either go the DIY route or get professional kitchen renovation contractors in Johannesburg to run your project. While there are advantages, either way, it might be more beneficial to hire professionals for your kitchen renovation project. Below are the benefits of hiring experts.

Hiring a Kitchen Renovation Contractor in Johannesburg Will Save You Time

You know what they say, time is money. And it’s true, you might be able to save some cash by renovating your kitchen but consider the amount of time you’ll be spending on this project. If you do something over and over again, you don’t only get better at it, you learn to do it faster without sacrificing quality. What might take kitchen renovation contractors a few days to finish will take you weeks.

Reduced Risk of Accidents

A professional kitchen renovation contractor will take all the necessary precautions to comply with safety rules and regulations while on the job. To reduce the risk of physical injury, they will never push their limits. Safety comes first.

You Can Expect Quality, Nothing Less

You might have watched a few videos online or even done a kitchen renovation in the past, but this hardly makes you an expert. Some things you just won’t know how to do. Kitchen renovation contractors will know exactly what to do in every situation. Don’t make the mistake of trying to save a few bucks by DIYing and then having to hire a professional to fix a job gone bad. When you hire a trustworthy contractor, your kitchen will look professional and will take much less time to renovate.

ProReno is a professional kitchen renovation contractor who operates in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We have 16 years of experience in the industry and many happy clients to show for it. Get in touch with the team at ProReno for a quote today.

How To Streamline Open Up A Small Kitchen

We all dream of space, space in the living room, space in bedrooms, dining rooms and even in our garden, however, not all of us have the luxury of this space. Which is why ProReno is the right team to trust with the renovation of a smaller kitchen.

There are many ways in which a small space can be turned into a kitchen that feels and looks bigger than it is. But, it’s going to mean de-cluttering, which is something a lot of us find hard to do!

We hear that little voice that says “yes, but, what if I need it one day?” By now if you are brutally honest through the de-cluttering process, you will realise that you probably have not used that particular item in five years so go to it with a will before you go any further in the planning!

ProReno has been responsible for custom kitchen renovations in Johannesburg and Pretoria since 2004. And if there is a clever idea that can be found to give you more room to move in a small kitchen, this team is innovative and experienced enough to find it! Where there is a need for it, ProReno will always assist you in finding the solution in their unrivalled range of products. One that cannot be exceeded by any competitors!

Because ProReno is home to beautiful, functional and stylish fitted kitchen cabinets, their design and the craftsmanship that brings your design to life is outstanding, so, even in a small kitchen, you will have more space than you might have dreamed possible at the hands of this team!

The team at ProReno is passionate about what they do, and they know exactly how to use light, material, architecture and colour to open up your kitchen to give it the illusion of being bigger than it is, as well as giving you more space to move around in for comfort.

Even with a small space, you still have choices about style, which range from traditional to modern and contemporary, and, once you have settled on a basic style, you can start adding the touches that will make your kitchen a reflection of your unique style – ProReno will help you to blend it all perfectly to reflect that style.

Having the team at your side during the layout and design phase of your kitchen renovation means that when you do make decisions, they will be informed ones based on the knowledge and guidance of the innovative designers at ProReno. Every kitchen, big or small, is an investment that needs to live up to its design and quality for a long time to come, which is the focus of the hands-on team at ProReno.

If you have been looking at a drab kitchen for too long but don’t think there’s much that can be done to save ‘that’ space, think again! ProReno will be happy to introduce you to ideas that will have you at your first consultation with this team to get the dream going! For more information or to request a free quote, get in touch today.

Built-in Cupboards vs Walk-in Closets: Which One Is Right for You?

Every human being has their own idea of the perfect home. Some prefer showers while others simply cannot live without a bath. Some swear by open plan living while others like to keep their spaces divided. If we all wanted the same things, life would be very boring.

The same goes for cupboards and walk-in closets.  The primary purpose of this type of storage space is to keep your clothing, shoes and other belongings safe and organised.

Walk-in Closets

Typically, walk-in closets need more space to install. There are various types of walk-in closets, some installed in an alleyway next to the bathroom, others in a separate room. The one you choose will depend on your personal preference as well as the amount of space you have to work with.

Walk-in closets are excellent for organising your wardrobe making it easier to find items quickly. Utilising the corners and angles can be a challenge and might cause you wasted space.

Built-in Cupboards

These are the most common types of closets since they don’t require too much space but can store a decent amount of items. They are typically installed on one of the bedroom walls or in hallways.

It’s easy to utilise all the space since you can add shelves, drawers and other organising systems inside. If well-organised, even though smaller in size, it can easily compete with walk-in closets with regards to storage space. While it might be more difficult to find things when you’re in a hurry if you keep it neat and organised, it won’t be a problem.

There are pros and cons to each closet style and it finally boils down to personal preference and space. For more information or if you need a quotation for built-in cupboards in Pretoria and surrounding areas, get in touch with the team at ProReno today!

Don’t Waste Your Time With Amateur Kitchen Renovators

Stylish kitchen renovations in Johannesburg and Pretoria hit the mark to suit everyone’s idea of a dream kitchen when the team at ProReno put their heads together to make your dream renovation come true, with hands-on professionalism that has seen to it that ProReno holds a leadership position in this hugely competitive market in South Africa.

Maintaining this leadership position is made up of many ingredients that add up to the recipe for success at ProReno a few of which include an unwavering commitment to deliver only the very best in kitchen renovations and fitted kitchen cabinets that reflect true workmanship; all part of maintaining this leadership position earned by ProReno since 2004!

Some of these ingredients for success also include a dedicated professional code of conduct (which has always kept them up to award-winning standards with the Kitchen Specialists Association) and ethical approach to business delivered with a level of customer care that is unbeatable!

As down-to-earth as this team is when they are working with you on the design and fitting of your kitchen, their passion for what they do is perfectly expressed in the professionalism and excellence clients know they can rely on with ProReno at the helm of their project.

Service excellence alone is not enough when you want a team that will carry your kitchen design from the drawing board to final installation without missing a step. You also need access to the products that make this possible, which is provided for by ProReno with their beautiful range of products that are unrivalled by their competitors!

