How To Create A Unique Kitchen That Suits Your Budget

In 2004 Chris Gerber and Wouter Hugo formed ProReno based on a code of ethical business practices that gave birth to an exceptional standard in the installation and design of custom made kitchens in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We continue to display a professional code of conduct that has made ProReno market leaders in the industry.

A rare level of customer care and a passionate dedication to service excellence has led to a continuous ongoing cycle of success for ProReno And scooping Service Excellence Awards from the Kitchen Specialists Association consistently has kept the profile of this talented team of designers and craftsman at a level that has garnered them many satisfied clients throughout the years.

Offering products of unrivalled quality that turn your kitchen into a high-value asset is a given with this team who provide a personal, hands-on approach to each unique project. ProReno works within your budget to design, manufacture and fit the finest quality in kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards, assuring you that everything in your kitchen will reflect your innate taste.

Meticulous attention to detail and a high level of professionalism in the management of your project is the foundation for the unrivalled craftsmanship displayed by ProReno. The extensive range of products to choose from at ProReno far outweighs that of their competitors in the industry. But with the assistance and guidance of the design team, you will find that making informed decisions about which of this range of products will suit your kitchen need not be that much of a challenge.

ProReno uses the latest in technology to allow you to have a virtual peek into what your kitchen will look like as the design phase progresses by using their 3D computer programme. And once your design is signed off, you can trust that ProReno will install your kitchen with the minimum of delay.

Knowing that ProReno has successfully designed and installed almost 3000 kitchens for major developments and in private homes will give you the confidence to trust this team of professionals to create your unique kitchen. Give us a call for a free quote today!

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