Where to start with planning your kitchen renovation.

There’s no doubt that once you have decided it’s time to renovate the kitchen, it can be turned into a really fun project by starting with collecting and putting together pictures and design ideas found online or in kitchen décor magazines.

There are a ton of ideas out there, so it’s important not to stray too far away from your vision of the perfect kitchen!  A good idea is to keep a scrapbook or notebook in which to jot down your ideas, and to have enough space for images of kitchen design ideas.

For your own sake, make sure the notebook or scrapbook is big enough to keep all your ideas and notes in one place for easy reference.  These notes and images, when narrowed down to your ideal will be important to take along to the kitchen design team of your choice.

The notes you make and images you find for kitchen renovation ideas ultimately become your wish list for what would amount to your dream kitchen, and from this wish list you can start discarding some ideas and keeping others, to make the decision process a lot easier and a ton of fun.

One of the most important aspects when it comes to kitchen renovation is to keep in mind that you are facing a long term decision you’ll be living in, year after year, which makes it essential to consider every design choice carefully, with the help of expert kitchen designers and installers.

Because kitchen renovation is a major financial investment, every decision you make, from countertops to fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards, should be based on more than comfort, style and functionality.

You need to know that your countertops, fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards, fittings and fixtures are going to go the distance – the last thing you want is to have to replace any of these components after one or two years!

Think about what happens on an average day in your kitchen, how happy and welcome the space makes everyone feel.  Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and if you’re going to tackle a kitchen renovation, make sure that the magnetism of that heart-centre beats strongly enough to be irresistible!

Questions to ask yourself as you put your scrapbook of ideas and notes together:

·         Do you have a busy kitchen, with kids, family and friends popping in and    out all day?

·         Do you love cooking or is someone else in the family the chef of all chef’s?

·         Do you entertain a lot?

·         Does whoever does most of the cooking have enough counter space?

·         Is shelving within easy reach and are the counters at the perfect height?  The last thing you want to do is to prepare food and cook while bending over a counter too low, or struggling with one that is a little too high.

·         How much storage space do you need?

·         Do you need space for when visitors hang about the kitchen while you cook?

·         Are the sink and appliances in sync with food preparation areas?

These are just a few ideas to keep in mind as you fill your notebook before approaching a kitchen designer.

Once you have these ideas, notes and images together, your kitchen renovation specialist will help you to discard or add ideas that not only result in a dream kitchen, but also suit your budget to a T.

Bringing kitchens to life since 2004, Proreno is the premier company for kitchen renovation in Gauteng, bringing a wealth of experience, passion and craftsmanship to every kitchen renovation that carries their stamp of excellence.

Get your ideas and notes together, bring them to the team at Proreno and watch the magic happen, from drawing board to installation!

Looking for the best in fitted kitchens in Gauteng?

If what you are looking for in your dream kitchen is a combination of comfort, style and sheer functionality, then the team at ProReno will take you from concept to design and installation without a hitch, based on absolute professionalism gained over many years’ worth of experience in the industry.

Since its inception in 2004, ProReno has focussed on designing and installing exquisite fitted kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg, managing each project from the design stage to the manufacturing and fitting of high quality kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards that express the individual requirements of each client.

ProReno is committed to offering clients a personal, hands-on service that is unrivalled, and with an unbeatable range of products that far outweigh those of competitors, no detail is overlooked in order to ensure that your kitchen becomes an absolute extension of your personal style.

Whether your kitchen is the hub that brings a large family together or the epitome of a chef’s dream, the innovative and creative team of designers at ProReno bring you into the design process completely, introducing you to an exciting and interactive 3D computer programme.

This software is a virtual playground that assists ProReno designers with incorporating the choices you make in terms of the finishes and fittings you would like to see in your dream kitchen, in such a way that you are able to get a clear image of what the end product will look like, which is a fantastic route to take when combined with the choice of products on offer at ProReno.

Making informed decisions during the design process is made so much easier when working with the ProReno design team, their invaluable experience and knowledge assists you in making informed decisions that are based on outstanding practical advice.

This kind of practical advice is particularly helpful when it comes to making sure that you remain within your budget, while at the same time keeping an eye on the ball where it comes to your specific requirements, after all, each decision you make about your new kitchen is going to be one that you will be living with, for many years to come, making it even more essential to get the balance right in every sense.

