High-Quality Kitchen Designs And Installations In Pretoria Is Within Your Reach

Master craftsmanship and passion combined with the very latest technology are just a few of the ingredients that have made ProReno market leaders in providing high-quality products and design services to our clients in Johannesburg and Pretoria, creating kitchens of unrivalled quality.

The role of our design team is to take your concept of the kitchen that would best suit your home and lifestyle and bring it to life in a way that will be even more beautiful and functional than you could have imagined.  In order to achieve this type of synergy between the creation, design and development of your dream kitchen, the expert team of highly trained designers at ProReno work closely with you throughout the process, ensuring that with careful attention to detail, the end product will perfectly reflect the style that you are looking for in your kitchen.

If on the other hand, you are uncertain about which style of kitchen would best suit your home, its environment and your lifestyle, the ProReno design team have many years worth of experience to share with you, and starting with the basic styles such as classic or traditional and modern or contemporary, your kitchen will start taking shape and before you know it your dream kitchen will be ready for installation.

Choosing to add the perfect kitchen to your home is a major financial commitment, and it is also one that you will have to live with for many years to come.  With the guidance of our team of experts at ProReno, we will ensure that we create the perfect interaction between the architecture that will frame your kitchen, the colour and lighting that will bring it to life,  as well as adding all the essential components and materials that will create the hub of your home.

During the design process of your kitchen, you will be able to watch your kitchen evolve as we add each new element to the design, using the very latest technology and 3D design software that brings each step of the design to life in virtual reality.  Once you have signed off on the design of your kitchen, we will carry out the installation with the highest level of craftsmanship and professionalism and will ensure that your kitchen will be installed on schedule.

If you are ready to join our many satisfied clients who highly recommend ProReno for the design and installation of high-quality kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg, please contact our team to start you on the journey to the kitchen of your dreams.

This Is Where You’ll Find The Best Deal On Exceptional Kitchens In Pretoria

When you decide to renovate a home or to build your own, you will be making one of the most important decisions of your life and as such, will put a lot of research into finding the right architect to become an integral part of your hopes and aspirations for a home that is uniquely suited to you and your family.

Choosing the right team to create a kitchen to form a comfortable and attractive central space that will welcome family and friends as warmly as any kitchen should, is just as important as choosing your architect.

ProReno is made up of a team of talented and experienced designers who are able to provide expert guidance with regard to the layout and design of your kitchen, fittings and materials, empowering you to make informed decisions throughout the design phase. Our team understands that the investment in a beautiful kitchen is not one that can be taken lightly; after all, you and your family are the ones who will be living with the final product once the dust has settled.

It is our commitment at ProReno to provide you with meticulous attention to detail, to offer tailor-made kitchen design that will always focus on your personal requirements, as well as remain within your budget.

Our designers and craftsmen are dedicated to ensuring that you will not experience any unnecessary delays as we are committed to fast but efficient service excellence that will never compromise on quality.

With twelve years worth of experience and thousands of very satisfied clients who make up the foundation of the success that ProReno has achieved in becoming the premium kitchen design company in Pretoria and Johannesburg, our exceptional team is every bit as committed to providing high-quality products, service excellence and superb customer care as we were when we opened our doors in 2004.

By choosing ProReno to design and install your kitchen, you will know that you are dealing with a highly professional and ethical team of designers, project managers and craftsmen who will be proud to become part of the foundation of your home.

Top Reasons To Hire ProReno For Your New Kitchen Design And Installation

As one of the most important investments you will make towards turning your home into a true reflection of your style, taste and personality, you deserve nothing but the best design and expert workmanship to realise the concept of your unique dream kitchen.  Your home is the calm and peace you come home to after a day of constant pressure and deadlines in a fast-paced world And to create the hub of your home and island of comfort and peace that your kitchen becomes, you deserve the services of an expert team like ProReno to assist you with the design and installation of your dream kitchen.

The team at Proreno have been partners in the design and installation of thousands of kitchens to date and taking into consideration that some of our top clients are chefs who live for their passion of creating award-winning cuisine, our team can be trusted to offer a level of attention to detail and service excellence that has made us market leaders in our industry.

Our team have exercised many years worth of experience and training to design and install stunning kitchens in private homes and hundreds of kitchens for major developments, each of which is designed to withstand the test of time.

While we are very proud to have many happy clients that have entrusted their dream kitchens to our specially trained designers and expert craftsman, and who are the very foundation of our success, we do not rest on our laurels and are committed to maintaining the same high standard that has come to be expected from Proreno with all our clients in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

While there are the basic concepts from which to start planning your kitchen, such as modern, contemporary, classic or traditional kitchens, what you choose to do with these basics to express your unique ideas, with the expert assistance of our team of designers, will create a kitchen that will be in a league of its own.

