How to Design a Kitchen That Suits Your Lifestyle

Driven by a passion for meticulous attention to detail as well as market-related pricing and fast but high-quality service is what has elevated ProReno to the top of our industry. As consistent winners of Service Excellence Awards from the Kitchen Specialists Association, we have constantly built on our ability to offer tailor-made products to suit each client’s requirements to deliver a beautifully fitted kitchen, from design through to the final product.

Choices of materials and colours for a modern kitchen are virtually limitless, allowing you to choose from a myriad of natural stones, raw woods, highly pressurised composites or high gloss, all of which are meant to come together in the sleek lines. The use of minimal or concealed hardware, frameless cabinets with a flat front along with floating shelves and strong horizontal lines form the perfect backdrop for the ornamentation created by the characteristics of the natural materials chosen.

Contemporary designs for kitchens offer the opportunity for the homeowner to find expression in using elements of other styles added to the use of multiple-layered materials composed of texture, different patterns and lines. Highly functional built-in appliances and gadgets, along with cutting-edge design in storage and lighting allow you to push the boundaries of what we call ‘modern’ and give free rein in design.

Despite the timelessness of classic kitchens with the predominance of whites that define this style, adding a touch of other neutral tones can elevate it to another level, while still maintaining a restrained style. For a touch of the eclectic to a classic kitchen, you can add various modern, industrial or vintage elements with your choice in lighting, dining table and other contrasting ideas.

Defined by their architectural designs, traditional kitchens may also consist of details like arches, mouldings, raised panel doors and even ornate chandeliers for that extra special touch. There are many different styles of doors and door inserts as well as bevelled glass that can be added to the mix to create a unique traditional kitchen to reflect your personality.

The team at ProReno have 16 years of experience and the craftsmanship to create the perfect dream kitchen everyone deserves, no matter what your starting point in style may be. Speak to the team for a free quote. Call us today

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