Characteristics Of A Winning Kitchen Design Team

When Chris Gerber and Wouter Hugo first established ProReno in 2004, it was not only their commitment to providing creative kitchen design and installation to clients in Johannesburg and Pretoria that mattered to this team; it was also their ethical approach to business and professional code of conduct that was essential to them. 

The result of this solid foundation has lead to many successful years in a highly competitive kitchen industry, where ProReno now dominates as a company that designs and installs stunning fitted kitchens in Johannesburg and Pretoria, proving that excellence is the fuel that has propelled this team to the top!

Your dream kitchen is a major investment that will last a lifetime, and when you are ready to take the steps towards realising this dream, it is important to look at background factors such as this when you look for the right team of kitchen specialists to become your partner on this journey.

How long have they been in business? Do they have a good reputation in the industry as such? What do clients say about them? Are they members of the KSA, which is the Kitchen Specialist Association of South Africa? This is a very important fact to establish about your kitchen designer and installer! What kind of approach do they take towards kitchen design and are you going to receive individual attention during the process?

These are all key elements to look for in finding a kitchen designer you can trust with an investment this important, we all know it’s not the kind of decision taken lightly; the repercussions of a badly designed and installed kitchen will reverberate through your home for years to come!

ProReno has a trusted reputation in the industry and among their clients for ticking all the right boxes in bringing kitchen design, products and service of unrivalled quality and value to the market. ProReno has also received a Kitchen Specialists Award for Service every year since 2008, yet another reason to trust that the kitchen of your dreams will perfectly suit your individual style and last a lifetime.

Start with what the team at ProReno is about and the approach they take to following their passion for excellence on every level, read testimonials from past clients and browse the amazing kitchens for developments this team has completed over the years, these will give you a clear indication that when you want the best for your dream kitchen, choosing ProReno is a decision you will not regret!

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