Everything you need for a kitchen renovation in Johannesburg and Pretoria will be at your fingertips at ProReno, and, like your kitchen layout and design start taking shape, you will have expert advice on hand as you select the fitting’s and fixtures that create the magic necessary to have the kitchen you have always dreamed of!

ProReno realises just how much of an investment and high-value asset a comfortable, stylish and functional kitchen can be, which is why they are fully involved in every step of the way as to project managers, with their hands on the wheel from start to finish, ensuring that your investment not only meets your highest hopes but also remains within your budget.

Whether you have a huge space to play with or a smaller space, ProReno has the experience to bring to life any kitchen that needs renovation, to make it a streamlined space that will offer the comfort and functionality we would all love for our kitchens!

Custom made kitchens require an impeccable standard of meticulous attention to detail, countertops need to give you what you want in terms of space and style, fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards need to allow the perfect space for appliances, as well as make it easy to access everything from condiments to ingredients and other kitchen gadgets!

These are some of the basics involved in kitchen renovations. And if you would like to feel a lot more confident in your choice of designer and installer, make it easier on yourself by looking into the background, reputation and beautiful work already completed by ProReno. Call us today.

Hire The Best For Your Custom Kitchen Design In Johannesburg

Before you even get to the design phase of your new dream kitchen it may be time for a little elbow grease! This is the perfect time to take inventory of all those small appliances and other kitchen goodies that make life easier in the kitchen, and those that are not used anymore.

It may not be an easy process to throw out anything that is taking up unnecessary space and to get a good idea of just how accessible the ones are that you wish to keep, but it will be worthwhile!

The right kitchen storage to make everything easily accessible is the dream of anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, which makes it pretty much as important as the space you dream of for the countertops, and it’s worth the time it takes to de-clutter and to work out what would work for you.

Having a basic idea about the layout of your fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards will be helpful when you sit down with the team at ProReno, masters of design for kitchen cupboards and kitchen renovations in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

The last thing you want to do when you are planning a kitchen is to continue to have to fetch lesser-used kitchen items from a storage room outside of the kitchen. With the right planning, which of course is based on the limitations imposed by the space available, you can make life a whole lot easier in the kitchen.

And it’s not all just about the aesthetic appearance of your fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards because, more importantly, they have to be functional and easy to access as you move around the kitchen!

This is what ProReno has been doing since 2004, and with awards for service excellence collected by ProReno each year, there is no doubt that this innovative design team and the craftsmen who produce the tangible results of these designs have earned their accolades and success by offering only the very best, in service and their unrivalled range of products available.

ProReno knows exactly how to make the most of the space you have and of your budget, which they treat with as much care as you do, which means that irrespective of the space and budget you have, ProReno will produce only the best kitchen renovation possible.
You deserve your dream kitchen to reflect your style, which is achieved by the perfect interaction of all the right components, created with an artistic combination of architecture, material, light and colour, all of which are ingredients that bring your dream kitchen to life!

What you want is important to the team at ProReno, while working through the design phase of your kitchen renovation, you will have an experienced team at your side to assist you in making informed decisions that will make your kitchen one you’ll be comfortable in for many years to come.

A kitchen renovation is a major investment, and you need professionals at your side to make the investment count and add great value to your home at the same time; ProReno has the experience and superb reputation that will ensure the absolute balance of these aspects of a kitchen renovation.

You, your budget and what you consider your dream kitchen is going to be a whole lot safer in the hands of professionals like ProReno, who have passionately and successfully renovated kitchens for hundreds of clients in Johannesburg and Pretoria, proving that success can only be achieved by an absolute commitment to excellence and an all-important hands-on approach to each project!

Having a sound foundation, exceptional business ethics and a reputation well-earned for the renovation of kitchens based on meticulous attention to detail, makes ProReno a team that can be trusted to give you the kitchen of your dreams the easy way, and make sure your project is completed on time!

Make your kitchen renovation count by trusting consummate professionals like ProReno to make it well worth your while! Contact us today.

Points To Consider When Planning Your Kitchen Renovation

No matter what shape your kitchen starts taking in your imagination, ultimately you are going to need kitchen cupboards designed to suit your personal needs to make it intrinsically yours.

Deep drawers for crockery, pots and pans, different drawers for cutlery and condiments, tall cupboards for groceries, ironing boards and brooms — all of these spaces need to be taken into consideration when planning a kitchen renovation or a new build.

Style and functionality work hand in hand in the perfect kitchen designed to suit your home and lifestyle, and it’s easy to get carried away with the aesthetic appeal you may be imagining. But kitchen cupboards and other practicalities that make being in your kitchen comfortable all need to come together to create the balance.

For those who want sleek lines, planning storage space will be a major focal point during the design phase of your kitchen. Pull-out food storage cupboards and corner fitted kitchen cupboards that extend fully will make use of every inch of the space, for ease of reach and to retain sleek lines.

These are just a few of the essential points to bear in mind while you are planning a dream kitchen in your imagination, and if it’s a dream kitchen that you are after, then ProReno is the kitchen design team for you.

Designing, developing and installing exquisite kitchens in Johannesburg and Pretoria since 2004, ProReno is an innovative team with the knowledge and experience you will enjoy, and appreciate, on the journey to making your kitchen a reality, including those all-important fitted kitchen cabinets!

ProReno designs manufacture and fit the highest quality in kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards, working with you to make sure that the meticulous attention paid to the details of the design to echo your vision.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards, such as the heights that will be comfortable for you, how much space you need to make movement easy, and how accessible everything will be as you move around in that space.
Owners Chris Gerber and Wouter Hugo, along with their team of kitchen design specialists, have warmly welcomed many clients throughout the years into their world of creative kitchen design that revolves around your individuality, your dream and your budget, and their knowledge is all yours from the moment you step into their world.

Uncompromising customer service, meticulous attention to detail, fast but efficient service, along with creative, innovative kitchen design, has made ProReno premier kitchen specialists in a very competitive industry, creating a team that stands head above shoulders with stunning tailored kitchens in Gauteng.

