Renovating Your Kitchen? Why You Should Hire a Team of Professionals

Since 2004 Chris Gerber and Wouter Hugo have been committed to ensuring that ProReno remains on the cutting edge of kitchen design, producing creative and professional fitted kitchens as well as innovative shop-fitting of an exceptional standard in Johannesburg and Pretoria.
Drawing on a solid foundation of many years worth of experience in designing and installing fitted kitchens, ProReno has gathered a long list of satisfied clients, some of whom have already been living in kitchens designed by ProReno for many years, while most new clients approaching ProReno do so on the strength of 3rd party recommendations from these satisfied clients.

This talented team has also won Service Excellence Awards from the Kitchen Specialists Association consistently since 2008, proof that the consistency offered by ProReno in all they do, from their consultancy and advisory services to an outstanding range of products, design expertise and craftsmanship has never wavered.

Once you have decided to take the big step towards making your dream kitchen a reality, it may make it a little easier for you if you have done a little homework before your initial meeting with the ProReno team; try to have a wish list of ideas where it comes to ideas for appliances, cabinet styles, finishes and flooring ideas.

At your first meeting, a current floor plan of your kitchen will also be essential, but ultimately, the highly trained team of professional designers at ProReno will be working with you to put all the pieces together that will add up to your dream kitchen, and with their sound advice, you will be able to make informed decisions about what will work best for you and your lifestyle.

There will also be important considerations to be taken into account regarding your lifestyle before you get to the actual start of designing the heart of your home, such as whether there are ergonomic considerations such as height or accessibility needs, how many people there are in your family and other questions that will help in determining the best way to achieve a comfortable, stylish and functional kitchen of your dreams.

Bring your hopes for everything you wish your kitchen to be and let ProReno show you the way to making your dream kitchen a reality. Please visit the ProReno website for in-depth information about how this team goes about designing and fitting kitchens which always carry the hallmark of excellence. Or give us a call to request a free quote.

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