Project: WH1119PTAEAST

Style: Modern/Contemporary

Having an organised kitchen creates efficient workflows for the whole family. According to Candice Baillie of Labb SA, your kitchen will have increased functionality when you arrange and place items according to importance and frequency of use. Being organised means you won’t be wasting time searching for anything and keeping stock of your consumables becomes much easier!


ProReno had the pleasure of renovating the kitchen, scullery and braai area of a Pretoria East home. The primary theme was to improve organisation and functionality. We incorporated modern finishes with high-end appliances and accessories.


Kitchen & Scullery

Clean lines and light accents were used to create a spacious, clutter-free space. The look was achieved by using Seno’s Jagged White Stone and Light Grey Acrylic Matt for the cabinets and Caesarstone’s Sleek Concrete for the worktops. Blum Legrabox drawer runners, Blum Aventos lift systems and inserts were used to organise drawers.


How installing drawers and inserts can benefit you


It’s vital to access everything in your kitchen quickly and with ease. High-quality drawers offer maximum functionality by giving you easy fuss-free access and smooth operation. We installed Ambialine spice holders to arrange spice bottles at an angle for easy reading. The oil and condiment bottle dividers keep everything organised and secure making it quick to grab what you need.


Braai Area

The braai area has a large steel-framed island with enough cabinets to continue with the theme of functionality and organisation. A more robust look was created though for this area by using Niemann SA’s Décor Metal Reflex for the cabinets to complement the Dekton Trillium Porcelain used for worktops and wall cladding. And since a bar fridge and ice machine are a must for every braai area, the Snomaster appliances are the perfect addition to this particular space.

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