ProReno designs and installs fitted kitchens that are market oriented and meet the needs of each client with an exceptional level of service, ensuring that by the time your dream kitchen is installed, it will meet your lifestyle and express your personal tastes perfectly.

A fitted kitchen designed according to your requirements means that you can make the most of space that may have been wasted, add extra storage where it is needed and make sure that everything is functional enough to give you kitchen cabinets and work surfaces that make the time spent in your kitchen an absolute pleasure.

Most of us spend far more time in our kitchens than we realise, which makes it one of the most important areas in the home, acting as the hub that brings family and friends together in sheer comfort, even more so if the kitchen is used for more than just cooking.

Incorporating an area that can be used by the kids for study, or where you can catch up on correspondence, is definitely something that should be considered if you have a big family that is in and out of the kitchen throughout the day.

No matter what role the kitchen plays in your home, ProReno takes every detail into account as your design develops, which is why your first consultation with this team of consummate professionals is going to require that you set aside at least an hour and a half of your time, giving the team time to gather all the information necessary to provide you with an accurate quote.

Start the journey to your dream kitchen with ProReno today by contacting the team to find out more about how to make this dream a reality.

ProReno is home to passionate innovators designing exceptional kitchens in Gauteng!

By the time you have decided that you are ready for a kitchen renovation that will leave you with the kitchen of your dreams, you will no doubt have done a fair amount of scrounging around for ideas that give you the inspiration to give you a good foundation from which to approach your kitchen designer.

This is when you need to start finding a kitchen design company that already has an outstanding reputation in the industry for delivering design innovation and exceptional quality to help you turn the dream into reality.

ProReno embodies all these qualities and more in the fitted kitchens they have been designing and installing since 2004, the evidence of which is not only in the more than three thousand completed kitchens which fill their portfolio, but also in the stamp of approval given to this team year in and year out by The Kitchen Specialists, in the form of service excellence awards.

The design team at ProReno offer many years worth of experience and easy-to-use state of the art 3D design software to create magic as you add fittings and finishing’s from their extensive range of products to the layout, giving you a virtual peek into what your kitchen will look like on completion.

It’s a lot easier to make informed decisions when you have a team this professional and experienced at your side to guide you to making the most of your budget, and with the competitive, market-related prices offered by ProReno, your dream kitchen is within reach, irrespective of your budget!

The design team and master craftsmen at ProReno are the artists of the kitchen industry, and creating the kitchen of your dreams is their passion.  If your kitchen is to be a true reflection of your unique personality and lifestyle, then it is safe to say that your dream kitchen will be safe in the hands of this exceptional team!

Tailor-made kitchen renovations designed to suit your needs and pocket perfectly!

Undertaking a kitchen renovation can be a nerve-wrecking experience when you start taking into consideration the many variables involved in the process, but, with the right checklist in hand, tackling the renovation with the assistance of the ProReno team is going to smooth out a lot of wrinkles you may imagine you are facing.

Before you even approach ProReno to start the design process of your dream kitchen, it is vital that you plan and do enough research to attain the outcome your really want for the hub of your home.  It is also essential to recognise the importance of having a kitchen that fully meets your needs, is functional and beautiful; in fact, this point cannot be stressed enough!

The kitchen that you end up with is one you will be living in for the duration of your stay in your home, and will also impact its resale value.  It’s a high-value investment that deserves the attention of a highly experienced design  team that will assist you to bring your vision to life in perfect alignment with your needs and your budget.

This role has been played to an exceptionally high standard by ProReno for many satisfied clients since it first opened its doors in 2004, and with over 3000 kitchens under the belt already, you can have absolute confidence in the ability this team of innovative designers to provide you with hands-on service throughout the process, from design to installation, without missing a detail!

ProReno adds an exciting element to the design phase of your kitchen renovation through their use of a 3D computer programme that assists with the design and layout, giving you an opportunity to see the effect of your choices of finishes and fittings as they are incorporated into the layout, and a clear vision of the end product in virtual reality!

If superb workmanship, unrivalled quality and value, combined with a passionate commitment to customer service is what you demand for your dream kitchen, then the tailor-made products from ProReno will perfectly fit your needs and pocket!

Put your plans for a dream kitchen in motion by contacting ProReno to set up a detailed consultation.