Kitchen cabinets, built-in cupboards, stunning lighting, architecture, colours and textures are all elements that need to be in place for a stylish, comfortable kitchen balanced with functionality, and the ride you take with ProReno will be an adventure, from consultation to drawing board and on to installation!

Contact the team at ProReno for a first consultation the moment you are ready to take the plunge, this team will make sure the investment you make in your kitchen will be the best made!

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Remodelling Your Kitchen

A kitchen renovation is one of the best investments you can make in your home. It will add value to your property, increase functionality and ultimately improve your quality of living. It is crucial to map out the type of kitchen you want before you start your renovation process. Get help from a professional to make sure it will work in your space and fit in with your home’s style. But before you even start the planning phase, you need to ask yourself some questions.

 1. Why are you remodelling your kitchen?

If you are planning to sell your home in the coming years, it’s probably a better idea to stick with a traditional design with neutral colours. You’ll get a bigger return on investment if you choose a kitchen that most buyers will find appealing.

If you’re not planning on selling, you can opt for a more personalised design. Either way, make sure your design is balanced, beautiful and works well with the shape and size of the area.

 2. How often do you use your kitchen?

If you don’t spend a good amount of time in the kitchen, investing in a high-end stovetop and oven isn’t preferable. If you do spend a considerable amount of time cooking for your family, you’ll want to invest in durable appliances. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough space to allow you to cook and interact with visitors all at once.

 3. Is your current kitchen functional?

If your existing kitchen is too small it might be a good idea to expand on the layout. If enlargement isn’t possible, a professional can help you maximise the space you do have by rearranging cabinets and appliances. An island is a great way to add storage space as well as seating.

 4. How much can you spend on your kitchen renovation?

The first step is to determine the budget. By making a list of not negotiable features and the ones that aren’t as important, it will help you to determine areas where you can save money. Make sure you add some extra funds for unexpected costs.

For more information on kitchen renovations or if you require a quote, get in touch with ProReno Kitchen Manufacturers in Johannesburg today.

Avoiding Mistakes In The Planning Of Your Kitchen Renovation

Well, in the first place, there’s a lot that will be avoided when you choose ProReno as your kitchen design team! Their many years’ worth of experience will make all the difference to the final result, and with the beautiful craftsmanship of their fitted kitchen cabinets, built-in cupboards and a range of products that is unrivalled in South Africa, approaching this innovative team will be a great start.

But back to the kitchen! The kitchen is undoubtedly the hub of your home unless you are single and there is only room for one in it, however, in bigger kitchens and homes you’re in for a lot of trouble if you don’t plan well enough to fit everyone in – whether you like it or not, this is where they’re all going to be hanging out!

It doesn’t seem to matter how comfy your lounge or dining room is, inevitably the whole bunch is going to end up in a divinely aromatic kitchen to chat and laugh! Give it up and make sure that when you invest in a kitchen makeover, you do it the right way so that it makes your own time in the space a lot easier, and adding great value to your home on the whole.

The kids are going to be wandering in and out as they scratch around in the fridge or try to poke around in the pots, and this is where you get to know your kids and friends better than you would in any lounge – the atmosphere just seems to engender an opening of hearts!

Bearing this all in mind, added to the challenge of getting your kitchen design just right, there are a few kitchen design mistakes to avoid.

What do you need most in your kitchen, besides all the other trappings, kitchen-cabinets, fittings and fixtures? The right countertops that will not only be attractive and suit the all-round design but will also give you space on countertops where you need it most. Well-planned countertops not only make for a comfortable working space but also to take into account any smaller appliances that will need to be installed on the countertop. Naturally, space and budget need to meet each project, which is what makes countertops one of the most important parts of your kitchen design. 

The wrong countertops in the wrong places are going to be a mistake you will live with for a very long time to come! Oh, and make sure that you have the right outlets for the gadgets that will be permanent additions according to your space and needs on the countertops!

Another expensive mistake you can make in the planning of your kitchen is not to understand a little more about what is called The Golden Triangle in your kitchen, and there is a good reason for this name! It signifies the all-important triangle of the sink, fridge and stove, which is where functionality is essential to your comfort as you move around the kitchen.

These are only two examples of the mistakes that can be made in kitchen renovations, but there are a lot more than the expert team at ProReno will make sure you avoid! Flow, functionality, comfort and personal style is everything your kitchen should reflect!

During your first consultation with ProReno, all these points will be discussed and with an experienced kitchen design team at your side, not only will all these issues meticulously be taken into account, but, as the process of design proceeds, you will be able to visualise the end product through the innovative use of a 3D computer program.

Choose the best team for your kitchen renovation to cover every mistake that could be made in the design of your kitchen and make that call to ProReno as soon as you are ready to get going!

How To Do Kitchen Renovations On A Budget

There are many reasons why you would want to renovate your kitchen – to deal with the damage, to update your kitchen style, or to create more space. A complete kitchen revamp can be costly but it’s extremely beneficial if you want to increase the value of your home. So, if you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, it’s important to create a budget to manage your spending.

Setting up a budget for your kitchen renovations shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. However, costs can vary significantly depending on whether you go the DIY route or hire professional contractors. Other factors to consider is the size of your kitchen and the quality of materials used.

First, you’ll have to decide whether you’ll hire kitchen renovation contractors or if you will attempt the renovation project yourself. While kitchen renovations aren’t exactly brain surgery, you do need to possess certain skills and expertise to do a professional job. Something else to consider is the amount of time that will go into your renovation project. The DIY route will take much longer than hiring professionals.

If you don’t have the required skills to attempt the kitchen renovations yourself, we’d advise you to hire a professional instead. This way, you’ll avoid making costly mistakes.

Where can I find these reliable kitchen renovation contractors in Pretoria you might ask? You don’t have to look any further. ProReno has been in the kitchen renovation business for 14 years. Not only do they offer quality workmanship, but their prices are also hugely competitive. ProReno takes pride in its excellent customer support and commitment to customer satisfaction.

