Bring Your Kitchen Dreams to Life with Help from ProReno


But why choose ProReno to make your dream kitchen a reality?  Here are just a few of the reasons that ProReno has been trusted to design, manufacture and install exquisite, exclusive custom kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg by hundreds of satisfied homeowners, property developers, construction companies, hotels and more over the course of many successful years in the industry:

·         Fourteen years’ worth of invaluable knowledge and experience driven by a passion for excellence in all they do to bring dream kitchens to life.

·         A powerful commitment to ethical business practice in all they do, from design to manufacture and installation.

·         Offering a service that takes each client right from the initial concept, to design and installation without missing a beat, every project is managed by this experienced team from start to finish!

·         ProReno exclusive kitchens are market oriented and cover the full range of designs from modern to contemporary kitchens and classic to traditional kitchens, all of which can be used as the template from which each client is able to create a kitchen that reflects the client’s unique personality and lifestyle.

·         The range of products available at ProReno far outweighs those offered by their competitors, not only in the extent of the range but also in the exceptional quality that is the hallmark of anything produced by ProReno

·         In a highly competitive market, ProReno has created a winning formula by combining the latest technology, design innovation and master craftsmanship to create beautiful fitted kitchens of unrivalled quality and value.

·         Based on the experience garnered over the years by ProReno designers, this team is able to guide and assist clients in making informed decisions, based on their professional knowledge and ability to offer the type of practical advice that makes sticking to each budget a cinch, while still achieving client requirements spot-on!

·         ProReno designers use the latest 3D computer programme to assist clients with the design and layout into which client choices of fittings and finishes are incorporated, enabling them to see the project taking shape visually from concept to sign-off on the end product.

·         Each client receives the same level of service excellence in the form of hands-on, personalised service from the team, who make sure that not even the smallest detail is missed in making dream kitchens a reality.

·         Once the kitchen design is signed off, the ProReno team wastes no time in getting your kitchen up and running, moving into high gear to complete your project, which will be installed by master craftsmen who know how to work quickly and efficiently towards the day you finally walk into a dream kitchen!

Nothing done by ProReno, from start to finish, is done in half measures; it is this commitment to exceptional quality and client-focussed attention that has made ProReno market leaders in the kitchen design industry in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Looking into the background of ProReno, their many years’ worth of success in the industry with a long list of satisfied clients and the awesome portfolio of projects that have already been completed by this team, should be more than enough to give anyone the confidence to contact this team, and to set up a design consultation, starting the process of taking concept to reality effortlessly.

Once the final design has been signed, ProReno will, on average, have the kitchen installed and ready for the first dinner within four weeks of the date decided on – and it will be worth every moment of the wait!

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