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As a renowned kitchen designer in South Africa, ProReno loves a good challenge. We also love making our clients’ vision a reality. So, when Project Manager Carien Field requested our expert skills for her clients’ new home designed by Sonia Leithgob of SL Architects, we were more than happy to oblige.

For this project, the client’s vision was clear: “A Sleek look with flowing clean lines right throughout the house”. 


We chose soft hues for the kitchen cabinetry to fit in with the clean look-and-feel required by the client. The look was created with a combination of the spectacular Seno Acrylic Matt material, PG Bison’s Folkstone Grey Melamine and accents in Novolam’s Cascade. 

Quartz worktops complement the calmness with a combination of light Venice Stone Bianco Murano and a veined EeziQuartz Whisper for the breakfast nook.

The architect brilliantly opened the kitchen to the entertainment patio by adding a large sliding window. This enabled Stoneart to extend the light Venice Stone worktops all the way through to the patio area. When the window is open, it creates a seamless transition from the kitchen to the buzz of the party, allowing for continuous conversation, easy drinks and snack serving, as well as quicker cleanup afterwards.

The client further requested access to electrical points on the island but as we all know, power points can be quite hideous and need to be kept out of plain sight. We investigated a few options to go about it. (We’ll tell you later which option we chose)

Match the Outlet to the Cabinet

One of the easiest ways to hide power outlets is to match them with your cabinetry. If they are white your outlet should be white too. 

Choose a Pop-Up Outlet

A pop-up outlet is a great way to let the outlet keep a low profile until needed. When not in use, the outlet rests within the worktop. To retract it, simply push it and it pops out.

Use a Power Strip

You can install a power strip on the islands’ side panel right below the countertop. This way, they are still within reach but don’t clutter the design. This option works best if your panel incorporates a design to recess or hide most of the body of the power strip.

A kitchen needs to be a true work zone that requires functional components that are aesthetically pleasing and fits well within the design. For this clients’ kitchen, we chose the Gemini power dock. With its double-sided design and smooth gas mechanism, this pop-up power outlet with its striking LED look and sleek finish enhances and accentuates the clean lines our client wanted. 

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

The soft cabinet colouring was taken further into all the bedrooms and bathrooms of the home repeating the use of PG Bison Melawood greys and whites and accents in Novolam Cascade. Stoneart also installed the same light Venice Stone Bianco Murano quartz worktops in the bathrooms with a thicker 40mm build-up for the main en-suite.

We incorporated open shelving into the design of most rooms’ cabinetry. Adding character and fun or breaking the possible monotony of a wide spread of cabinet doors, they bring a great open look to a room. They also serve an excellent functional purpose while being visually appealing.

Mirrored Sliding doors from Jack Doors by Raiel, adds a sleek and stylish look and more visual volume to the bedrooms they are installed in. Other than the obvious benefit of making the room look bigger, these types of doors have plenty of other benefits.


Due to the larger door size, you have access to a larger part of the internal space so you can also easily reach and utilise every nook and cranny of the wardrobe.


The space around the bedroom wardrobe is preserved because you don’t need additional space for hinged doors to open. You can thus maximise the use of your floor space not taken up by the wardrobe.

For more information about this project or to enquire about our services, feel free to get in touch with the ProReno team today!

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