While their primary service is kitchen renovations in Pretoria, they also offer shopfitting to clients such as Planet Fitness, SA Post Office, Gary Rom and many others.

Don’t spend more than you must on renovating your kitchen. Phone ProReno for a quote today.

Start Here When Planning Your Kitchen Renovation

Once you have decided it’s time to renovate the kitchen, it can be turned into a really fun project. You can start by creating a vision board with pictures and design ideas found online or in kitchen décor magazines.

The images you find for kitchen renovation ideas ultimately become your wish list for what would amount to your dream kitchen, and from this wish list, you can start discarding some ideas and keeping others, to make the decision process a lot easier and a ton of fun.

One of the most important aspects when it comes to kitchen renovation is to keep in mind that you are facing a long term decision you’ll be living in. It is essential to consider every design choice carefully, with the help of expert kitchen designers and installers.

Because kitchen renovation is a major financial investment, every decision you make, from countertops to fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards, should be based on more than comfort, style and functionality.

You need to know that your countertops, fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards, fittings and fixtures are going to go the distance. The last thing you want is to have to replace any of these components after one or two years!

Think about what happens on an average day in your kitchen, how happy and welcome the space makes everyone feel. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and if you’re going to tackle a kitchen renovation, make sure that the magnetism of that heart-centre beats strongly enough to be irresistible!

Questions to ask yourself as you put your scrapbook of ideas and notes together:

  • Do you have a busy kitchen, with kids, family and friends popping in and out all day?
  • Do you love cooking or is someone else in the family the chef of all chef’s?
  • Do you entertain a lot?
  • Does whoever does most of the cooking have enough counter space?
  • Is shelving within easy reach and are the counters at the perfect height? The last thing you want to do is to prepare food and cook while bending over a counter too low, or struggling with one that is a little too high.
  • How much storage space do you need?
  • Do you need space for when visitors hang about the kitchen while you cook?
  • Are the sink and appliances in sync with food preparation areas?
  • These are just a few ideas to keep in mind as you fill your notebook before approaching a kitchen designer.

Once you have these ideas, notes and images together, your kitchen renovation specialist will help you to discard or add ideas that not only result in a dream kitchen but also suit your budget to a T.

Bringing kitchens to life since 2004, Proreno is the premier company for kitchen renovation in Gauteng, bringing a wealth of experience, passion and craftsmanship to every kitchen renovation that carries their stamp of excellence.

Get your ideas and notes together, bring them to the team at Proreno and watch the magic happen, from drawing board to installation! Book your free consultation today!

Looking for the best in fitted kitchens in Gauteng?

If what you are looking for in your dream kitchen is a combination of comfort, style and sheer functionality, then the team at ProReno will take you from concept to design and installation without a hitch.

Since its inception in 2004, ProReno has focussed on designing and installing exquisite fitted kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg, managing each project from the design stage to the manufacturing to suit the requirements of each client.

ProReno is committed to offering clients a personal, hands-on service that is unrivalled. And with an unbeatable range of products that far outweigh those of competitors, no detail is overlooked to ensure that your kitchen becomes an absolute extension of your style.

Whether your kitchen is the hub that brings a large family together or the epitome of a chef’s dream, the innovative and creative designers at ProReno bring you into the design process completely by introducing you to an exciting and interactive 3D computer programme.

Making informed decisions during the design process is made so much easier when working with the ProReno design team, their invaluable experience and knowledge assist you in making informed decisions that are based on outstanding practical advice.

This kind of practical advice is particularly helpful when it comes to making sure that you remain within your budget, while at the same time keeping an eye on the ball as to your specific requirements. After all, each decision you make about your new kitchen is going to be one that you will be living with for many years to come.

ProReno designs and installs fitted kitchens that are market-oriented and meet the needs of each client with an exceptional level of service. This ensures that by the time your dream kitchen is installed, it will meet your lifestyle and express your tastes perfectly.

A fitted kitchen designed according to your requirements means that you can make the most of the space that may have been wasted. You can also add extra storage where needed and make sure that everything is functional enough to make the time spent in your kitchen an absolute pleasure.

No matter what role the kitchen plays in your home, ProReno takes every detail into account as your design develops. Which is why your first consultation with this team of consummate professionals is going to require that you set aside at least an hour and a half of your time to give the team time to gather all the information necessary to provide you with an accurate quote.

Start the journey to your dream kitchen with ProReno today by contacting the team to find out more about how to make this dream a reality. Call us today!

Trust Your Kitchen Design In The Hands Of Passionate Innovators

By the time you have decided that you are ready for a kitchen renovation that will leave you with the kitchen of your dreams, you will no doubt have done a fair amount of scrounging around for ideas that inspire you to give you a good foundation from which to approach your kitchen designer.

This is when you need to start finding a kitchen design company that already has an outstanding reputation in the industry for delivering design innovation and exceptional quality to help you turn the dream into reality.

ProReno embodies all these qualities and more in the fitted kitchens they have been designing and installing since 2004. The evidence of which is not only in the more than three thousand completed kitchens which fill their portfolio but also in the stamp of approval given to this team year in and year out by The Kitchen Specialists, in the form of service excellence awards.

The design team at ProReno offer many years worth of experience and easy-to-use state of the art 3D design software to create magic. As you add fittings and finishing’s from their extensive range of products to the layout, it gives you a virtual peek into what your kitchen will look like upon completion.

It’s a lot easier to make informed decisions when you have a team of professionals by your side who can guide you to make the most of your budget. And with the competitive, market-related prices offered by ProReno, your dream kitchen is within reach, irrespective of your budget!

The design team and master craftsmen at ProReno are the artists of the kitchen industry, and creating the kitchen of your dreams is their passion. If your kitchen is to be a true reflection of your unique personality and lifestyle, then it is safe to say that your dream kitchen will be safe in the hands of this exceptional team! Get in touch today!

Affordable Kitchen Renovations Designed To Suit Your Needs

Renovating your kitchen can be a nerve-wracking experience when you start taking into consideration the many variables involved in the process. But, with the right checklist in hand, tackling the renovation with the assistance of the ProReno team is going to smooth out a lot of wrinkles.