The only thing that has changed since ProReno first started designing and installing beautiful fitted kitchens in Gauteng, is that the reputation earned by this team for design and product innovation has grown to such an extent that ProReno has become the leading kitchen specialist in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Clients who have already been living in their ProReno kitchens have added to this growth with recommendations that lead more and more new clients to the ProReno doorstep, looking for the same exceptional quality in products, design and craftsmanship.

The team at ProReno is highly respected in the industry for design and the function-oriented product innovations that make them stand head above shoulders of the competition, purely as a result of the high quality of the fitted kitchens and stunning shop-fitting created over the years by ProReno.

Meticulous attention to detail, which starts with the first consultation you have with ProReno, as a way to establish what your requirements are for your new kitchen in terms of style, comfort and functionality, as well as to take into account what your budgetary constraints may be – ProReno takes your budget as seriously as you do in creating your dream kitchen!

It is not just the passion for excellence and hands-on, personal client care that has assured ProReno of their position as leaders in one of the most competitive industries in South Africa, it is also an unwavering commitment to maintaining a high standard of ethics and professional code of conduct with which they approach each project that has also earned ProReno many satisfied clients over the years.

Depending on space limitations in your kitchen area, it is important to start preparing for your dream kitchen by taking into account exactly what your kitchen cabinetry and appliance needs would be, before even thinking about adding anything else to the design.  

Take the time to look at your kitchen from the point of view of how your kitchen is used, who uses it and how often it is used, this is going to make the going a lot easier when it comes to the actual layout of your kitchen in the design stage.

The team at ProReno will assist you in assessing whether your needs are best met by an L shaped, U shaped or Galley layout, as well as how to determine the best placement of the cleaning area in relation to the cooking area and refrigeration area, which will include listing features such as islands, glass doors, wine racks and wicker baskets.

Once you have contacted ProReno, one of the first things you will be asked to do is to provide the team with as much information as you can about room dimensions, including door and window positions, along with any service points, these, combined with photos and detailed house plans, will make the initial consultation with ProReno a lot simpler.

ProReno has been involved in designing, manufacturing and installing fitted kitchens, kitchen cupboards and cabinets since 2004, and with over three thousand kitchens under the belt to date, there can be no doubt that placing your vision of a dream kitchen into the trusted hands of the ProReno team will be the investment of a lifetime!

Important things to think about while planning your dream kitchen

During your consultation with the kitchen experts at ProReno you will be able to express the points that are essential to make up what would amount to your dream kitchen. It’s safe to say that your ideas are in trusted, experienced hands; ProReno does not miss a beat or neglect a single detail in their commitment to design and install fitted kitchens that bring kitchen dreams to life.

The core business at ProReno is to project manage, design, manufacture and fit high quality kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards, providing a level of personalised, hands-on service that takes clients from design to installation without a hitch.

Here are a few questions that may assist you in finding out a little more about what you would like or need in your new kitchen in terms of space and functions; style and decor will take form around these basics. These questions will also be the start of shaping the layout for your kitchen:

·       How labour intensive are the meals that are cooked in your kitchen?

·       How many people live in your home and how many of them love to cook?

·       How many people are in the kitchen at one time and are there times of the          day when your kitchen is busier than others?

·       If your kitchen is busier than usual at certain times of the day, what is                  happening in the space at that time?  Homework, laundry, catching up on            paperwork or bills?

·       What is the perfect height to suit you, and are you left or right handed?

·       Think about what is missing or what you could do with that you do not                   have at the moment when it’s time to cook.

·       Do you have an existing pantry and what other storage concerns would                make life that much easier in your kitchen?

·       Is your kitchen the spot where everybody gathers at mealtimes, acting as a          dining space?

·       Think about what you use the most and what you use the least in your                 kitchen, this is a great opportunity to add and subtract from the space to               make the most of your dream kitchen.

·       How often do you entertain, and when you do, do your guests tend to                  congregate in your kitchen?

·       Is your kitchen the place where everyone gathers and lingers, rather than            in the lounge or dining room?

As your list grows, think about what the best and worst things are in your current kitchen.  By now you will have a pretty good idea of the direction you would like to take towards making your dream kitchen a reality.

If you are looking for a few beautiful kitchen style ideas, have a look at what ProReno has to say about classic and traditional kitchens, as well as their section on modern and contemporary kitchens, no doubt you will find the perfect palette from which to start the work of art that will become your dream kitchen!