Have Your New Kitchen Fitted by a Team of Professionals

The ability of the team at ProReno to design, manufacture and install tailor-made kitchen cabinets and built-in cabinets, has been proven over and over again by many clients who have trusted ProReno to create their dream kitchens since 2004, clients that do not hesitate to recommend ProReno to anyone planning on a new kitchen.

ProReno has also established a firm footing in a highly competitive industry, based on thousands of fitted kitchens installed in property developments, hotels, churches and commercial buildings, earning this team an excellent reputation for their ability to deliver projects on time and within budget, getting into action quickly, while still maintaining a high level of attention to detail throughout each project.

Shop-fitting in Gauteng is yet another area in which ProReno has excelled, creating innovative and streamlined shop-fitting for high-end salons, fitness studios and post offices, proving yet again that ProReno offers versatility at its best.

The code of ethics with which ProReno conducts their business, and the level of professionalism that permeates this team, from design to manufacture and sheer craftsmanship in terms of carrying out installations, is also backed up by the fact that ProReno is a respected member of the Kitchen Specialists Association, a virtual guarantee that you can have absolute peace of mind when dealing with a company as dedicated to excellence as ProReno is.

Customer care is at the core of everything ProReno does, which is made obvious in the meticulous attention to detail that is offered by ProReno right from the outset of any project, whether it is in bringing residential dream kitchens to life, installing hundreds of kitchens in development houses or shop-fitting.

Service excellence and a passionate dedication to absolute professionalism is the bottom line for this team of designers and master craftsmen an attitude that has made ProReno a market leader in this highly competitive industry since 2004.

Every custom-fitted kitchen designed and installed by ProReno is a high-value investment, one that adds comfort and convenience to your life as the perfect hub of your home and exceptional value to your property. Judging by what satisfied clients have to say about their kitchens, a ProReno custom fitted kitchen is one that you will be comfortable in for many years into the future.

ProReno wastes no space when they custom design kitchen cabinets that fit your wall space perfectly to give your kitchen asymmetrical look, which is a complete departure from what you would get from modular kitchen suppliers, these offer only set sized cabinets and then waste space with ‘filler’ panels to close the gaps!

ProReno offers an unrivalled choice of products, a hands-on approach to design, and a team you can trust to stay within your budget with their market-related prices, using a combination of the latest technology, experience and advice to ensure that your journey to a dream kitchen becomes an adventure, minus unnecessary stress.

The personal hands-on service you can look forward to from ProReno through each stage, from the design and manufacture to fitting of high-quality kitchen cabinets, is an end to end service designed to create a streamlined experience for every ProReno client. Get in touch with the team for more information or to request a free quote.

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