Before you even approach ProReno to start the design process of your dream kitchen, you must plan and do enough research to attain the outcome you want for the hub of your home. It is also essential to recognise the importance of having a kitchen that fully meets your needs — is functional and beautiful.

The kitchen that you end up with is one you will be living in for the duration of your stay in your home, and will also impact its resale value. It’s a high-value investment that deserves the attention of a highly experienced design team that will assist you to bring your vision to life in perfect alignment with your needs and your budget.

This role has been played to an exceptionally high standard by ProReno for many satisfied clients since it first opened its doors in 2004. And with over 3000 kitchens under the belt already, you can have absolute confidence in the ability of this team of innovative designers to provide you with hands-on service throughout the process, from design to installation, without missing a detail!

ProReno adds an exciting element to the design phase of your kitchen renovation through their use of a 3D computer programme that assists with the design and layout. It allows you to see the effect of your choices of finishes and fittings as they are incorporated into the layout, and a clear vision of the end product in virtual reality!

If superb workmanship, unrivalled quality and value, combined with a passionate commitment to customer service is what you demand your dream kitchen, then the tailor-made products from ProReno will perfectly fit your needs and pocket! Speak to the team at ProReno today!

This Is How You Can Put Your Plans For A Dream Kitchen In Motion

The only thing that has changed since ProReno first started designing and installing beautiful fitted kitchens in Gauteng, is that the reputation earned by this team for design and product innovation has grown to such an extent that ProReno has become the leading kitchen specialist in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Clients who have already been living in their ProReno kitchens have added to this growth with recommendations that lead more and more new clients to the ProReno doorstep, looking for the same exceptional quality in products, design and craftsmanship.

The team at ProReno is highly respected in the industry for design and the function-oriented product innovations that make them stand head above shoulders of the competition, purely as a result of the high quality of the fitted kitchens and stunning shop-fitting created over the years by ProReno.

Meticulous attention to detail, which starts with the first consultation you have with ProReno, as a way to establish what your requirements are for your new kitchen in terms of style, comfort and functionality, as well as to take into account what your budgetary constraints may be – ProReno takes your budget as seriously as you do in creating your dream kitchen!

It is not just the passion for excellence and hands-on, personal client care that has assured ProReno of their position as leaders in one of the most competitive industries in South Africa, it is also an unwavering commitment to maintaining a high standard of ethics and professional code of conduct with which they approach each project that has also earned ProReno many satisfied clients over the years.

Depending on space limitations in your kitchen area, it is important to start preparing for your dream kitchen by taking into account exactly what your kitchen cabinetry and appliance needs would be, before even thinking about adding anything else to the design.
Take the time to look at your kitchen. Think about how you use it, who uses it and how often. This will make the going a lot easier when it comes to the actual layout of your kitchen in the design stage.

The team at ProReno will assist you in assessing whether your needs are best met by an L shaped, U shaped or Galley layout, as well as how to determine the best placement of the cleaning area in relation to the cooking area and refrigeration area, which will include listing features such as islands, glass doors, wine racks and wicker baskets.

Once you have contacted ProReno, one of the first things you will be asked to do is to provide the team with as much information as you can about room dimensions, including door and window positions, along with any service points, these, combined with photos and detailed house plans, will make the initial consultation with ProReno a lot simpler.

ProReno has been involved in designing, manufacturing and installing fitted kitchens, kitchen cupboards and cabinets since 2004. With 16 years of experience and a team that’s passionate about what they do, trusting ProReno with your kitchen renovation is a great idea. For more information, or to request a quote, give us a call today!

Important Things To Think About When Planning Your Dream Kitchen

During your consultation with the kitchen experts at ProReno, you will be able to express the points that are essential to make up what would amount to your dream kitchen. It’s safe to say that your ideas are in trusted, experienced hands. ProReno does not miss a beat or neglect a single detail in their commitment to design and install fitted kitchens that bring kitchen dreams to life.

The core business at ProReno is to project manage, design, manufacture and fit high-quality kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards, providing a level of personalised, hands-on service that takes clients from design to installation without a hitch.

Here are a few questions that may help you find out a little more about what you would like or need in your new kitchen in terms of space and functions. Style and decor will take form around these basics. These questions will also be the start of shaping the layout for your kitchen:

  • How labour intensive are the meals that are cooked in your kitchen?
  • How many people live in your home and how many of them love to cook?
  • How many people are in the kitchen at one time and are there times of the day when your kitchen is busier than others?
  • If your kitchen is busier than usual at certain times of the day, what is happening in the space at that time? Homework, laundry, catching up on paperwork or bills?
  • What is the perfect height to suit you, and are you left or right-handed?
  • Think about what is missing or what you could do with that you do not have at the moment when it’s time to cook.
  • Do you have an existing pantry and what other storage concerns would make life that much easier in your kitchen?
  • Is your kitchen the spot where everybody gathers at mealtimes, acting as a dining space?
  • Think about what you use the most and what you use the least in your kitchen, this is a great opportunity to add and subtract from the space to make the most of your dream kitchen.
  • How often do you entertain, and when you do, do your guests tend to congregate in your kitchen?
  • Is your kitchen the place where everyone gathers and lingers, rather than in the lounge or dining room?

As your list grows, think about what the best and worst things are in your current kitchen. By now you will have a pretty good idea of the direction you would like to take towards making your dream kitchen a reality.

If you are looking for a few beautiful kitchen style ideas, have a look at what ProReno has to say about classic and traditional kitchens, as well as their section on modern and contemporary kitchens, no doubt you will find the perfect palette from which to start the work of art that will become your dream kitchen!

You Can Trust Proreno With Your Custom Kitchen Design

Once you have made the decision to go ahead and make the major investment in a new kitchen, and the budget is pretty much set in stone, you will face the pretty tough task of finding a kitchen company you can trust with both your dream and your budget, and it will not be easy.

The kitchen design and installation industry in South Africa is highly competitive, which means that you are probably going to spend countless hours sifting the wheat from the chaff before you narrow your choices down to kitchen specialists who rise above the rest in every way.

