How to Determine Kitchen Cupboard Requirements for Your Kitchen Renovations

When you are planning your kitchen renovation, it is a good idea to figure out, as closely as possible how much kitchen cabinetry will constitute your dream kitchen. Looking at what you lack in terms of kitchen cabinets in your current kitchen is going to give you a good basis from which to start. You know what is missing, and you know what would make life a lot easier in the hub of your home by now.

A few questions to ask yourself on this journey to ensure that your dream kitchen will have everything in it that opens and shuts in perfect synchronicity with the role your kitchen plays in your lifestyle would be:

How does your current kitchen cabinet set-up work for you?

Do your kitchen contents spill out onto counter-tops or do they fit in your kitchen cabinets? Are your cabinets packed to capacity with things that don’t serve any real purpose? Going through these fully stuffed kitchen cabinets with a fine-tooth comb, you might be surprised to find out how many of the goodies packed in are not used and would not even be missed if you got rid of them. Kitchens are an amazing magnet for clutter and getting ready for a renovation is going to be the perfect time to de-clutter!

How do your physical attributes influence your vision of a dream kitchen?

Whether you are left or right-handed, tall, short or medium are all important factors to take into account when planning the perfect kitchen renovation. High cabinets are going to be of no value to you if you can’t reach everyday ingredients with ease!

How often do you shop?

It’s a good idea to look into your shopping habits when planning your kitchen cabinets. These habits will help in determining just how much cupboard space you need. Whether you shop every other day or shop for a couple of weeks at once is going to impact the choices you make regarding the cabinet space you need for absolute ease of access.

How many people live in your home?

Another important aspect to ensuring that you have cabinets that will make it easy for you to keep enough of everything from food to cutlery and crockery to suit the size of your family comfortably.

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