Beauty, comfort and functionality are the key ingredients to creating a kitchen that will last for many years, and the award-winning team at ProReno will partner with you from concept and design right to the final installation.

Expect Nothing But The Best When Hiring Proreno For Your Kitchen Revamp

It took the design team and craftsmen at ProReno just four years after it was formed in 2004 to become consistent winners of The Kitchen Specialists Association for service excellence from 2008 onwards, propelling the hardworking and passionate team into the position of becoming the number one designer of kitchens in the highly competitive South African market.

The team at ProReno consistently strive for the highest level of customer service by offering the top quality in design for kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards using only A-grade board in addition to the very best in European hardware, installed with exceptional craftsmanship, all of which is offered at highly competitive prices.  

Using a 3D computer programme during the design phase of your project, you will be able to see your kitchen take shape, and with a range of products to choose from which far outweigh those of our competitors, we know that you will thoroughly enjoy working alongside our design experts to create a kitchen that not only expresses your individuality, but also remains in line with your budget.

Irrespective of the fact that ProReno has designed and installed over 3000 kitchens for private homes, major developments, hotels and chefs, to name just a few examples, our attention to detail is unflagging and consistent, whether it is on a small or large scale, the result is always the same, stunning kitchens installed by exceptional craftsmen.

Our clients trust our team to provide sound and practical advice, from the moment you choose ProReno as your dream team, to the first day you spend in your stunning new kitchen! We are proud of the fact that our many loyal and satisfied clients have always been the best and most priceless form of advertising any kitchen design company could hope for, and we are thoroughly committed to maintaining their trust in our abilities by consistently reaching new heights in our industry.

You can expect nothing less than the most experienced creative team to design a stunning and functional kitchen that will be the most welcoming centre of your home for years to come.

Top Qualities Of A Kitchen Designer For Unrivaled Quality

No matter which style of kitchen you choose to form the hub of your home and to reflect your lifestyle, you will need a team of designers and master craftsman to turn your kitchen into a reality that will be beautiful, stylish and functional, one that will make creating meals and entertaining a pleasure.

ProReno is proud to have designed and installed kitchens for a vast range of clients, from homemakers to professional chefs who spend the greater part of their lives in the creation of their art as well as kitchens for large developments, industrial and hospitality industries.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Creative Design

Offering a professional code of conduct and ethical business practices far beyond the norm, ProReno combines the latest technology and master craftsmanship to offer clients in Pretoria and Johannesburg dream kitchens that are delivered with the highest standard of service excellence, featuring products of unrivalled quality.

Chris Gerber and Wouter Hugo established ProReno in 2004, determined to bring a new level of creative design, a sense of individuality and a standard of uncompromising customer service to the industry.  Market-related pricing, meticulous attention to detail in addition to fast but efficient service are just a few of the reasons that ProReno has become the premier designer of kitchens in Gauteng.

Ours is a hands-on approach second to none, approaching the management of every project with the same standard of commitment to quality carried through on each project, big or small. ProReno is focussed on designing, manufacturing and fitting nothing less than the highest quality in kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards, working hand in hand with each client through the design process to ensure that our exceptional design team meet the individual requirements of each client.

If you are looking for a team of designers you can rely on to create a kitchen unique to your individuality that will be brought in within your budget, then please visit our website to view the recommendations of our clients and the portfolio of our work, we will be happy to welcome you to our family at ProReno.

How To Get The Kitchen You’ve Always Envisioned

The team of experienced professionals at Proreno will make the creation of your dream kitchen an exciting adventure by involving you in the transformation of your ideas into virtual reality.  This will allow you to experience your perfect kitchen even before it is installed. The way we accomplish this is to use 3D design software that will offer you the ability to choose the best solutions, fittings and finishing’s in a creative and visual environment from start to finish.

Once we have your floor plans and have established the room dimensions to work with, as well as the position of doors, windows and service point, our extensive experience will assist you with making informed decisions that will allow our team to understand your requirements perfectly, paying careful attention to detail.

Creative lighting added to stunning material, colour and architecture are all fundamentally essential ingredients necessary to bring your dream kitchen to life. We are proud to offer our clients an extensive range of products that far outweigh the market selection offered by our competitors, ensuring that each of our clients will find exactly what they are looking for to create a stunning kitchen.

