Important Things To Think About When Planning Your Dream Kitchen

During your consultation with the kitchen experts at ProReno, you will be able to express the points that are essential to make up what would amount to your dream kitchen. It’s safe to say that your ideas are in trusted, experienced hands. ProReno does not miss a beat or neglect a single detail in their commitment to design and install fitted kitchens that bring kitchen dreams to life.

The core business at ProReno is to project manage, design, manufacture and fit high-quality kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards, providing a level of personalised, hands-on service that takes clients from design to installation without a hitch.

Here are a few questions that may help you find out a little more about what you would like or need in your new kitchen in terms of space and functions. Style and decor will take form around these basics. These questions will also be the start of shaping the layout for your kitchen:

  • How labour intensive are the meals that are cooked in your kitchen?
  • How many people live in your home and how many of them love to cook?
  • How many people are in the kitchen at one time and are there times of the day when your kitchen is busier than others?
  • If your kitchen is busier than usual at certain times of the day, what is happening in the space at that time? Homework, laundry, catching up on paperwork or bills?
  • What is the perfect height to suit you, and are you left or right-handed?
  • Think about what is missing or what you could do with that you do not have at the moment when it’s time to cook.
  • Do you have an existing pantry and what other storage concerns would make life that much easier in your kitchen?
  • Is your kitchen the spot where everybody gathers at mealtimes, acting as a dining space?
  • Think about what you use the most and what you use the least in your kitchen, this is a great opportunity to add and subtract from the space to make the most of your dream kitchen.
  • How often do you entertain, and when you do, do your guests tend to congregate in your kitchen?
  • Is your kitchen the place where everyone gathers and lingers, rather than in the lounge or dining room?

As your list grows, think about what the best and worst things are in your current kitchen. By now you will have a pretty good idea of the direction you would like to take towards making your dream kitchen a reality.

If you are looking for a few beautiful kitchen style ideas, have a look at what ProReno has to say about classic and traditional kitchens, as well as their section on modern and contemporary kitchens, no doubt you will find the perfect palette from which to start the work of art that will become your dream kitchen!

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