How to Maintain Your New Kitchen for Longevity

Offering tailor-made solutions for the creation of dream kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg, Proreno is at the very top of our industry. As a consistent winner of Service Excellence Awards from the Kitchen Specialists Association, our beautifully designed and fitted kitchens are a result of meticulous attention to detail and above par workmanship in addition to a level of service excellence that is hard to beat.

Proreno uses only A-Grade board and the very best in European products, and even with the provision of the highest standard in kitchen design and installation, we are proud to be able to offer highly competitive prices.

There are a few tips that the experts at Proreno offer our satisfied clients to ensure they get the maximum out of every part of their dream kitchen. It is in these small details that the care of your kitchen will affect the longevity of cabinets, work surfaces, doorknobs, sinks and appliances.

We will include just a few tips here, but when you visit our website, you will find all the information you may require for addressing the varied surfaces that go towards maintaining your kitchen with the proper care.

Kitchen Maintenance Tips

Using a soft, clean and non-scratch cloth to clean any cupboard surface will maintain a good appearance during its lifetime. Do not use strong chemicals, abrasive cleaners or furniture polish with a wax basis when cleaning Melamine and Wrap cupboards. A soft clean cloth with a mild soapy solution will maintain its appearance very well, all of which applies to Hi-gloss cupboards as well. A multi-surface spray cleaner, like Mr Min, may be used on Seno gloss boards to create a shine after cleaning.

Solid Wood and wood veneers need to be treated with extra love and care with a mild soapy solution while following the wood’s grain. It is always best to wipe down the areas near hobs with a damp cloth after cooking to avoid a build-up that is a lot more difficult to remove if built up over time.

For many more tips on how to maintain your kitchen surfaces, cupboards and appliances, please visit our website, or contact the team of experts at Proreno who will be happy to offer you the best solutions to get the most out of your kitchen.

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