This is where you will find ProReno, in a position as a market leader for many good reasons, not the least of which is that you can rely on this team and its founding members to deal with you on an ethical, transparent and honest level that is exceptional in any industry.

When ProReno takes on your kitchen project it will be on a hands-on, personal level, one in which all your requirements are taken into account, without missing out on even the smallest detail, making the experience even easier by using technology that will ultimately give you a 3D look at what your kitchen will look like before installation even begins.

ProReno also has a phenomenal reputation among its many satisfied clients, which is always important to know before you choose your kitchen designer, there are few examples of what clients have to say about this team on their website, along with a portfolio of thousands of development kitchens that have been fitted by ProReno to date to give you a good idea of what ProReno is capable of.

It is also important to make sure that the kitchen design company you choose is registered with the Kitchen Specialists Association, which is a body that holds its members to the highest standards and protects consumers from unscrupulous practitioners. ProReno is a long-term member of KSA, which already offers clients peace of mind from the outset of any kitchen project.

ProReno is a stable, well-established company that has maintained an unwavering commitment to the quality of their products and pride in their client service history, which has been firmly cemented by the thousands of stunning custom-fitted kitchens the team at ProReno has already designed and installed since 2004.

Knowing that a company like ProReno has such pride in their ability to deliver that they offer a 2-year warranty on their workmanship, materials and standard components on kitchen cupboards, is yet another vote of confidence in this team of designers and craftsmen.

ProReno has an experienced team of designers who are on hand to offer you practical advice to assist you to make the kind of informed decisions that will keep you within your budget and still focus on the requirements you have in mind for your kitchen, which is the type of guidance we all need!

A final word; don’t settle for ‘cheap’, not when you can have superb quality that will last a lifetime delivered to you by ProReno, without taking you out of your comfort zone in terms of your budget!

Characteristics Of A Winning Kitchen Design Team

When Chris Gerber and Wouter Hugo first established ProReno in 2004, it was not only their commitment to providing creative kitchen design and installation to clients in Johannesburg and Pretoria that mattered to this team; it was also their ethical approach to business and professional code of conduct that was essential to them. 

The result of this solid foundation has lead to many successful years in a highly competitive kitchen industry, where ProReno now dominates as a company that designs and installs stunning fitted kitchens in Johannesburg and Pretoria, proving that excellence is the fuel that has propelled this team to the top!

Your dream kitchen is a major investment that will last a lifetime, and when you are ready to take the steps towards realising this dream, it is important to look at background factors such as this when you look for the right team of kitchen specialists to become your partner on this journey.

How long have they been in business? Do they have a good reputation in the industry as such? What do clients say about them? Are they members of the KSA, which is the Kitchen Specialist Association of South Africa? This is a very important fact to establish about your kitchen designer and installer! What kind of approach do they take towards kitchen design and are you going to receive individual attention during the process?

These are all key elements to look for in finding a kitchen designer you can trust with an investment this important, we all know it’s not the kind of decision taken lightly; the repercussions of a badly designed and installed kitchen will reverberate through your home for years to come!

ProReno has a trusted reputation in the industry and among their clients for ticking all the right boxes in bringing kitchen design, products and service of unrivalled quality and value to the market. ProReno has also received a Kitchen Specialists Award for Service every year since 2008, yet another reason to trust that the kitchen of your dreams will perfectly suit your individual style and last a lifetime.

Start with what the team at ProReno is about and the approach they take to following their passion for excellence on every level, read testimonials from past clients and browse the amazing kitchens for developments this team has completed over the years, these will give you a clear indication that when you want the best for your dream kitchen, choosing ProReno is a decision you will not regret!

Determine The Style Of Your Dream Kitchen With Help From ProReno

Once you have the nitty-gritty details about what you would want in a kitchen and how it should work to be perfectly functional to suit your lifestyle, you will get to the fun part of determining your style of kitchen, and there are a few things you may not have thought of that could help when it comes to finding your dream kitchen style.

This is the simplest route to take to determine whether you want a kitchen that is a little on the rustic side or the height of luxury, whether you like the idea of a completely ‘modern’ kitchen or lean more towards an eclectic style of kitchen.

Any kitchen starts from the basic ideas of modern and contemporary or classic and traditional kitchen styles. Having a template to work from just makes it all a lot simpler when it comes to adding the personal touches that make it a perfect expression of your unique personality and lifestyle.

Whether it is a high-end luxury kitchen or a mix of more than one style, the innovative team at ProReno will help you to make informed decisions about what does or doesn’t constitute your dream kitchen, adding practical advice into the mix based on almost fourteen years of experience in the kitchen industry.

With their easy-to-use state of the art 3D computer programme, which assists with the layout and design, ProReno can incorporate your choices of finishes and fittings in a way that allows you to easily visualise what your kitchen will look like on completion. This programme makes the design of your kitchen an exciting experience as you watch your kitchen move from the dream to final product ready to be signed off!

Think about things like your favourite getaway and whether it is a rustic cabin in the woods or one that is the epitome of clean lines and high-tech gadgets, or do you lean towards truly luxurious decor?

Surprisingly enough even your clothing cupboard will give you some ideas about where you would like to head for in the style of your kitchen. Is it all about comfort, is only the best worthy of your closet, with each piece that gives you a sense of pride in your collection, or is yours a colour-coded collection of clean lines without too many patterns but a dash of colour in-between?

What do you put on your table to decorate when you host a party? A dainty arrangement of brightly coloured flowers in vintage containers, a beautiful brushed metal container bursting with fresh roses from your garden or sleek lilies that each have their slimline vase? These are ideas that could be pretty useful in the process of imagining the kitchen of your dreams.

Find out more about what ProReno kitchens in Johannesburg and Pretoria can do to help you realise your dream kitchen, knowing that you will be dealing with an innovative team who will install your kitchen using the height in master craftsmanship.

Let Proreno Make Your Dream Kitchen A Reality

Planning your dream kitchen is going to be a lot easier if you have an idea of exactly what you want out of your kitchen. A good place to start is to think about your family and lifestyle. Do you have a house full of kids? Are you a full-on foodie, or is your kitchen more a work of art than a workhorse?

