How To Take Care Of Your New Kitchen Cupboards

Over and above the tailor-made kitchen solutions offered by the ProReno team is the promise that only A-Grade board and the very best in European products are used in any kitchen which is designed and installed by a team of master craftsman. They will leave you with nothing less than the most beautifully designed and fitted kitchens.

Whether your kitchen is already installed or you are working with the creative team of kitchen designers at ProReno in bringing about your dream kitchen, there are a few things that ProReno offers as a guideline to extending the life of your kitchen, such as the proper care of kitchen cupboards.

ProReno advises that the lifespan of your cupboard surfaces can be extended by using a soft, clean and non-scratch cloth with mild soapy solutions instead of using strong chemicals, abrasive cleaners or furniture polish with a wax basis, especially on Melamine or Wrap cupboards, as this is going to wear away at the surface. If you have chosen Seno gloss boards for your cupboards a multi-surface spray cleaner like Mr Min will enhance the product’s qualities.

Like anything manufactured from wood, your solid wood and wood veneers are going to require a softer touch, which means that using an extra mild soapy solution as you follow the wood’s grain will give it all the extra love and care it deserves to extend its life. Avoid any build up in areas that are close to hobs by wiping down these areas with a damp cloth after cooking, it is well worth the extra effort to avoid struggling with a tough build up over time at a later stage.

Exquisite kitchen design is at the top of the agenda for the innovative team from ProReno, but what happens to your dream kitchen once it has been installed is every bit as important to ProReno, which is why they will give you all the tips you need to keep your kitchen looking new. Please visit the ProReno website to view the rest of the tips put together by ProReno for the care of your kitchen. Or give us a call today!

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