Choosing the Best Sink for Your New Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are fun, said no one ever! While the end-result might be exciting, the process can be daunting and challenging. You are faced with too many choices when it comes to the design elements as well as the hardware. But keep in mind, a kitchen renovation is a personal thing – you have to make decisions based on personal preference, functionality and budget. If you can tick all three boxes, you’ll love your kitchen forever.

One of the most vital decisions you’ll need to make is choosing a kitchen sink. Here are some things to consider before you do.

 Use the Right Material

 Stainless Steel

The most common choice for kitchen sinks is stainless steel. Not only does it suit nearly any kitchen style, but it is also robust and will last many, many years. Small scratches can quickly be buffed out and they are easy to clean.


Available in many colours and incredibly gorgeous, porcelain sinks are a must have for any traditional style kitchen. The only drawback is that they scuff and chip easily and need to be treated gently to look good for a long time.

 Other options include cast iron sinks and composite sinks which are available in various colours and are extremely durable. Composite sinks tend to be a little pricier.

 Match Your Sink with Your Kitchen Style

 There are various sink styles to choose from and your decision should be based on the style of your kitchen. A farmhouse sink is stunning and will make a bold statement in any type of kitchen. If you’re looking for affordable and durable, self-rimming sinks are a good option.

 A familiar option is the two-bowl sink we all grew up with. This option is perfect for those who don’t believe in dishwashers or prefer to hand wash. If a dishwasher is your friend, you might want to stick with one single sink basin for a beautifully streamlined look.

Another sink that’s gaining popularity is the undermount sink. It is easy to clean and create a seamless look. Prep sinks are an excellent addition to any kitchen. Typically installed on the kitchen island, they are perfect for food prep.

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