ProReno is committed to keeping your budget in mind, along with your specific requirements, so that our fully trained designers are in a position to use their expertise to guide you with solid practical advice every step of the way.

The development of market-orientated exclusive kitchens that meet the needs of our clients is a passionate commitment that our team brings to the drawing board, and product innovations added to the highest standard in design is what our many satisfied clients have come to expect of Proreno.

Once your design is signed off and your contract is in place, the team at Proreno will waste no time in setting up your project schedule. You will be kept updated on its progress every step of the way to ensure that your kitchen is efficiently fitted without delay, ready for your family and friends to enjoy.

Get The Kitchen You Deserve With Our Experience And Creativity

ProReno offers meticulous attention to detail as well as fast but efficient service to assist and guide you with the planning of your tailor-made kitchen, all at reasonable prices that will suit your budget. Our meticulous attention to detail not only extends to kitchens for your home, hotel or housing complex but to beautifully designed shop-fitting, which is available for you to view on our user-friendly website.

The fundamental core of ProReno’s business focuses on project management, the design and manufacturing of custom made kitchen cupboards as well as built-in cupboards, all designed and installed according to each client’s unique needs.

By offering a passion for excellence along with exceptional customer service that has in no way diminished through our many years of experience, our clients have taken us right to the top of our industry and we are very proud to be able to maintain this same high standard by treating each client as an individual.

Our expert team at ProReno not only offers a highly professional code of conduct mixed into the ability to use creativity and imagination in design but also practise high business ethics, which we believe is essential to our ongoing success and growth as market leaders in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

With the use of the latest in technology, along with a state of the art 3D computer programme that is able to create the foundation of the design and layout of your kitchen, our team at ProReno will guide you through the design process. We will also offer you sound advice when it comes to the choice of fittings and fixtures. In using this technology, we will offer you the opportunity to view your dream kitchen in virtual reality.

Taking our experience, track record and satisfied clients into account, we are confident that with our fully trained designers and craftsmanship, you will experience the highest level of service and a passion for design that will offer you the most stylish and functional kitchen you can imagine.  We look forward to welcoming you warmly into the ProReno family.

Hire ProReno To Make The Journey To Your Dream Kitchen An Exciting Adventure

Since the establishment of ProReno in 2004, we have maintained a leadership position in the creative and imaginative design of beautiful but functional kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg. We combine master craftsmanship with a sense of individuality to make dream kitchens a reality. With a highly professional code of conduct, a passion for excellence and a firm commitment to ethical business practices, the team at ProReno offer unrivalled customer care and a European standard of products that has given us the privilege of creating thousands of stunning kitchens that have become the hub of many homes.

With an extensive range of products that far outweighs the market selection offered by others in the highly competitive market in South Africa, the ability of our highly trained team of designers and craftsman are a cut above the rest by far. ProReno will take your budget into account every step of the way, ensuring that with sound advice, you will have the kitchen you have always wanted without having to compromise on quality.

You know what you want for your kitchen and how you need the layout to work perfectly for you and your family. But it is our role to transform your unique requirements into a kitchen that not only encompasses your needs but also reflects your style and personality.

While we pay meticulous attention to detail and offer you a fast but efficient service, we also believe that you should have access to market-related pricing in order to bring your dream kitchen to life. We will manage your project, design and manufacture as well as fit the quality of kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards that you deserve, as our many satisfied clients will testify to. This is the quality ProReno is passionate and committed to providing in order to create kitchens that will be lived in with pleasure for many years to come.

This is custom made kitchens at its very best, offering you a tailor-made kitchen that will bring you many years of comfort and functionality. Please call our team of experts at ProReno and we will start on an exciting adventure that culminates in the final installation of your dream kitchen.

Extend the life of your kitchen with maintenance solutions from Proreno

Offering tailor-made solutions for the creation of dream kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg, Proreno has been elevated to the very top of our industry.  As a consistent winner of Service Excellence Awards from the Kitchen Specialists Association, our beautifully designed and fitted kitchens are a result of meticulous attention to detail and above par workmanship in addition to a level of service excellence that is hard to beat.

Proreno uses only A-Grade board and the very best in European products, and even with the provision of the highest standard in kitchen design and installation, we are proud to be able to offer highly competitive prices.

There are a few basic tips that the experts at Proreno offer our satisfied clients in order to ensure they get the maximum out of every part of their dream kitchen.  It is in these small details that the care of your kitchen will affect the longevity of cabinets, work surfaces, doorknobs, sinks and appliances.

