This is How to Maximise Storage Space in Your Small Kitchen

Kitchen cupboards are a staple feature in every kitchen no matter the size. Not all homes come with big, airy kitchens, but the key to transforming your small kitchen is to know how to get the most storage out of each cupboard. If you’re looking for ways to increase storage space, consider adding these:

Pull-Out Drawers

Many kitchens come with deep cabinets, making it impossible to use the back of it. Other than the fact that they are difficult to access, it is challenging to keep them neat. The solution is pull-out cabinet drawers. Multiple pull-out drawers can be added to a single cabinet, making it super easy to reach whatever you have stored in there.

Corner Cabinets

Not using every inch of cupboard space in a kitchen is unlawful, even more so in a small kitchen. Corner cupboards can’t always be avoided and are unfortunately not the most practical for optimal use of space. An excellent solution would be to include a pull-out insert into your corner cabinet, making it much easier to reach your items. You can choose from various designs to improve your kitchen’s storage efficiency.

Drawer Organisers

A simple solution that can make the world of difference in the functionality of a small kitchen. Don’t waste valuable storage space by throwing utensils haphazardly into drawers when you can install drawer organisers to keep them all in place and add space in your drawers.

Under-Cabinet Rails

Have you ever thought about using the space directly under the top kitchen cabinets? When you add under-cabinet rails, you’ll have a perfect place to store pots and pans. You can also place hanging baskets to keep clutter off your countertops.

When it comes to kitchen design ideas by ProReno, the sky’s the limit. We’ve been renovating kitchens for more than 16 years, and we have many satisfied clients to prove it. For more information or if you require a free consultation and quote, speak to the team at ProReno today.

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