Avoiding Mistakes In The Planning Of Your Kitchen Renovation

Well, in the first place, there’s a lot that will be avoided when you choose ProReno as your kitchen design team! Their many years’ worth of experience will make all the difference to the final result, and with the beautiful craftsmanship of their fitted kitchen cabinets, built-in cupboards and a range of products that is unrivalled in South Africa, approaching this innovative team will be a great start.

But back to the kitchen! The kitchen is undoubtedly the hub of your home unless you are single and there is only room for one in it, however, in bigger kitchens and homes you’re in for a lot of trouble if you don’t plan well enough to fit everyone in – whether you like it or not, this is where they’re all going to be hanging out!

It doesn’t seem to matter how comfy your lounge or dining room is, inevitably the whole bunch is going to end up in a divinely aromatic kitchen to chat and laugh! Give it up and make sure that when you invest in a kitchen makeover, you do it the right way so that it makes your own time in the space a lot easier, and adding great value to your home on the whole.

The kids are going to be wandering in and out as they scratch around in the fridge or try to poke around in the pots, and this is where you get to know your kids and friends better than you would in any lounge – the atmosphere just seems to engender an opening of hearts!

Bearing this all in mind, added to the challenge of getting your kitchen design just right, there are a few kitchen design mistakes to avoid.

What do you need most in your kitchen, besides all the other trappings, kitchen-cabinets, fittings and fixtures? The right countertops that will not only be attractive and suit the all-round design but will also give you space on countertops where you need it most. Well-planned countertops not only make for a comfortable working space but also to take into account any smaller appliances that will need to be installed on the countertop. Naturally, space and budget need to meet each project, which is what makes countertops one of the most important parts of your kitchen design. 

The wrong countertops in the wrong places are going to be a mistake you will live with for a very long time to come! Oh, and make sure that you have the right outlets for the gadgets that will be permanent additions according to your space and needs on the countertops!

Another expensive mistake you can make in the planning of your kitchen is not to understand a little more about what is called The Golden Triangle in your kitchen, and there is a good reason for this name! It signifies the all-important triangle of the sink, fridge and stove, which is where functionality is essential to your comfort as you move around the kitchen.

These are only two examples of the mistakes that can be made in kitchen renovations, but there are a lot more than the expert team at ProReno will make sure you avoid! Flow, functionality, comfort and personal style is everything your kitchen should reflect!

During your first consultation with ProReno, all these points will be discussed and with an experienced kitchen design team at your side, not only will all these issues meticulously be taken into account, but, as the process of design proceeds, you will be able to visualise the end product through the innovative use of a 3D computer program.

Choose the best team for your kitchen renovation to cover every mistake that could be made in the design of your kitchen and make that call to ProReno as soon as you are ready to get going!

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