Think Beyond Style And Functionality When Creating Your Dream Kitchen

As we all know, designing your kitchen can be an overwhelming experience, and it is a major financial investment, one that homeowners only do once or twice in a lifetime, which makes it even more daunting; you know that whatever decisions you make are going to be with you for a long time to come and cannot be made lightly.

This is where the experience, creativity and innovation of a design team like ProReno come to the rescue, placing their expertise at your disposal to create a dream kitchen that not only suits your lifestyle perfectly, but that takes your budget into account as well.

Once you start thinking about the design it is important to think beyond things like style and focus on the function of your kitchen and its workflow to make it a unique expression of your individual needs.

The functionality of a kitchen differs from one person to the next and you need to think about what type of space you have, and what your family will be most comfortable with. Having a large family, especially if you love to entertain will mean thinking about a kitchen with larger appliances, and of course, plenty of counter space for sitting.

If you are not that into cooking and have a smaller space, you are going to look at the complete opposite of a large entertaining space, it’s all about personal preference and which style will function best in your home to suit your lifestyle.

ProReno will offer you expert advice about how to achieve the perfect traffic flow for your kitchen, where appliances and kitchen cabinets will fit to create the most functional and comfortable kitchen to reflect your individuality.

Counter space is going to play an essential role in the functionality of your kitchen, but with an enviable range of high-quality products available from ProReno, there is no doubt that between their custom-designed kitchen cabinets and other products, you will achieve the perfect flow.

No matter how daunting the task ahead may look, the innovative design team from ProReno will work with you to create a dream kitchen that you will enjoy for many years to come, one that will incorporate all the elements necessary to create fluid function and flow!

Benefits Of Hiring Proreno For Your Kitchen Renovation

If you are looking for a fitted kitchen specialist in Johannesburg and Pretoria that offers the ideal designer-client relationship based on trust, honesty, communication and respect, then you can do no better than to choose ProReno, a team who is committed to ethical business practices in every aspect and a professional code of conduct that is rare in the industry.
It is not only these core values that have assured ProReno of their leadership position in the very competitive South African market but also their absolute passion for excellence and superb customer care, borne out by the fact that since 2008, just four years after opening their doors, ProReno has consistently won The Kitchen Specialists Association awards for service excellence.

These are very important points to consider when choosing a kitchen designer; with ProReno their experience, reputation and portfolio, along with many satisfied customers all come together to assure you that you will be working with a trusted team who bring many years worth of valuable experience to the table in kitchen design, innovative shop-fitting and the design of high-quality built-in cupboards.

A sense of teamwork is also created when you choose ProReno to design your fitted kitchen and kitchen cupboards through the use of a state of the art 3D computer programme, which assists with the design and layout of your kitchen, allowing the team to incorporate your choices of finishes and fittings, allowing you to visualise your project from dream to end product in virtual reality.

The ProReno team always works with your budget and specific requirements in mind, paying meticulous attention to details, with an experienced design team at your side to offer expert guidance and practical advice, which assists you in making informed decisions about everything that goes into your project. Having an extensive range of products to choose from which far outweighs that of ProReno competitors makes those decisions a lot easier, especially where it comes to remaining within your budget yet still achieving your dream.

If it’s the exceptional you are expecting from your kitchen design team then ProReno will exceed your expectations by far!

Save Time And Money On Your Kitchen Design When You Hire Proreno

Having won awards from The Kitchen Specialists Association for service excellence since 2008 consistently, just four years after ProReno first took its place in the world of kitchen design and installation, as well as the design, manufacture and installation of high-quality kitchen cabinets, there can be no doubt that with a solid reputation such as this, ProReno is a team you can rely on to bring your dream kitchen to life perfectly.

Calling ProReno to set up an appointment to discuss your kitchen design and a quote based on market-related prices will be your first step on this exciting journey. The team will then sit down with you to get an idea of what you visualise for the hub of your home during a design consultation that will last approximately an hour and a half.

Sending through as much information as you can before your design consultation will be a great start, photo’s and detailed house floor plans along with room dimensions, door and window positions as well as service points will set the tone for your first consultation.

The team at ProReno are consummate professionals, who, in their experience, have learned that the best way to start on the design of your kitchen is to discuss your needs face to face, which means that emailing kitchen plans to them for a quote is not going to work.

Besides being able to discuss all your needs face to face with the ProReno design team, you will also be able to save time by becoming involved in the entire process as your design comes together through the use of ProReno’s state of the art 3D design software. This user-friendly software enables you to visualise the design layout and also allows you to choose the perfect fittings and fixtures to suit the layout without wasting valuable time.

