Get the Most out of Your Custom Built-in Bedroom Cupboards

Let’s face it most built-in cupboards make it nearly impossible to be space-efficient. One feeble shelf at the top, a few narrow ones on the side and a flimsy rod are not exactly designed to make your closet spacious and effective. It only leaves you with wrinkled clothes and your shoes a mess on the cupboard floor.

 Is your existing closet an organisational nightmare? Do you wish you could transform it into a space-efficient dream closet? We’re here to tell you that it’s possible to have a closet, walk-in or reach, where you’ll be able to find your things quickly and easily. Here’s how:

Design a Flexible Closet

A space-efficient built-in cupboard should be able to adjust to your unique needs. A professionally designed cupboard comes complete with holes on the side sections to give you the flexibility to adjust your shelves and rods as you please. This way, you can change your closet to suit your clothing style.

Use the Entire Space

If you have a corner in your closet you can’t use due to its design, you will know just why this is important. A professional design will work around every obstacle to ensure maximum storage space without any nooks and crannies you simply can’t use.

Let the Height Be Your Friend

Have you ever looked at the space at the top of your closet and think, I wish I could utilise that space? Effective built-in cupboard design is about using the entire volume of your wardrobe and involves some geometry. Wanting to use all the space shouldn’t be out of your reach.

The nice thing is you don’t have to be an expert in closet design, to get a professional closet design. All you need to do is call an expert like ProReno with 16 years experience and a passionate team to manage the renovation. For affordable and space-efficient built-in cupboards in Midrand, get in touch with the team at ProReno today!

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