These are the type of questions you need to ask yourself to discover exactly what your kitchen means to you and how you interact with the space in your daily life. If you are armed with these answers, it will make it easier to communicate your kitchen needs and dreams to your kitchen specialists.

ProReno has been taking this type of information to the drawing board with clients and turning dreams into reality since 2004, developing exclusive kitchens that are market-oriented and perfectly match the desires of each client coming into contact with this innovative team.

We all know that the kitchen is a room we use every day without thinking too much about it. When it comes to the planning of a dream kitchen though, thinking about how much time you, your family or your guests spend in it will be helpful to determine how much your kitchen is used and what functions you need, all of which will help you to start shaping the layout.

The number of people in your home and how many of them cook are also important things to think about, as well as whether you are right or left-handed. If you need more counter space than you currently have or better storage, this is your chance to perfectly align your needs with your dream.

The team at ProReno make exclusive kitchen design look easy, and with their many years worth of experience on hand during the design process, you will be able to make more informed decisions about the investment in a kitchen that will form part of a lifetime’s worth of great memories!

Make Your Kitchen The Heart Of Your Home

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to designing a whole new kitchen, or simply making a few changes to suit your needs, whether you want to make the kitchen the heart of your family life or you are someone who likes to be left alone to create culinary masterpieces, you are going to need expert guidance to make sure that everything flows exactly as it should suit the hub of your home.

Being able to call on an A-team of kitchen specialists like those at ProReno is having an ace up your sleeve, and a definite step forward to ensuring that everything opens and closes in a space tailored just for you. ProReno takes an innovative, creative and professional approach to kitchen design in Johannesburg and Pretoria, focussing on superb customer care and an ability to offer market-related prices for products of unrivalled quality.

The kitchen is where the food is, and if you have children your kitchen is likely going to see a lot of action, which calls for a warm, welcoming atmosphere that will create an appealing family hub in your home.

With the assistance of the design team from ProReno and their inventive approach to kitchen design, a clever combination of colour, light and textures, you will be able to create a space that will bring the whole family together in comfort.

If you are one of those people who find cooking relaxing and rewarding, you are probably going to enjoy being left to your own devices, which means that you will want a kitchen that is set up perfectly to cater for your specific requirements, keeping it free of clutter.

You will want your kitchen set up so that your frequently used utensils and appliances are close at hand on work surfaces, or in conveniently fitted cupboards so that you don’t have to move too far while you cook up a storm. Naturally, colour and light will play a role here as well, but adding a few attractive features such as spice racks, pot racks and maybe some fresh herbs will reflect your passion for cooking.

If you love entertaining, ProReno will help you to design a kitchen that suits the style in which you like to entertain, creating a place where guests will feel comfortable and relaxed. Whether your guests will be coming in and out of the kitchen while you are entertaining, or you would like it to be the nerve centre of your party, you will need to approach the design keeping all your needs in mind.

Family hub, chef’s haven or entertainment centre, no matter how you visualise your dream kitchen and the role it will play in your home, make sure you approach the design with professionals who have an established reputation for excellence and trust. Your kitchen is a major investment and using the award-winning design talents of the team at ProReno is a guarantee that yours will be a high yield investment that will last a lifetime!

Think Beyond Style And Functionality When Creating Your Dream Kitchen

As we all know, designing your kitchen can be an overwhelming experience, and it is a major financial investment, one that homeowners only do once or twice in a lifetime, which makes it even more daunting; you know that whatever decisions you make are going to be with you for a long time to come and cannot be made lightly.

This is where the experience, creativity and innovation of a design team like ProReno come to the rescue, placing their expertise at your disposal to create a dream kitchen that not only suits your lifestyle perfectly, but that takes your budget into account as well.

Once you start thinking about the design it is important to think beyond things like style and focus on the function of your kitchen and its workflow to make it a unique expression of your individual needs.

The functionality of a kitchen differs from one person to the next and you need to think about what type of space you have, and what your family will be most comfortable with. Having a large family, especially if you love to entertain will mean thinking about a kitchen with larger appliances, and of course, plenty of counter space for sitting.

If you are not that into cooking and have a smaller space, you are going to look at the complete opposite of a large entertaining space, it’s all about personal preference and which style will function best in your home to suit your lifestyle.

ProReno will offer you expert advice about how to achieve the perfect traffic flow for your kitchen, where appliances and kitchen cabinets will fit to create the most functional and comfortable kitchen to reflect your individuality.

Counter space is going to play an essential role in the functionality of your kitchen, but with an enviable range of high-quality products available from ProReno, there is no doubt that between their custom-designed kitchen cabinets and other products, you will achieve the perfect flow.

No matter how daunting the task ahead may look, the innovative design team from ProReno will work with you to create a dream kitchen that you will enjoy for many years to come, one that will incorporate all the elements necessary to create fluid function and flow!

Benefits Of Hiring Proreno For Your Kitchen Renovation

If you are looking for a fitted kitchen specialist in Johannesburg and Pretoria that offers the ideal designer-client relationship based on trust, honesty, communication and respect, then you can do no better than to choose ProReno, a team who is committed to ethical business practices in every aspect and a professional code of conduct that is rare in the industry.
It is not only these core values that have assured ProReno of their leadership position in the very competitive South African market but also their absolute passion for excellence and superb customer care, borne out by the fact that since 2008, just four years after opening their doors, ProReno has consistently won The Kitchen Specialists Association awards for service excellence.

These are very important points to consider when choosing a kitchen designer; with ProReno their experience, reputation and portfolio, along with many satisfied customers all come together to assure you that you will be working with a trusted team who bring many years worth of valuable experience to the table in kitchen design, innovative shop-fitting and the design of high-quality built-in cupboards.

A sense of teamwork is also created when you choose ProReno to design your fitted kitchen and kitchen cupboards through the use of a state of the art 3D computer programme, which assists with the design and layout of your kitchen, allowing the team to incorporate your choices of finishes and fittings, allowing you to visualise your project from dream to end product in virtual reality.