Please visit the ProReno website for in-depth information about their design expertise, outstanding reputation and portfolio of beautiful kitchens that have made them market leaders in the industry.

Are you ready for your dream kitchen?

Kitchens are one of the most commonly renovated spaces in a home, and as a major investment, having an idea of what the hub of your home is going to mean to you, your family and your lifestyle are going to make things a little easier right from the start.
Even if all you have is a basic idea of what your dream kitchen should look like and how it should function, the design expertise and many years worth of experience brought to your project by ProReno is going to make the process one that is streamlined and efficient, from start to finish.

The use of state of the art technology in the form of 3D design software assists with the design layout and your choice of fittings and fixtures; with a range of quality products that far outweigh the selection offered by their competitors, your product choices at ProReno is unrivalled.

Floor plans with room dimensions, positions of doors and windows as well as service points will be a first step towards planning a kitchen that will suit your needs and budget perfectly after which work will begin in earnest with ProReno to design a comfortable, stylish kitchen to suit your dreams.

At its core, ProReno focuses on project management, the design, manufacture and fitting of quality kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards, offering clients a hands-on service that reflects attention to detail throughout the process, from design to installation.
The experience and creativity of the design team at ProReno assist clients in making informed decisions that translate into beautiful fitted kitchens perfectly suited to each budget and individual lifestyle.

If your kitchen is to match your dream perfectly, then the creative design and master craftsmanship offered by ProReno will make the entire experience an effortless process.

ProReno Is Home To Exceptional And Innovative Kitchen Designs

It’s a big decision to make once you have decided that it’s time to invest in the right kitchen to suit your idea of style, comfort and functionality, a decision that once made will be one you will be living with for many years to come. It is your kitchen, and as such, you will want it to suit your lifestyle perfectly and reflect your personality, while at the same time creating the right energy to make it the natural hub of your home.

ProReno has earned a highly respected reputation for creating fitted kitchens and shop-fitting with design and function-oriented product innovations since they first started in 2004, developing exclusive kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg which are market-orientated and meet all the needs of their clients, creating kitchens that range from modern to classic styles.

It takes the experience of a team like ProReno to create the expert interaction of all components along with the perfect combination of material, colour, light and architecture to make any custom-designed kitchen come to life! Through the consultation and advisory services offered by ProReno, along with the assistance of a phenomenal team of experienced designers, creating the heart of your home will be an absolute pleasure.

ProReno offers an extensive range of products that far outweighs the market selection offered by competitors in the industry, assuring you that you will not have a limited range of products from which to make your choices.

Using a state of the art 3D computer programme to assist with the design and layout of your kitchen, into which the ProReno team can incorporate your choices of fittings and finishing’s, you will be able to visualise every aspect of the process as your dream kitchen takes shape and becomes a reality.

Let the experienced designers at ProReno guide you through the design process with their practical advice and guidance so that you can make informed decisions, ensuring that the result will truly reflect your dream kitchen in every aspect!

Watch Your Dream Kitchen Come To Life With The Expert Team

The team at ProReno fully understands that the decision to invest in your dream kitchen is not one that can be taken lightly, which is why they have developed a consultancy and advisory service that will make your decision a little easier, to begin with. After many years as market leaders in the very competitive South African market, ProReno has created a system that makes each client feel as if they are part of the team as they work their way through the process of designing the kitchen of your dreams.

Part of this system is the use of a state of the art 3D computer programme that shows you the layout and design of your kitchen. During this process, you will be able to choose the fittings and fixtures you would like and to visualise exactly what your kitchen will look like before the actual physical work begins. Another great part about working with this design team is that with their many years worth of experience, you will be empowered to make informed decisions about which products would work best to achieve your dream based on their sound advice and expert guidance.

ProReno offers tailor-made kitchen design solutions, products of the highest quality and attention to detail that is always focussed on your requirements, while at the same time keeping your budget in mind.

Once you have signed off on your kitchen design, the designers and craftsmen from ProReno will ensure that you will not have to suffer any delays, this is a cohesive team committed to fast but efficient service without compromising on quality. You can also rely on ProReno to keep you fully updated through automated e-mail communication as the project progresses.

Make your decision well worthwhile by contacting ProReno to set up a meeting with the team to assure yourself that you will be placing your trust and your dreams in the hands of a passionate team committed to service excellence on every level!