We will include just a few tips here, but when you visit our website you will find all the information you may require for addressing the varied surfaces that go towards maintaining your kitchen with the proper care.

Using a soft, clean and non-scratch cloth to clean any cupboard surface will maintain a good appearance during its lifetime. Do not use strong chemicals, abrasive cleaners or furniture polish with a wax basis when cleaning Melamine and Wrap cupboards, a soft clean cloth with a mild soapy solution will maintain its appearance very well, all of which applies to Hi-gloss cupboards as well, although a multi-surface spray cleaner like Mr Min may be used on Seno gloss boards to create a shine after cleaning.

Solid Wood and wood veneers need to be treated with extra love and care with an extra mild soapy solution while following the wood’s grain. It is always best to wipe down the areas in close proximity to hobs with a damp cloth after cooking to avoid a build-up that is going to be a lot more difficult to remove if built up over time.

For many more tips on how to maintain your kitchen surfaces, cupboards and appliances, please visit our website, or contact the team of experts at Proreno who will be happy to offer you the best solutions to get the most out of your kitchen.

Where To Find High Quality Kitchen Designs In Pretoria

As consistent winners of awards for service excellence from The Kitchen Specialists Association since 2008, our team of expert, fully trained designers at ProReno are confident that we are able to offer you nothing but the highest quality in kitchen design and installation services, paying meticulous attention to detail.

Being market leaders in the industry, with many satisfied clients who speak to our ability, we will take you from the design of your kitchen to the finished product with professionalism combined with innovation and imagination. We have made it our business at ProReno to provide this high quality of service to our clients at market-related prices that will also suit your budget.

With consistent attention to detail and service excellence, our fully trained team of designers and craftsmen have already designed and installed almost 3000 kitchens for hotels, professional chefs, private residences, churches and major developments, all of which has taken ProReno to the leadership position in our industry.

Your kitchen is the magnet that attracts the gathering of family and friends, creating a hub that is both comfortable and functional, and when our team of professionals at ProReno design and install your kitchen it will be aimed at expressing and offering the comfort, style and functionality that is personal and unique to each individual client.

After many years as leaders in the market, we offer our experience, creativity and imagination combined with the latest technology to provide friendly professionalism in assisting each of our clients to bring their ideas to life in the creation and installation of unique, custom-made kitchens that reflect the personality and ideas of the individual client.

With a stunning range of high-quality European products to choose from and using our 3D computer programme to add your choices of fittings and finishing’s to the design and layout of your dream kitchen, our talented team at ProReno will enable you to see what the finished product will look like before installation.

Despite using only the very best in European hardware and A-grade board, we are proud to be able to offer highly competitive prices for dream kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg that are not only beautiful but completely functional and stylish, created to withstand the test of time.  

We invite you to visit our website to view the comments we have received from many satisfied clients and to get in touch so you can start creating your dream kitchen using our fast but efficient high-quality design and installation services.

Choose Top Quality European Products For Your New Kitchen

The innovative, imaginative team of designers and craftsmen who are at the core of ProReno, have been designing and installing dream kitchens for satisfied clients for over 16 years now and is committed to maintaining our passion for service excellence and superb customer care that keeps us in the leadership position in the very competitive South African market.

ProReno offers kitchen design and installation of unrivalled quality with a professional code of conduct and commitment to an ethical business practice that is exceptional in our industry.  The core of the services the team at ProReno provides is the ability to design, manage projects, manufacture and fit the highest quality kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards, offering our clients a hands-on approach and attention to detail that will bring the unique design of your dream kitchen to life.

Right from the design stage, our team will work with you to assist with the design and layout of your kitchen using a state of the art 3D computer design programme, which allows you to visualise what the end product will look like in virtual reality once you have chosen the finishing’s and fittings to add to the design and layout. We are proud to offer our clients the choice of an extensive range of top quality European products that stands way ahead of our competitors, ensuring that your kitchen will be one that is not only beautiful but functional and durable as well.

ProReno is committed to offering you the expert guidance of our talented, fully trained team of designers to assist you in making informed decisions and choices for your kitchen design, fittings and layout, offering our professional experience, practical advice and solutions that will suit your requirements seamlessly.

Investing in your dream kitchen is not a decision to be taken lightly, and the team at ProReno are committed to providing you with tailor-made design, innovation and a commitment to efficient service that ensures the completion of your dream kitchen without unnecessary delays, at market-related prices.  

If you would like to install a kitchen that is not only functional and beautiful but that will stand the test of time, please contact our team of experts and experience our service excellence for yourself, from the creation to the installation of your dream kitchen.