Kitchen Renovations: How ProReno Can Make Your Dream Kitchen A Reality

Since opening its doors in 2004, ProReno has been committed to a level of service excellence that is unrivalled, offering meticulous attention to detail, personal hands-on service and market-related pricing to bring stunning kitchen designs to life in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Every ProReno kitchen is tailor-made to suit client requirements, delivering expert guidance along with sound advice to ensure that each client making this major investment is presented with a designer kitchen that makes the hub of their home a masterpiece.

ProReno is a member of the Kitchen Specialists Association and has won the highly prized Award for Service Excellence from this association every year since 2008. The Kitchen Specialists Association awards clearly distinguish ProReno from other kitchen designers in the industry by far, as a result of which, ProReno has become a market leader in the industry, maintaining a consistent commitment to uncompromising quality in every project undertaken.

Well established and with many years worth of experience in designing and fitting dream kitchens, built-in cupboards and kitchen cupboards, ProReno has certainly earned the right to be proud of its exceptional range of products and outstanding client service. This pride taken in everything ProReno does is backed up by a 2-year warranty on their workmanship, materials and standard components on cupboards, and if you opt to make use of Blum hinge and runner components you can count on Blum’s lifetime guarantee.

The warranty offered by ProReno is however limited where it comes to the installation of cupboards or other ProReno products for public or commercial use, as well as for the outdoors or in a corrosive environment. Should any damage be brought to the attention of ProReno, the team will use their reasonable judgement to ascertain what the causes of the damage may be and whether it has been caused by negligence or intentional misconduct on the part of the owner.

Naturally, should damage be traced back to defective materials or sub-standard workmanship while in the warranty period, ProReno will make every effort to address the issue quickly and effectively, however, you will find that the phrases such as ‘defective materials’ and ‘sub-standard workmanship’ have never been associated with ProReno!

ProReno has more than earned its place at the top, and when you are to tackle your new kitchen, please visit the ProReno website to explore everything this talented team of designers and craftsmen can do to make your dream kitchen a reality. Or give us a call to request a free quote.

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