7 Features You Will Find in the “Perfect Kitchen”

If you have ever watched the food channel, you have likely experienced kitchen envy. Wishing you had all the features they had at their disposal, making cooking and baking look so effortless and fun. But you know what, you too can have the perfect kitchen. Below are some features you can easily add to your kitchen to make it more functional.

Island Cooktop

Recent trends split up ovens and cooktops. When you install your cooktop on your island countertop, your workspace doubles or even triples as does your storage space. What’s even better is that you don’t have to stare at the wall while cooking. If you have an open plan, you can easily communicate with guests or even watch your favourite tv program.


If your kitchen doesn’t have enough natural light, you can install layers of light to cover each area. Hanging lights over the island can add some light to work surfaces while under-cabinet lights will provide proper light on countertops.

Corner Storage

Storage space is always a problem in the kitchen which is why you need to make every centimetre count. Make sure you use the space wisely so that nothing goes to waste. You can use a corner cupboard to store your groceries and if you want to get even more out of the space, add carousel shelving to easily access items at the back.

Divided Storage

Every kitchen has one drawer where you will find all kinds of treasures. It is a drawer that never seems to stay organised, and when you are looking for something specific, you can never find it. Divided storage is perfect for storing your kitchen utensils and give a more finished look.

Bar Sink

Adding an additional sink to your kitchen can be extremely useful. Double your prep areas by installing a bar sink on your island.

Built-in Trashcan

Trashcans are gross, and no one likes to associate grossness with kitchens since that’s where you prepare your food. Consider hiding your trashcan in a built-in drawer.

Countertop Appliance Storage

Appliances are not necessarily pretty. And while you don’t want to store it away deep in your cupboards, you also don’t want to show them off. Countertop appliance storage is ideal for this scenario and should be incorporated in every kitchen.

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