ProReno is a well established company who is proud of their product- and client service history.  We offer a 2-year warranty on our workmanship, materials and standard components on cupboards starting from the invoice date.

Blum’s Lifetime Guarantee applies should you opt to make use of Blum hinge and runner components. – VIEW BLUM HARDWARE GUARANTEE

Please note that ProReno’s warranty excludes the following:

  • Scratches or damage caused by other contractors during the building/renovation  process
  • Scratches or damage caused by accidents, impacts or any other debris
  • Normal wear and tear and acts of God
  • Damage caused by inappropriate use or abuse of cupboards or products
  • Cupboards that was subsequently repaired, adjusted or modified by an individual  or entity other than ProReno
  • Damage caused by the use of wrong cleaning products and/or methods

ProReno’s warranty is limited in the case of cupboards or products being installed for Public/Commercial use, the Outdoors or a Corrosive environment.  If any damage is brought under our attention within the warranty period, ProReno will use its reasonable judgment to ascertain if the items requiring attention is covered by this warranty depending on if damage was caused by negligence or intentional misconduct by the owner, or any parties associated with the owner or if it can be traced back to defective materials or bad workmanship.

Natural Stone worktops are not covered by a warranty.  Please refer to our Care & Maintenance information.

Quartz and any other engineered worktops are covered by the manufacturer’s own warranty and should be registered if required.   Please refer to our Care & Maintenance information and further see to the manufacturer’s website for all warranty information.