The ProReno team always works with your budget and specific requirements in mind, paying meticulous attention to details, with an experienced design team at your side to offer expert guidance and practical advice, which assists you in making informed decisions about everything that goes into your project. Having an extensive range of products to choose from which far outweighs that of ProReno competitors makes those decisions a lot easier, especially where it comes to remaining within your budget yet still achieving your dream.

If it’s the exceptional you are expecting from your kitchen design team then ProReno will exceed your expectations by far!

Save Time And Money On Your Kitchen Design When You Hire Proreno

Having won awards from The Kitchen Specialists Association for service excellence since 2008 consistently, just four years after ProReno first took its place in the world of kitchen design and installation, as well as the design, manufacture and installation of high-quality kitchen cabinets, there can be no doubt that with a solid reputation such as this, ProReno is a team you can rely on to bring your dream kitchen to life perfectly.

Calling ProReno to set up an appointment to discuss your kitchen design and a quote based on market-related prices will be your first step on this exciting journey. The team will then sit down with you to get an idea of what you visualise for the hub of your home during a design consultation that will last approximately an hour and a half.

Sending through as much information as you can before your design consultation will be a great start, photo’s and detailed house floor plans along with room dimensions, door and window positions as well as service points will set the tone for your first consultation.

The team at ProReno are consummate professionals, who, in their experience, have learned that the best way to start on the design of your kitchen is to discuss your needs face to face, which means that emailing kitchen plans to them for a quote is not going to work.

Besides being able to discuss all your needs face to face with the ProReno design team, you will also be able to save time by becoming involved in the entire process as your design comes together through the use of ProReno’s state of the art 3D design software. This user-friendly software enables you to visualise the design layout and also allows you to choose the perfect fittings and fixtures to suit the layout without wasting valuable time.

Please visit the ProReno website for in-depth information about their design expertise, outstanding reputation and portfolio of beautiful kitchens that have made them market leaders in the industry.

Are you ready for your dream kitchen?

Kitchens are one of the most commonly renovated spaces in a home, and as a major investment, having an idea of what the hub of your home is going to mean to you, your family and your lifestyle are going to make things a little easier right from the start.
Even if all you have is a basic idea of what your dream kitchen should look like and how it should function, the design expertise and many years worth of experience brought to your project by ProReno is going to make the process one that is streamlined and efficient, from start to finish.

The use of state of the art technology in the form of 3D design software assists with the design layout and your choice of fittings and fixtures; with a range of quality products that far outweigh the selection offered by their competitors, your product choices at ProReno is unrivalled.

Floor plans with room dimensions, positions of doors and windows as well as service points will be a first step towards planning a kitchen that will suit your needs and budget perfectly after which work will begin in earnest with ProReno to design a comfortable, stylish kitchen to suit your dreams.

At its core, ProReno focuses on project management, the design, manufacture and fitting of quality kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards, offering clients a hands-on service that reflects attention to detail throughout the process, from design to installation.
The experience and creativity of the design team at ProReno assist clients in making informed decisions that translate into beautiful fitted kitchens perfectly suited to each budget and individual lifestyle.

If your kitchen is to match your dream perfectly, then the creative design and master craftsmanship offered by ProReno will make the entire experience an effortless process.

ProReno Is Home To Exceptional And Innovative Kitchen Designs

It’s a big decision to make once you have decided that it’s time to invest in the right kitchen to suit your idea of style, comfort and functionality, a decision that once made will be one you will be living with for many years to come. It is your kitchen, and as such, you will want it to suit your lifestyle perfectly and reflect your personality, while at the same time creating the right energy to make it the natural hub of your home.

ProReno has earned a highly respected reputation for creating fitted kitchens and shop-fitting with design and function-oriented product innovations since they first started in 2004, developing exclusive kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg which are market-orientated and meet all the needs of their clients, creating kitchens that range from modern to classic styles.

It takes the experience of a team like ProReno to create the expert interaction of all components along with the perfect combination of material, colour, light and architecture to make any custom-designed kitchen come to life! Through the consultation and advisory services offered by ProReno, along with the assistance of a phenomenal team of experienced designers, creating the heart of your home will be an absolute pleasure.

ProReno offers an extensive range of products that far outweighs the market selection offered by competitors in the industry, assuring you that you will not have a limited range of products from which to make your choices.

Using a state of the art 3D computer programme to assist with the design and layout of your kitchen, into which the ProReno team can incorporate your choices of fittings and finishing’s, you will be able to visualise every aspect of the process as your dream kitchen takes shape and becomes a reality.

Let the experienced designers at ProReno guide you through the design process with their practical advice and guidance so that you can make informed decisions, ensuring that the result will truly reflect your dream kitchen in every aspect!

Watch Your Dream Kitchen Come To Life With The Expert Team

The team at ProReno fully understands that the decision to invest in your dream kitchen is not one that can be taken lightly, which is why they have developed a consultancy and advisory service that will make your decision a little easier, to begin with. After many years as market leaders in the very competitive South African market, ProReno has created a system that makes each client feel as if they are part of the team as they work their way through the process of designing the kitchen of your dreams.

Part of this system is the use of a state of the art 3D computer programme that shows you the layout and design of your kitchen. During this process, you will be able to choose the fittings and fixtures you would like and to visualise exactly what your kitchen will look like before the actual physical work begins. Another great part about working with this design team is that with their many years worth of experience, you will be empowered to make informed decisions about which products would work best to achieve your dream based on their sound advice and expert guidance.

ProReno offers tailor-made kitchen design solutions, products of the highest quality and attention to detail that is always focussed on your requirements, while at the same time keeping your budget in mind.

Once you have signed off on your kitchen design, the designers and craftsmen from ProReno will ensure that you will not have to suffer any delays, this is a cohesive team committed to fast but efficient service without compromising on quality. You can also rely on ProReno to keep you fully updated through automated e-mail communication as the project progresses.

Make your decision well worthwhile by contacting ProReno to set up a meeting with the team to assure yourself that you will be placing your trust and your dreams in the hands of a passionate team committed to service excellence on every level!